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All SAP Transaction Codes with Report and Description from U to Z

Here you can see all SAP transaction codes and the called reports including a short header description.

Sometimes you are looking for transactions "around your currently known transactions". Here you have the (nearly) complete list of the SAP transactions (about 16000+) sorted by transaction code. So, you can navigate to your transaction and have a look what interesting you may find "next to" this. Just give it a chance :-)))

The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well.

TA     Report         Header Description
U_P_S  RUPSMENUE      UPS: Area Menu
UCC0   RFTBUC00       BP conversion: Initial conversion
UCC1   RFTBUC01       BP conversion: Initial CBP Customiz
UCC2   RFTBUC02       BP conversion: Cutomizing
UCD1   RFTBUD01       Delete converted partners
UCD3   RFTBUD03       Delete matched partner
UCH1   RADPROTA       Display logs
UCH2_1 RFTBUH02_1     Determine data elements
UCH2_2 RFTBUH02_2     Determine tables
UCH2_3 RFTBUH02_3     Usage of Fields to be Converted
UCP1   RFTBUP01       Convert TR Partner to CBP
UCP11  RFTBUP11       General code conversion
UCP2   RFTBUP02       Convert Relationships
UCP2_3 RFTBUP02_3     Conversion FI fields to relat'ships
UCP3   RFTBUP03       Match: Selection without partner
UCP3_2 RFTBUP03_2     Match selected partners
UCP4   RFTBUP04       Structure partner-obj. relationship
UCP6   RFTBUP06       Convert Memos
UCP7   RFTBUP07       Display log
UCP8   RFTBUP08       Conversion of partner-object rel.
UCP9   RFTBUP09       Generate Coding
UCUST  MENUUCUST      BP: Business partner - applic.Cust.
UC17A  RFTBUH01       Convert industries
UD96   RFFMUD96       Revenues Increasing Budget
UKVC   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: IDWTVC
UNKR   SAPMSNUM       Number range main.:W_AKTION
UPART  RFTBUAU1       Business Partner: Conversion to CBP
UPDA   RVFTBALE       Foreign Trade: Mater data transfer
UPS    RUPSPORTAL     ALE Distribution Units (UPS)
UPSC00 SAPUPSC00      ALE Distribution Unit: Setting
UPSRCP RUPSRCP        Replication Table: Organization
UPS01  SAPUPS         Create ALE Distribution Unit
UPS02  SAPUPS         Change ALE Distribution Unit
UPS03  SAPUPS         Display ALE Distribution Unit
UPS04  SAPUPS         Copy ALE Distribution Unit
USMM   RSUVM000       Customer measurement
V      RKCOWUSL       Quickstart RKCOWUSL
V.00   RVAUFERR       List of Incomplete Documents
V.07   RVFPLA01       Periodic billing
V.14   RVSPERAU       Sales Orders Blocked for Delivery
V.15   RVAUFRUE       Display Backorders
V.21   SDSAMPRO       Log of Collective Run
V.22   SDSAMPRO       Display Collective Runs
V.23   RVAUFSPE       Release Orders for Billing
V.25   RVKPR002       Release Customer Expected Price
V.26   RVAUFSTA       Selection by Object Status
V+01   SAPMV43A       Create Sales Call
V+02   SAPMV43A       Create Telephone Call
V+03   SAPMV43A       Create Sales Letter
V+11   SAPMV43A       Create Direct Mailing
V+21   SAPMF02D       Create Sales Prospect
V+22   SAPMF02D       Create Competitor
V+23   SAPMF02D       Create Business Partner
V-01   SAPMV45A       Create Sales Order
V-02   SAPMV45A       Create Quotation
V-03   SAPMF02D       Create ordering party (Sales)
V-04   SAPMF02D       Create invoice recipient (Sales)
V-05   SAPMF02D       Create payer (Sales)
V-06   SAPMF02D       Create consignee (Sales)
V-07   SAPMF02D       Create one-time customer (Sales)
V-08   SAPMF02D       Create payer (Centrally)
V-09   SAPMF02D       Create ordering party (Centrally)
V-11   SAPMF02K       Create carrier
V-31   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1
V-32   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1 with Reference
V-33   SAPMV13A       Change Freight 1
V-34   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1
V-35   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1
V-36   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1 with Reference
V-37   SAPMV13A       Change Freight 2
V-38   SAPMV13A       Display Freight 2
V-40   SAPMV13A       Display Taxes (Export)
V-41   SAPMV13A       Create         Material Price
V-42   SAPMV13A       Create Material Price w/ref.
V-43   SAPMV13A       Change         Material Price
V-44   SAPMV13A       Display        Material Price
V-45   SAPMV13A       Create         Price List
V-46   SAPMV13A       Create Price List w/ref.
V-47   SAPMV13A       Change         Price List
V-48   SAPMV13A       Display        Price List
V-49   SAPMV13A       Create Customer-Specific Price
V-50   SAPMV13A       Create Customer-spec. Price w/ref.
V-51   SAPMV13A       Change         Cust.price
V-52   SAPMV13A       Display        Cust.price
V-61   SAPMV13A       Create         Cust.disc./surcharge
V-62   SAPMV13A       Create Customer Disc/Surch. w/ref
V-63   SAPMV13A       Change         Cust.Disc/Surcharge
V-64   SAPMV13A       Display        Cust.Disc/Surcharge
V-65   SAPMV13A       Create         Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-66   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.Material Disc/Surcharg
V-67   SAPMV13A       Change         Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-68   SAPMV13A       Display        Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-69   SAPMV13A       Create         Price grp Disc/Surch
V-70   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.Price Group Disc/Surch
V-71   SAPMV13A       Change         Price grp Disc/Surch
V-72   SAPMV13A       Display        Price grp Disc/Surch
V-73   SAPMV13A       Create         Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surc
V-74   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
V-75   SAPMV13A       Change         Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surc
V-76   SAPMV13A       Display        Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surc
V-77   SAPMV13A       Create         Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/S
V-78   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-79   SAPMV13A       Change         Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/S
V-80   SAPMV13A       Display        Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/S
V-81   SAPMV13A       Create         Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-82   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.Cust/Mat.Disc/Surcharg
V-83   SAPMV13A       Change         Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-84   SAPMV13A       Display        Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-85   SAPMV13A       Create         PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-86   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.PrGrp/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
V-87   SAPMV13A       Change         PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-88   SAPMV13A       Display        PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-89   SAPMV13A       Create         PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-90   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.PrGrp/Mat Disc/Surch.
V-91   SAPMV13A       Change         PGrp/mat Disc/Surch.
V-92   SAPMV13A       Display        PGrp/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-93   SAPMV13A       Create Domestic Taxes
V-94   SAPMV13A       Create Domestic Taxes w/Reference
V-95   SAPMV13A       Change Domestic Taxes
V-96   SAPMV13A       Display Domestic Taxes
V-97   SAPMV13A       Create Cross-border Taxes
V-98   SAPMV13A       Create Cross-border Taxes
V-99   SAPMV13A       Change Cross-border Taxes
V/C7   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Create (Batches; SD)
V/C8   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Change (Batch; SD)
V/C9   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Display (Batches; SD)
V/G1   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab/Create Group
V/G2   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab Change Group
V/G3   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab/Display Group
V/I2   RV15F001       Set up condition indices
V/I3   SAPMV13A       Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
V/I4   SAPMV13A       Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
V/LA   SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report
V/LB   SAPMV14A       Change Pricing Report
V/LC   SAPMV14A       Display Pricing Report
V/LD   SAPMV14A       Execute pricing report
V/LE   RV14ALLE       Generate pricing reports
V/N2   SAPMV12A       Create free goods table
V/N3   SAPMV12A       Display free goods table (SD)
V/03   SAPMV12A       Create Condition Table (SD Price)
V/04   SAPMV12A       Change Condition Table (Sales pr.)
V/05   SAPMV12A       Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.
V/12   SAPMV12A       Account Determination: Create Table
V/13   SAPMV12A       Account Determination: Change Table
V/14   SAPMV12A       Account Determination: Display Tabl
V/56   SAPMV12A       Output: Cond.Table - Create Orders
V/57   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Change Order
V/58   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Display Order
V/59   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Create Dlv.
V/60   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Change Dlv.
V/61   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Display Dlv.
V/62   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Create BillDo
V/63   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Change BillDo
V/64   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Display BillD
V/65   SAPMV12A       Output CondTable/Create SalesSuppor
V/66   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab./Change Sales Suppor
V/67   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab/Display Sales Suppor
V/77   SAPMV12A       Output -ConditTable- Create Transpr
V/78   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Change Transport
V/79   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Display Transpor
V/93   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Create Packaging
V/94   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Change Packaging
V/95   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Display Packagin
V_I8   SAPMV13A       Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
V_NL   SDNETPR0       Edit net price list
V_RA   SAPMV75B       Backorder Processing: Selection Lis
V_R1   SDV03R01       List of Backorders
V_R2   SDV03R02       Display List of Backorders
V_SA   SDSAMPRO       Collective Proc. Analysis (Deliv.)
V_UC   WSUCSTAT       Incomplete SD Documents
V_UC_7 WSUCSTAT       Incomplete SD Documents
V_V1   SDV03V01       Updating Unconfirmed Sales Document
V_V2   SDV03V02       Updating Sales Documents by Materia
VACF   RKAGJOBL       Commit. carried forwrd: Sales order
VAKC   SAPMV76A       Items in Sales Order Configuration
VAKP   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Maintain T180
VALU   SAPMKECM_VALUATValuation Analysis
VAM4   RVEXREOR       Merge: Japan - Commodity Code
VAN1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.: Sales Order
VAP1   SAPMF02D       Create Contact Person
VAP2   SAPMF02D       Change Contact Person
VAP3   SAPMF02D       Display Contact Person
VARC   RVV90ARC       SD: User Guide to Archiving
VARCH  RS_CHANGE_VARIAChange report variant
VARD   RS_DISPLAY_VARIDisplay report variant
VASK   RVVBSKDL       Deleting Groups
VA00   MENUVA00       Initial Sales Menu
VA01   SAPMV45A       Create Sales Order
VA02   SAPMV45A       Change Sales Order
VA03   SAPMV45A       Display Sales Order
VA05   SAPMV75A       List of Sales Orders
VA07   SDBANF02       Compare Sales - Purchasing (Order)
VA08   SDBANF01       Compare Sales - Purchasing (Org.Dt.
VA11   SAPMV45A       Create Inquiry
VA12   SAPMV45A       Change Inquiry
VA13   SAPMV45A       Display Inquiry
VA14L  SDLIEFSPE      Sales Documents Blocked for Deliver
VA15   SAPMV75A       Inquiries List
VA21   SAPMV45A       Create Quotation
VA22   SAPMV45A       Change Quotation
VA23   SAPMV45A       Display Quotation
VA25   SAPMV75A       Quotations List
VA26   SAPMV75A       Collective Processing for Quotation
VA31   SAPMV45A       Create Scheduling Agreement
VA32   SAPMV45A       Change Scheduling Agreement
VA33   SAPMV45A       Display Scheduling Agreement
VA35   SAPMV75A       List of Scheduling Agreements
VA41   SAPMV45A       Create Contract
VA42   SAPMV45A       Change Contract
VA42W  SAPMV45A       Workflow for master contract
VA43   SAPMV45A       Display Contract
VA44   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead: Sales Order
VA45   SAPMV75A       List of Contracts
VA46   SAPMV75A       Coll.Subseq.Processing f.Contracts
VA51   SAPMV45A       Create Item Proposal
VA52   SAPMV45A       Change Item Proposal
VA53   SAPMV45A       Display Item Proposal
VA55   SAPMV75A       List of Item Proposals
VA88   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Sales Orders
VA94   RVEXSOVA       Load Commodity Codes for Japan
VA94X  RVEXSOJ2       Load Commodity Codes for Japan
VA95   RVEXREOR       Merge Commodity Code/Import Code No
VB(D   RV15C005       Rebate Agreement Settlement
VB(1   SAPMSNUM       Rebate number ranges
VB(7   RV15C001       Rebate Agreement Settlement
VB(8   RV15C002       List Rebate Agreements
VBG1   SAPMV23N       Create Material Grouping
VBG2   SAPMV23N       Change Material Grouping
VBG3   SAPMV23N       Display Material Grouping
VBKB   SAPMV12A       Bonus Buy: Create Condition Table
VBKC   SAPMV12A       Bonus Buy: Display Condition Table
VBK0   MENUVBK0       Bonus Buy Selection
VBK1   SAPMV13N       Create Bonus Buy
VBK2   SAPMV13N       Change Bonus Buy
VBK3   SAPMV13N       Display Bonus Buy
VBK6   BBY_DELETE     Delete Bonus Buy
VBN1   SAPMV13N       Free goods - Create (SD)
VBN2   SAPMV13N       Free goods - Change (SD)
VBN3   SAPMV13N       Free goods - Display (SD)
VBOE   RV15C006       Currency conversion rebate agreemnt
VBOF   SDBONT06       Rebate: Update Billing Documents
VBO1   SAPMV13A       Create Rebate Agreement
VBO2   SAPMV13A       Change Rebate Agreement
VBO3   SAPMV13A       Display Rebate Agreement
VB01   SAPMV13G       Create Material Listing/Exclusion
VB02   SAPMV13G       Change Material Listing/Exclusion
VB03   SAPMV13G       Display Material Listing/Exclusion
VB04   SAPMV13G       Reference Material Listing/Exclusio
VB11   SAPMV13D       Create Material Substitution
VB12   SAPMV13D       Change Material Substitution
VB13   SAPMV13D       Display Material Substitution
VB14   SAPMV13D       Reference Material Substitution
VB21   SAPMV13A       Create Sales Deal
VB22   SAPMV13A       Change Sales Deal
VB23   SAPMV13A       Display Sales Promotion
VB25   RV15C004       List of Sales Deals
VB31   SAPMV13A       Create Promotion
VB32   SAPMV13A       Change Promotion
VB33   SAPMV13A       Display Promotion
VB35   RV15C003       Promotions List
VB41   SAPMV13D       Create cross-selling
VB42   SAPMV13D       Change cross-selling
VB43   SAPMV13D       Display cross-selling
VB44   SAPMV13D       Copy cross-selling
VC/A   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 01
VC/B   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 02
VC/C   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 03
VC/D   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 04
VC/E   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 05
VC/F   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 06
VC/G   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 07
VC/H   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 08
VC/I   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 09
VC/J   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 10
VC/1   RVDEB001       List of Customers
VC/2   RVKUSTA1       Customer Master Data Sheet
VCC1   RV21A001       Payment Cards: Worklist
VCH1   SAPMV13H       Create Batch Search Strategy
VCH2   SAPMV13H       Change Batch Search Strategy
VCH3   SAPMV13H       Display Batch Search Strategy
VCR1   SDWETTMAT      Competitive products
VCUAC  SAPMV13A       Display Anti-dumping - Qty-dependen
VCUAE  SAPMV13A       Display Anti-dumping - Weight-depen
VCUDC  SAPMV13A       Display 3rd Country - Qty-dependent
VCUDE  SAPMV13A       Display 3rd Country - Weight-depend
VCUPC  SAPMV13A       Display Pharma.Prod. - Qty-dependen
VCUPF  SAPMV13A       Display Pharma.Prod. - Weight-depen
VCUP1  SAPMV13A       Display Preference - Qty-dependent
VCUP2  SAPMV13A       Display Preference - Weight-depend.
VCUZC  SAPMV13A       Display Quota - Quantity-dependent
VCUZE  SAPMV13A       Display Quota - Weight-dependent
VCUZP  SAPMV13A       Display Ceilings - Percentage
VCUZ1  SAPMV13A       Display Ceiling - Quantity-dependen
VCUZ2  SAPMV13A       Display Ceiling - Weight-dependent
VC00   MENUVC00       Sales Support
VC01   SAPMV43A       Create Sales Activity
VC01N  SD_CONTACT_MAINEdit Sales Activity
VC02   SAPMV43A       Change Sales Activity
VC03   SAPMV43A       Display Sales Activity
VC05   SDCAS75C       Sales support monitor
VC06   SAPMV43M       Parallel Processing for Address Lis
VC15   SDCAS_CROSS_MATCrossmatching
VDDI   SDEWUDEB       EMU currency conversion cust. maste
VDH1   RVKNVH00       Customer Hierarchy Maintenance (SD)
VDH1N  RV_CUSTOMER_HIEDisplay/Maintain Customer Hierarchy
VDH2   RVKNVH00       Display Customer Hierarchy
VDH2N  RV_CUSTOMER_HIEDisplay customer hierarchy
VD01   SAPMF02D       Create Customer (Sales)
VD02   SAPMF02D       Change Customer (Sales)
VD03   SAPMF02D       Display Customer (Sales)
VD04   SAPMF01A       Customer Changes (SD)
VD05   SAPMF02D       Block customer (sales)
VD06   SAPMF02D       Mark customer for deletion (sales)
VD07   SAPL0ORG       Ref. doc. det. for ref. customer
VD51   SAPMV10A       Maintain Customer-Material Info
VD52   SAPMV10A       Maintain Cust-Mat.Info w/Select.Scr
VD53   SAPMV10A       Display Customer-Material Info
VD54   SAPMV10A       Display Customer-Material Info
VD59   RV10A100       List customer-material-info
VEA3   RVEXDEIF       EXTRASTAT: File Version France
VEA4   RVEXDEIF       EXTRASTAT: File Version France
VEA5   RVEXDEIF       EXTRASTAT: File Version France
VEB1   RVEX0MAB       Period-end Closings: Control
VEB2   RVEX0MAB       DtA: Special Rule Countries/Regions
VEB5   RMPREF04       Calculate Assemblies Individually
VEB6   RMPREF03       Calculate Assemblies Collectively
VEB9   SAPMSMOD       Customer Exits: Print Control
VECN   MENUVECN       Profitability and Sales Accounting
VEFU   RVEXVEF1       Foreign Trade: Add INTRASTAT Data
VEFUX  RVEXVEFU       FT-GOV: Change transaction INTRASTA
VEIV   RVEXVEX1       Foreign Trade: Add EXTRASTAT Data
VEI1   RVEXIDCA       Display IDoc Import
VEI2   RVEXIDCA       Display IDoc Export
VEI3   SAPMV13A       Display Stat.Value - Subcontracting
VEI4   RVEXREOR       Merge: Remaining Commodity Codes
VEI5   SAPMV13A       Create value limit subcontracting
VEI6   RSEIDOCD       EDI: IDoc List - Import Basis
VEKU   RVEXVEKU       For. Trade: Change KOBRA Documents
VEM4   RVEXREOR       Merge: EU - Commodity Code
VEPR   RMPREFDI       Customs log
VEU4   RVEXSOVA       Load Commodity Code-Other Countries
VEU4X  RVEXSOS2       Load Commodity Code-Other Countries
VEXU   RVEXVEX1       Foreign Trade: Add EXTRASTAT Data
VEXUX  RVEXVEFU       FT-GOV: Change transaction EXTRASTA
VE01   RVEXST00       INTRASTAT: Selection Dispatch to EU
VE02   RVEXPAID       INTRASTAT: Create Form - Germany
VE03   RVEXDAID       INTRASTAT: Create File - Germany
VE04   RVEXEX00       EXTRASTAT: Data selection for expor
VE05   RVEXDEID       EXTRASTAT: Create File - Germany
VE06   RVEXPAIB       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Belgien
VE07   RVEXPAIF       Create INTRASTAT Form for France
VE08   RVEXDAII       Create INTRASTAT File for Italy
VE09   RVEXDAIB       Create INTRASTAT file for Belgium
VE10   RVEXDAIH       Create INTRASTAT file for Holland
VE11   RVEXDAIE       Create INTRASTAT file for Spain
VE12   RVEXPAIH       Create INTRASTAT form for Holland
VE13   RVEXKO00       KOBRA data selection: export German
VE14   RVEXDOID       Create KOBRA file for Germany
VE16   RVEXPAIA       Create INTRASTAT form for Austria
VE17   RVEXPAIV       Create INTRASTAT form for Sweden
VE18   RVEXSE00       SED data selection for USA exporter
VE19   RVEXPEIS       Create SED form for USA
VE20   RVEXDEIS       Create AERP file for USA
VE21   RVEXCH00       VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.
VE22   RVEXPAIC       Create VAR form for Switzerland
VE23   RVEXDEIC       V.A.R.: File - Switzerland
VE24   RVEXKAAL_99    Comm. Code Number Information  (old
VE24X  RVEXKAA2       Commodity Code Information
VE25   RVEXSE01       SED: Selection: USA Carriers
VE27   RVEXPHMF       HMF: Selection - USA
VE29   RVEXAU01       Assigned Documents for Each License
VE30   RVEXAU02       Existing licenses
VE31   RVEXAU03       Blocked SD Documents
VE32   RVEXPAIR       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Ireland
VE33   RVEXPAIU       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - U.K.
VE34   RVEXPAIB       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Belgien
VE37   RVEXDAIF       INTRASTAT: File - France
VE38   RVEXST00       INTRASTAT: Selection Simulation - E
VE39   RVEXEX00       EXTRASTAT: Selection  Simulation
VE40   RVEXKO00       KOBRA: Selection Simulation
VE41   RVEXCH00       VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.
VE42   RVEXDAIK       INTRASTAT: File - Denmark
VE43   RVEXSE00       SED: Selection Exp. USA Simulation
VE44   RVEXSE01       SED: Select Carrier  USA Simulation
VE45   RVEXPAIG       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Greece
VE46   RVEXDAIL       INTRASTAT: File - Finland
VE54   RMPREF01       Preference Determination: Collectiv
VE55   RMPREF02       Preference Determination: Individua
VE56   RVEXKOCU       Check Export Control for Consistenc
VE67   RMLEVE00       Aggregate Vendor Declarations
VE68   RMLEBI00       Request Vendor Declarations
VE72   RVEXSBPR       Export - Billing Documents
VE73   RVEXWAPA_99    Goods Catalog: Create Document
VE74   RVEXWADA       Goods Catalog: Create Diskette
VE81   RVEXKOM1       Check Report: General FT Data
VE81X  RVEXKOMA       Incompleteness: FT Material Data
VE82   RVEXKOM2       Check Report: Export Control Data
VE82X  RVEXKOMA       Incompleteness: Export Control Data
VE83   RVEXKOM3       Check Report: Preference Data
VE83X  RVEXKOMA       Incompleteness: Preference Material
VE84   RMLEVE00       Monitoring: Purchasing Info Records
VE85   SAPMV13A       Change Statistical Value - Import
VE86   SAPMV13A       Display Statistical Value - Import
VE87   SAPMV13A       Change Stat.Value - Subcontracting
VE88   SAPMV13A       Change Statistical Value - Export
VE89   SAPMV13A       Display Statistical Value - Export
VE90   SAPMV13A       Change preference values
VE91   SAPMV13A       Display Preference Values
VE92   RVEXDAIX       Create INTRASTAT tape Luxembourg
VE93   RVEXCUSA       EDI-CUSTEC Austria
VE94   RVEXSOVA       Load Commodity Code for EU Countrie
VE94X  RVEXSOE2       Load Commodity Code for EU Countrie
VE95   RVEXPAIP       Create INTRASTAT papers: Portugal
VE96   RVEXEX01       EXTRASTAT Data Select.: Init. Scree
VE97   RVEXDEIH       Create EXTRASTAT tape: Netherlands
VE98   RVEXPAST       Sales Invoice Values per Period
VE99   RVEXPEIA       Create Document - Austria
VFAE   RVEXARIN       Archive EXTRASTAT Documents
VFAI   RVEXARIN       Archive INTRASTAT Documents
VFBS   SAPLV00A       Next screen control
VFBV   SDBONTO4       Reorganization of discount-rel. dat
VFLI   SAPMSVMA       Log tax exemption
VFRB   SDREBI01       Retro-billing
VFSN   SDS060RB       Reorganization info structure S060
VFS3   SDS060RC       Adjusting info structure S060
VFX2   SAPMV60A       Display Blocked Billing Documents
VFX3   SDBLBDDL       List Blocked Billing Documents
VF00   MENUVF00       9Sales organization & is not define
VF01   SAPMV60A       Create Billing Document
VF02   SAPMV60A       Change Billing Document
VF03   SAPMV60A       Display Billing Document
VF04   SDBILLDL       Maintain Billing Due List
VF05   SAPMV65A       List Billing Documents
VF06   RV60SBAT       Batch billing
VF07   SAPMV60A       Display bill. document from archive
VF08   GNBILLDL       Billing for ext. delivery
VF11   SAPMV60A       Cancel Billing Document
VF21   SAPMV60A       Create Invoice List
VF22   SAPMV60A       Change invoice list
VF23   SAPMV60A       Display Invoice List
VF24   SDINVLDL       Edit Work List for Invoice Lists
VF25   SAPMV65B       List of Invoice Lists
VF26   SAPMV60A       Cancellation invoice list
VF27   SAPMV60A       Display invoice list from archive
VF31   SD70AV3A       Output from Billing Documents
VF44   SDERAV01       Revenue Recognition: Worklist
VF45   SDRRAV51       Revenue recognition: Revenue report
VF46   SDERAV05       Revenue Recognition: Cancellation
VF47   SDRRAV52       Revenue Recognition:ConsistencyChec
VGK1   SAPMV08A       Create Group for Delivery
VGK2   SAPMV08A       Change Group for Delivery
VGK3   SAPMV08A       Display Group for Delivery
VGL1   SAPMV08A       Create Group for Delivery
VGL2   SAPMV08A       Change Group for Delivery
VGL3   SAPMV08A       "Display Group for Delivery"
VGW1   SAPMV08A       Create Picking Wave
VGW2   SAPMV08A       Change Picking Waves
VGW3   SAPMV08A       Display Picking Waves
VG01   SAPMV08A       Create Group
VG02   SAPMV08A       Change Group
VG03   SAPMV08A       Display Group
VIBA   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output-AES-Initial Procg
VIBB   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output-AES-Repeat Procg
VIBC   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output-AES-Error in Procg
VIBD   RVEXAUDI       Printing: Analysis form data audit
VIBN   RVSAAREI       Monitor messages
VIB1   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output
VIB2   RVEXSBPR       Call Print Program From VI10/VI14
VIB3   RVEXBSST       Foreign Trade Output Status
VIB4   RVEXSBPR       Print Transaction: Initial Procg
VIB5   RVEXSBPR       Print Transaction: Repeat Procg
VIB6   RVEXSBPR       Print Transaction: Error in Procg
VIB7   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output - Initial Procg
VIB8   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output - Repeat Procg
VIB9   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output - Error in Procg
VICC   RV54IVCC       Convert format currency field
VICI   RV54FRIN       Call shipment info via CALL TRANS
VIC00  RV54_CUST_CHECKConsistency Check IMG ShpmtCostCalc
VIEX   RVFTJOEX       FT: Journal Export Actual
VIE4   RVEXINDA       Incompleteness Periodic Declaration
VIFBW  VTRBWVIFBW     Reorg: Shipment Costs in BW
VIIM   RVFTJOIM       FT: Op. Cockpit: Purchase order
VII4   RVEXREOR       Merge: Rest - Import Code Number
VIJ1   RVFTCMPL       Journal Import
VIJ2   RVFTCMPL       Journal Export
VILI   RVFTJOLI       FT: Export Deliveries Journal
VIMM   RVEXMINE       Decl. Recpts/Disptch Min. Oil Prod.
VIMU   RVEXREOR       Foreign Trade: Comparison of codes
VIM4   RVEXREOR       Merge: EU - Import Code Number
VIM6   SAPMSMOD       Customer Exits: Data Selection
VIPL   SAPMV13A       Display Customs Duty for Ceiling
VIR1   RVFTCMPL       Import Reorg. - Incompleteness
VIR2   RVFTCMPL       Export Reorg. - Incompleteness
VIS3   RVEXWUMA       Check program: Cross-plant
VIUL   RVFTUFTU       Foreign Trade: Data Upload
VIU4   RVEXSOVA       Load Import Code No.-Other Countrie
VIU4X  RVEXSOS1       Load Import Code No.-Other Countrie
VIWAX  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Goods Issue
VIWBX  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Goods Issue
VIWE   RVFTJOWE       FT: Op. Cockpit: Goods Receipt
VI00   MENUVI00       Shipment costs
VI01   SAPMV54A       Create shipment costs
VI02   SAPMV54A       Change shipment costs
VI03   SAPMV54A       Display shipment costs
VI08   SAPMV52A       Display FT data in purchasing doc.
VI08X  SAPLV50E       Display FT data in purchasing doc.
VI09   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
VI09X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
VI10   SAPMV52A       Display FT Data in Billing Document
VI10X  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Billing Document
VI14   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Billing Document
VI14X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Billing Document
VI15   RV54PROT       Display logs (appl. log)
VI17   SAPMV52A       Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI17X  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI18   SAPMV13A       Display Anti-dumping
VI19   SAPMV13A       Display Third-country Customs Dutie
VI20   SAPMV13A       Display Customs Quota
VI21   SAPMV13A       Display Pharmaceutical Products
VI22   SAPMV13A       Display Customs Exemption
VI23   SAPMV13A       Display Preferential Customs Duties
VI24   RVEXKAAL_99    Code Number Information - Import
VI24X  RVEXKAA1       Import Code No. Information
VI25   SAPMV13A       Display Gross Price - Customs
VI26   SAPMV13A       Display Surcharge/Discount - Custom
VI27   SAPMV13A       Display Freight - Customs
VI53   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI53X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI64   SAPMV52A       Display FT Data in Outbound Deliver
VI64X  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Outbound Deliver
VI71   SAPMV13A       Change Preference Values
VI72   SAPMV13A       Display Insurance - Customs
VI73   SAPMVEI1       Maintain Vendor Declaration
VI73N  RVFTPRLP       Maintain Vendor Declaration
VI74   SAPMVEI1       Display Vendor Declaration
VI74N  RVFTPRLA       Display Vendor Declaration
VI75   RMLEBI00       Vendor Declarations - Dunning notic
VI77   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI77X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI79   SAPMV52A       Display FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI79X  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI80   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI80X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI81   RVEXKOM4       Check Report: CAP Products
VI81X  RVEXKOMA       Check Report: CAP Products
VI82   RVEXKOK1       Check General Customer Master Data
VI82X  RVEXKOKU       Incompleteness: FT Customer Data
VI83   RVEXKOK2       Check Customer Master/Legal Control
VI83X  RVEXKOKU       Incompleteness:Customer Control Dat
VI84   RVEXKOK3       Doc.Payments: Check Customer Master
VI84X  RVEXKOKU       Billing Doc.Incompleteness Customer
VI85   RVEXKOLI       Incompleteness: Foreign Trade Vendo
VI86   RVEXWUMA       Incompleteness: Cross-plant
VI90   RVEXEARF       Fill Foreign Components in BOMs
VI91   RVEXEARA       Display Foreign Components in BOMs
VI94   RVEXSOVA       Load Import Code Nos - EU Countries
VI94X  RVEXSOE1       Load Import Code Nos - EU Countries
VI96   SAPMSMOD       Customer Exits: Default Values
VI98   RVIVST00       Receipt-Basis for Intercomp.Billing
VI99   RMEXST00       Returns and Credit Memos
VK+C   SD_CMDC0       Condition master data check
VKAR   RWVKUAR1       Read Archive File
VKAW   RWVKUAW1       Generate Archive File
VKC1   SAPMV13H       Create General Strategy
VKC2   SAPMV13H       Change General Strategy
VKC3   SAPMV13H       Display General Strategy
VKDV   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RV_SNKOM
VKM1   RVKRED02       Blocked SD Documents
VKM2   RVKRED03       Released SD Documents
VKM3   RVKRED04       Sales Document
VKM4   RVKRED01       SD Documents
VKM5   RVKRED05       Delivery
VKPA   RWVKPAW1       Archiving
VKPB   RWVKP011       Sales price calc. in background run
VKPR   RWVKPAR1       Read archive file
VKP0   MENUVKP0       Sales Price Calculation
VKP1   RWVKP001       Sales price calculation
VKP2   RWVKP005       Display POS Conditions
VKP3   RWVKP003       Pricing document for material
VKP4   RWVKP004       Pricing document for org. structure
VKP5   RWVKP007       Create Calculation
VKP6   RWVKP006       Change pricing document
VKP7   RWVKP006       Display pricing document
VKP8   RWVKP001       Display Price Calculation
VKP9   RWVKP014       Currency conversion in price calc.
VKU1   RWVKU001       Report: Reval at Rtl for Rtl Pr.Chn
VKU10  RWVKU004       Correction of Valuation at Retail
VKU11  RWVKU005       Delete Count Document Items
VKU2   SAPMWB01       Total Revaluation at Retail
VKU3   SAPMWB01       Partial Revaluation at Retail
VKU4   RWVKU002       Rtl Revaluation Docs for Material
VKU5   SAPMWB01       Display Retail Revaluation Document
VKU6   RWVKU001       Report: List Crtn for Rtl Pr. Chang
VKU7   RWVKU001       Report: Total Reval. for Rtl Pr. Ch
VKU8   RWVKU003       Test Transaction BAPI Count List
VKU9   RWVKU004       Rtl Reval. Correction: List Display
VKVE   RV12D002       WFMC:
VKVF   RV12D100       Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem
VKVG   RV12D101       Maintain Condition Elements
VKVI   RVVIEWPF       General View Maintenance - W.Qualif
VKXX   SAPMV13A       Create Test for RKA
VKYY   SAPMV13A       Change Test for RKA
VKZZ   SAPMV13A       Test for RKS-Surcharge Conditions
VK01   RV12D101       Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem
VK03   SAPMV12A       Create Condition Table
VK04   SAPMV12A       Change Condition Table
VK05   SAPMV12A       Display Condition Table
VK11   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
VK12   SAPMV13A       Change Condition
VK13   SAPMV13A       Display Condition
VK14   SAPMV13A       Create Condition with Reference
VK15   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
VK16   SAPMV13A       Create Condition with Reference
VK17   SAPMV13A       Change condition
VK18   SAPMV13A       Display condition
VK19   SAPMV13A       Change Condition Without Menu
VK20   SAPMV13A       Display Condition Without Menu
VK31   SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Create
VK32   SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Change
VK33   SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Display
VK34   SAPMV13A       Condition Maint.: Create with Refer
VLBT   WS_DELIVERY_BATPlan Delivery Creation as a Job
VLE1   MENUVLE1       Picking with Picking Waves
VLK1   MENUVLK1       Picking with Picking Waves
VLK2   MENUVLK2       Picking with Picking Waves
VLK3   MENUVLK3       Picking with Picking Waves
VLLA   RVGLVANA       RWE: Picking/Goods Issue Analysis
VLLC   SAPMV53C       RWE: Archive Data
VLLD   SAPMV53C       Rough Workload Forecast: Delete Log
VLLE   RVGLVANA       RWE: Goods Receipt/Putaway Analysis
VLLF   SAPMV53C       Picking Waves: Archive Data
VLLG   RVGLVANA       RWE: Analyze Complete Overview
VLLP   SAPMV53C       Rough Workload Forecast: Display Lo
VLLQ   RVGLVANA       RWE: Returns to Vendor Analysis
VLLR   RVGLVANA       RWE: Customer/Store Return Analysis
VLLS   SAPMMCSC       Var. Stand. Analyses Setting App 42
VLLV   SAPMV53C       W&S: Control RWE/Picking Waves
VLMOVE SAPLLE_MOV     HU Goods Movements
VLPOD  SAPMV50A       POD - Change Outbound Delivery
VLPODA SAPMV50A       POD - Display Outbound Delivery
VLPODF WSPODLIST2     Worklist: POD Subsequent Processing
VLPODL WSPODLIST1     Worklist: POD Deliveries
VLPODQ WSPODLIST4     Automatic PoD Confirmation
VLSP   RLEDSP         Subsequent Outbound-Delivery Split
VLSPS  SAPLV53SD      Outbound Delivery Split via HU Scan
VLUNIV SAPMV50A       Change Delivery (General)
VL00   MENUVL00       Shipping
VL01   SAPMV50A       Create Delivery
VL01N  SAPMV50A       Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref
VL01NO SAPMV50A       Create Outbound Dlv. w/o Order Ref.
VL02   SAPMV50A       Change Outbound Delivery
VL02N  SAPMV50A       Change Outbound Delivery
VL03   SAPMV50A       Display Outbound Delivery
VL03N  SAPMV50A       Display Outbound Delivery
VL04   RV50SBT1       Process Delivery Due List
VL06   WS_DELIVERY_MONDelivery Monitor
VL06C  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList Outbound Dlvs for Confirmation
VL06D  WS_MONITOR_OUTBOutbound Deliveries for Distributio
VL06F  WS_MONITOR_OUTBGeneral delivery list - Outb.deliv.
VL06G  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList of Oubound Dlvs for Goods Issu
VL06I  WS_DELIVERY_MONInbound Delivery Monitor
VL06IC WS_MONITOR_INB_Confirmation of putaway inb. deliv.
VL06ID WS_MONITOR_INB_Inbound Deliveries for Distribution
VL06IF WS_MONITOR_INB_Selection inbound deliveries
VL06IG WS_MONITOR_INB_Inbound deliveries for goods receip
VL06IP WS_MONITOR_INB_Inbound deliveries for putaway
VL06L  WS_MONITOR_OUTBOutbound Deliveries to be Loaded
VL06O  WS_DELIVERY_MONOutbound Delivery Monitor
VL06P  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList of Outbound Dlvs for Picking
VL06T  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList Outbound Dlvs (Trans. Planning
VL06U  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList of Uncheckd Outbound Deliverie
VL08   SAPMV50B       Confirmation of Picking Request
VL09   RVV50L09       Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Not
VL10I  RVV50R1A       Schedule Lines due for Delivery
VL10X  RVV50R10_PRESTEVL10 (technical)
VL13   RVDVVL11       "Create Deliveries in Dec.Shipping"
VL21   RVV50L21       Post goods issue in background
VL22   WSCDSHOW       Display Delivery Change Documents
VL23   RV50BTCH       Goods Issue (Background Processing)
VL23N  RV50BTCH       Goods Issue (Background Processing)
VL30   MENUVL30       Shipping
VL31   SAPMV50B       Create Inbound Delivery
VL31N  SAPMV50A       Create Inbound Delivery
VL31W  SAPMV50AWIB    Create Inbnd Dlv. Notification (WEB
VL32   SAPMV50A       Change Inbound Delivery
VL32N  SAPMV50A       Change Inbound Delivery
VL32W  SAPMV50AWIB    Change Inbnd Dlv. Notification (WEB
VL33   SAPMV50A       Display Inbound Delivery
VL33N  SAPMV50A       Display Inbound Delivery
VL34   RM06EANL       Worklist Inbound Deliveries
VL35   SAPMV53W       Create Wave Picks: Delivery/Time
VL35_S SAPMV53W       Create Wave Picks: Shipment
VL36   SAPMV53W       Change Picking Waves
VL37   SAPMV53M       Wave Pick Monitor
VL38   SDSAMPRO       Groups Created: Wave Picks
VL39   RV130009       Billing Documents for Wave Picks
VL41   SAPMV50B       Create Rough GR
VL42   SAPMV50A       Change Rough GR
VL43   SAPMV50A       Display Rough GR
VL51   SAPLV51B       Create Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
VL52   SAPLV51B       Change Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
VL53   SAPLV51B       Display Route Schedule: Initial Scr
VL70   SD70AV4A       Output From Picking Lists
VL71   SD70AV2A       Output from Outbound Deliveries
VL72   SD70AV5A       Output from Groups of Deliveries
VL73   RVLRUENA       "Confirmation of Decentr.Deliveries
VL74   SD70AV6A       Output from Handling Units
VL75   MM70AE1A       Shipping Notification Output
VL76   MM70AM1A       Output from Rough Goods Receipt
VM01   SAPMV03D       Create Hazardous Material
VM02   SAPMV03D       Change Hazardous Material
VM03   SAPMV03D       Display Hazardous Material
VNEA   SAPMV12A       Output: Create Cond.Table - Rough G
VNEB   SAPMV12A       Output-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif
VNE1   SAPMV12A       Output: Create Cond.Tbl-Ship.Notif.
VNE2   SAPMV12A       Output-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif
VNKP   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RV_VEKP
VN10   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: SD_SCALE
VOA0   SAPMV76A       Order Information Configuration
VOA01  SD_LIST_USEREXIUser exit lists sales
VOA1   SAPMV76A       Inquiry Information Configuration
VOA2   SAPMV76A       Quotation Information Configuration
VOA3   SAPMV76A       Configuration of Sched.Agreemt Info
VOA4   SAPMV76A       Contract Information Configuration
VOA5   SAPMV76A       Product Proposal Info. Configuratio
VOBO   SAPMV76A       Config.for Backorder Processing
VOB3   RV15B002       Comparison: Bill. Docs and Stats
VOC0   SAPMV76A       Contract List Configuration
VOC1   SAPMV76A       Customizing for List of Addresses
VOD5   SAPMV76A       Configuration Cust.Indeped.Reqs.Inf
VOEX   RVFTOPEX       Incompleteness: Billing Document
VOFM   SAPMV80H       Configuration for Reqs; Formulae
VOFN   SDCLVOFM       Call Up Transaction VOFM
VOF0   SAPMV76A       Configuration of Billing Informatio
VOF01  SD_LIST_USEREXIUser exit lists sales
VOF02  SD_LIST_USEREXIUser exit lists sales
VOF1   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Collective Billing
VOF2   SAPMV76A       Configuration Invoice List Info
VOF3   SAPMV76A       Edit Work List for Invoice Lists
VOIM   RVFTOPIM       Incompleteness: Purchase Order
VOKF   SAPMV76A       Configuration Release of CustPrice
VOKR   SAPMV76A       Configuration of Credit Release
VOK0   SAPMV80Z       Conditions: Pricing in Customizing
VOK1   SAPMV80C       Account Determination: Customizing
VOK2   SAPMV80B       Output Determination
VOK3   SAPMM06N       Message Determination: Purchasing
VOK4   SAPMM07N       Output Determination: Inventory Mgm
VOLI   RVFTOPLI       Incompleteness: Delivery
VOL0   SAPMV76A       Delivery Information Configuration
VOL01  SD_LIST_USEREXIUser exit lists sales
VOL1   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Collective Dlv.Proc.
VOL6   SAPMV76A       Configure information on
VOL7   SAPMV76A       Settings for Packing
VOPA   SAPMV80P       Configuration: Partner
VOPAN  SAPLV09F       Customizing Partners
VOP2   SAPL0Q19       Configuration: Partner
VORA   SAPL0VAR       Archiving Control for Sales Doc.
VORD   RV56VORD       Route definition (to R/3 vers. 3.1)
VORF   RV56VORF       Route Definition (Up To Rel. 4.0B)
VORK   SAPL0VAR       Archiving Control for Sales Activit
VORL   SAPL0VAR       Archiving Control for Delivery
VORN   SAPL0VAR       Central Archiving Control
VORR   SAPL0VAR       Archiving Control for Billing Docs
VOTX   SAPMV80T       Configuration: Texts
VOTXN  SAPLV81TN      Maintain Text Customizing
VOVS   SD_TVSTAT      Define Status in Overview Screen
VOWE   RVFTOPWE       Incompleteness: Goods Receipt
VPE1   SDPERS01       Create sales representative
VPE2   SDPERS01       Change sales representative
VPE3   SDPERS01       Display sales representative
VPM4   RVEXREOR       Merge: Japan - Import Code Number
VPNR   RFTP_VIEW_PNR  View of the active PNR in 1A
VPN1   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for Contact Person
VPRE   RV130008       PRICAT manual creation
VPSK   SAPL080L       DisplPartnDetProc.f.each Activ.Type
VPS2   SAPL080L       Maintain Partn.Det.Proc.f.eachActTy
VP94   RVEXSOVA       Load Import Code No. for Japan
VP94X  RVEXSOJ1       Load Import Code No. for Japan
VRLI   RVFTRELI       FT: Reorg. T609S Delivery
VRRE   SAPMV45A       Returns Delivery for RMA Order
VRWE   RVFTREWE       FT: Reorg. T609S Goods Receipt
VSB1   SAPLVEDSBWAPR  Self-Billing Proc. Inbound Monitor
VS00   MENUVS00       SD Main Menu for Customer
VS01   SAPMV57A       Create Scale
VS02   SAPMV57A       Change Scale
VS03   SAPMV57A       Display Scale
VS04   SAPMV57A       Create Scale with Reference
VS05   RV57SCLI       List Scales
VTBT   RV56BTCH       Report for Definition of Batch Run
VTBW   VTRBWVTBWNEW   Reorg.: Shipment Data in BW
VTDOCU RV56DOCU       Tech. documentation transportation
VTFAKT RV56FAKT       Bill Deliveries
VTRC   SAPLVTRC       XSI Cockpit
VTRK   SAPLVVTR       Tracking
VTRS   SAPLVVTR       XSI: Carrier: Master Data
VTWABU RV56WABU       Post goods issue
VT00   MENUVT00       Transportation
VT01   SAPMV56A       Old: Create Shipment
VT01N  SAPMV56A       Create Shipment
VT02   SAPMV56A       Old: Change Shipment
VT02N  SAPMV56A       Change Shipment
VT03   SAPMV56A       Old: Display Shipment
VT03N  SAPMV56A       Display Shipment
VT04   RV56TRGN       Transportation Worklist
VT10   RV56TRST       Select shipments: Start
VT18   RV56HELP       Start F4 Help Shipping
VT19   RV56STSM       Shipment Tendering Status Monitor
VT20   RV56OSSM       Overall Shipment Process Monitor
VT22   TPSTSHOW_LISTVIDisplay Change-Document Shipment
VT30   RV56TNDR       Initial internet tran for shipment
VT30N  SAPMV56_CAR_PL_Tendering Events for Carriers
VT31   RV56TNDR       Shipment tendering
VT31C  RV56TNDR_DISP_OCustmizing screen for shipment tend
VT31N  RV56TRSL       Selection Variants for Fwdg Agents
VT32   RV56TNDR       Shipment Status list
VT33   SAPMV56_CAR_PL_Ship.Planning for Carriers
VT34   SAPMV56_CAR_PL_Event Reports for Carriers via HTML
VT34M  SAPMV56_CAR_PL_Event Reports for Carriers via WML
VT60   RV56LMTP       Transfer Location Master Data to TP
VT61   RV56LFTP       Ext. transport. planning deliveries
VT62   RV56LFTPC      Send Deliveries to Forwarding Agent
VT63   RV56CFPSTAT    Freight Plng Status from Deliveries
VT68   RV56LFDL       Deallocate delivery from TPS
VT69   RV56LFDLC      Plan Deliveries from Freight Plng
VT70   SD70AV7A       Output for Shipments
VUA2   SAPL080J       Maintain Doc.Type Incompletion Proc
VUA3   SAPL080H       Display Doc.Type Incompletion Proc.
VUE2   SAPL080J       Maintain Sched.Line Incompletion Pr
VUE3   SAPL080J       Display Sched.Line Incompletion Pro
VUPA   SAPL080J       Display Partner Incompletion Proc.
VUP2   SAPL080J       Maintain Item Incompletion Procedur
VUP3   SAPLO80J       Display Item Incompletion Procedure
VVG1   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Group
VVG2   SAPMV13B       Change output: Groups
VVG3   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Group
VV11   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Sales
VV12   SAPMV13B       Change output: Sales
VV13   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Sales
VV21   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Shipping
VV22   SAPMV13B       Change output: Shipping
VV23   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Shipping
VV31   SAPMV13B       Create Output : Billing
VV32   SAPMV13B       Change output: Billing
VV33   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Billing
VV51   SAPMV13B       Create Output for Sales Activity
VV52   SAPMV13B       Change Output: Sales Activity
VV53   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Sales Activity
VV61   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Handling Units
VV62   SAPMV13B       Change Output: Handling Unit
VV63   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Handling Unit
VV71   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Transportation
VV72   SAPMV13B       Change Output: Transportation
VV73   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Transportation
VW01   SAPMV45W       SD Scenario 'Incoming Orders'
VW02   SAPMV45Y       SD Scenario 'Freedom to Shop'
VW10   SAPMV45X       SD Scenario 'Order Status'
VXA1   RVEXAK10       Docs Assigned to Financial Document
VXA2   RVEXAK30       Existing Financial Documents
VXA3   RVKREDLC       Financial Documents: Blocked Docs
VXA4   RVEXAK47       Financial Documents: Simulation
VXA5   RVEXAKNS       Document. Payments: Print Monitorin
VXA7   RVEXAK47       Documentary Payments: Simulation
VXBC   RVEXSLIC       SLS: List of Blocked Customers
VXCZ   RVEXPICZ       INTRASTAT: Form - Czech Republic
VXDA   RVEXSLAD       SLS: Audit Trail - Customer Master
VXDG   MENUVXDG       Export Control
VXDP   MENUVXDP       Declarations to the Authorities
VXDV   RVEXSLDV       List of Expiring SLS Records
VXGK   MENUVXGK       Export Control
VXHU   RVEXPIHU       INTRASTAT: Form - Hungary
VXIE   MENUVXIE       Maintain Foreign Trade Data
VXJ0   RVEXPJP0       Foreign Trade: MITI Decl. - Japan
VXJ3   RVEXJPST       Foreign Trade: Import Decl. Japan
VXKA   RVEXSLAK       SLS: Audit Trail: Vendor Master
VXKD   MENUVXKD       Declarations to the Authorities
VXKP   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Maintain Tables T180
VXLA   RVEXSLDA       Legal Control: SLS - Audit Trail
VXLB   RVEXSLSA       Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Address
VXLC   RVEXSLCC       SLS: Vendor Check - Scenario 3
VXLD   RVEXSLDE       Legal Control: SLS - List Display
VXLE   RVEXSLCE       SLS: Scenario 5 - Vendor Master
VXLP   RVEXSLKA       Legal Control: SLS: Keyword: Addres
VXLU   RVEXSLUL       Legal Control: SLS - Data Service
VXLX   RVEXSLS1       Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Customer
VXLY   RVEXSLS2       Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Deliv.
VXLZ   RVEXSLS3       Sanctioned Party List Screen
VXL1   RVEXSLC1       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 1
VXL2   RVEXSLC2       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 2
VXL3   RVEXSLC3       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 3
VXL4   RVEXSLC4       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 4
VXL5   RVEXSLC5       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 5
VXL6   RVEXSLSD       Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Customer
VXL7   RVEXSLKW       Legal Control: SLS: Search Terms
VXL8   RVSCDFSL       Legal Control: SLS: Change History
VXL9   RVEXSLSK       Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Vendor
VXME   MENUVXME       Declarations to the Authorities
VXMO   MENUVXMO       Common Agricultural Policy
VXPL   RVEXPIPL       INTRASTAT: Form - Poland
VXPR   MENUVXPR       Export Control
VXSE   MENUVXSE       Declarations to the Authorities
VXSIM  RVEXIMSI       Simulate Import
VXSK   RVEXPISK       INTRASTAT: Form - Slovakia
VXSL   MENUVXSL       Foreign Trade: Area Menu SLS
VXSW   RVEXMMSW       Mass change material commodity code
VXS1   SAPMVFSL       Legal Control: SLS: Create Entry
VXS2   SAPMVFSL       Ges. Kontrolle: SLS: Change Entry
VXS3   SAPMVFSL       Legal Control: SLS: Display Entry
VX0C   MENUVX0C       Foreign Trade: Customizing Menu
VX00   MENUVX00       Export Control
VX01   SAPMV52E       Create license (old)
VX01N  SAPMV52E       Create license
VX01X  SAPMV52E       Create control record (new)
VX02   SAPMV52E       Change license (old)
VX02N  SAPMV52E       Change license
VX02X  SAPMV52E       Change control record (new)
VX03   SAPMV52E       Display license (old)
VX03N  SAPMV52E       Display license
VX03X  SAPMV52E       Display control record (new)
VX04N  SAPMV52E       Maintain license
VX07   RVEXSIAU       Simulation: License Check
VX08   RVEXSIBO       Simulation: Boycott List Check
VX09   RVEXSIEM       Simulation: Embargo Check
VX11   SAPMV86E       Create Financial Document
VX11N  SAPMV86E       Create financial document
VX11X  SAPMV86E       Create Financial Document
VX12   SAPMV86E       Change Financial Document
VX12N  SAPMV86E       Change Financial Document
VX12X  SAPMV86E       Change Financial Document
VX13   SAPMV86E       Display Financial Document
VX13N  SAPMV86E       Display financial document
VX13X  SAPMV86E       Display Financial Document
VX14N  SAPMV86E       Maintain financial documents
VX16   RVEXAU04       BAFA diskette: Selection
VX17   RVFTGKMD       Create BAFA diskette
VX22   SAPMV52G       Change license data (old)
VX22N  SAPLV52E       Change License Data
VX23   SAPMV52G       Display license data (old)
VX23N  SAPLV52E       Display license data
VX24N  SAPLV52E       Maintain control data
VX30   RVEXVEMA       Legal Control: Export Ctrl Class
VX94   RVCHEMAB       Declarations to Authorities: Check
VX98   SAPMV52A       Displ.FT Data in Purch.Doc.-INTERNE
VX99   SAPMV99E       FT/Customs: General overview
V101   MENUVA00       Initial Sales Menu
V12L_A SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report
V12L_B SAPMV14A       Change Pricing Report
V12L_C SAPMV14A       Display Pricing Report
V12L_D SAPMV14A       Execute Pricing Report
V12LCA SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report
V12LCB SAPMV14A       Change Pricing Report
V23    SDFAKSPE       Sales Documents Blocked for Billing
V633   SAPL0VAR       "Customer Conversion Dec.Shipping"
WA/A   SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.; Alloc Tbl: Creat.Cond.
WA/B   SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.;Alloc Tbl: Chng Cond.Re
WA/C   SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Re
WA/1   SAPMV12A       Create Mess. Cond. Tbl; Alloc Notif
WA/2   SAPMV12A       Ch. Mess. Cond. Tbl; Alloc. Notif.
WA/3   SAPMV12A       Displ. Mess. Cond. Tbl; Alloc Notif
WAA01  BUSSTART       WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr
WAA02  BUSSTART       WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr
WAA03  BUSSTART       WA Display (Auth-Apprvd Waste Gnrtr
WAA04  BUSSTART       WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Waste Gener.
WAA10  BUSSTART       WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr
WAA11  BUSSTART       WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr
WAA12  BUSSTART       WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Dispsr
WAA13  BUSSTART       WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Disposer
WAA19  BUSSTART       WA Create (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.
WAA20  BUSSTART       WA Change (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.
WAA21  BUSSTART       WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Trnsp.
WAA22  BUSSTART       WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Transp.)
WAA23  BUSSTART       WA Create (Authority)
WAA24  BUSSTART       WA Change (Authority)
WAA25  BUSSTART       WA Display (Authority)
WAA26  BUSSTART       WA Extend (Authority)
WACBA  RWLWRPLS       Archive Posting Lists
WACBL  RWLF5002       Restore Posting Lists
WACBLR RWLF4002       Delete Posting Lists from Archive
WACCIA RWLWRCINV      Archive Customer Settlements
WACCIR RWLF4006       Delete Archived Customer Settlement
WACLA  RWLWRILS       Archive Remuneration List
WACLF  RWLF5001       Restore Vendor Billing Documents
WACLFA RWLWRINV       Archive Vendor Billing Documents
WACLFR RWLF4001       Delete Billing Documents frm Archiv
WACLR  RWLF5003       Restore Remuneration Lists
WACLRR RWLF4003       Delete Remuner. Lists from Archive
WACO02 RMWBP00        Waste Workbench
WACRL  RWLF5005       Restore Settlement Request Lists
WACRLA RWLWRSLS       Archive Settlement Request Lists
WACRLR RWLF4005       Delete Settle. Req.Lists frm Archiv
WACSIA RWLWRSINV      Activate Expense Settlements
WACSIR RWLF4007       Delete Archived Expense Settlements
WACZR  RWLF5004       Restore Settlement Request
WACZRA RWLWRSMR       Archive Settlement Requests
WACZRR RWLF4004       Delete Settlem. Request from Archiv
WAE01  SAPLEHSWA_100  Create Entry Document
WAE02  SAPLEHSWA_100  Change Entry Document
WAE03  SAPLEHSWA_100  Display Entry Document
WAE10  EHSWAR_115_100 Easy Entry
WAFS   RBDSEMCD       Send Merchandise Category to AFS
WAHD1  RWAHD001       Load Alternative Historical Data
WAHD2  RWAHD002       Change Alternative Historical Data
WAHD3  RWAHD002       Display Alternative Historical Data
WAHD4  RWAHD004       Delete Alternative Historical Data
WAKC   RWMFA003       Maintain promotion themes
WAKN   RWNASTVP       Output bundling promotions
WAKV   RWAKT009       Promotion announcement preview
WAK0   MENUWAK0       Promotion management
WAK1   SAPMWAKA       Create promotion
WAK10  SAPMWAKA       Send reply f. promo. for each plant
WAK11  SAPMWAKA       Display promotion for each plant
WAK12  SAPMWAKA       Maintain promotion items
WAK13  RWAKT400       Promotion Change Documents
WAK14  RWAKT310       Report RWAKT310 (Promo for mat.)
WAK15  RWAKT320       Report RWAKT320 (promos for plant)
WAK16  RWAKT200       Price activation in background
WAK17  RWAKT210       Batch Allocation Table Generation
WAK18  RWAKT220       Batch Promotion Listing
WAK19  RWAKT230       Batch Promotion Announcement
WAK2   SAPMWAKA       Change promotion
WAK20  RWAKT240       Batch Supply Source Determination
WAK3   SAPMWAKA       Display promotion
WAK4   SAPMWAKA       Delete promotion
WAK5   SAPMWAKA       Initial screen - Subseq. processing
WAK6   SAPMWAKA       Initial scr.: overv. prices margins
WAK7   SAPMWAKA       List promotion materials for plant
WAK8   SAPMWAKA       Plant - materials in promotion
WAM01  SAPLEHSWA_200  Create Disposal Documents
WAM02  SAPLEHSWA_200  Edit Disposal Documents
WAM03  SAPLEHSWA_200  Display Disposal Documents
WAM04  SAPLEHSWA_200  Find Disposal Documents
WAM05  SAPLEHSWA_200  Disposal Documents List Display
WAPRL  RWLF9005       Settlement Request List - ApplStatu
WAPZR  RWLF9004       Payment Docs for Application Status
WAP1   RWAPPT10       Edit Appointments Worklist
WAP2   RWAPPT01       Change Appointments
WAP3   RWAPPT02       Display Appointments
WAP4   RWAPPT04       Appointments: Overview
WAP5   RWAPPT01       Appointment; Departure
WAP6   RWAPPT05       Change Appointment(Indiv. Maintnce)
WAP7   RWAPPT06       Appointments: Plnd/Actual Compariso
WAST   MENUWAST       Copied to CBWABDT (Copy BP Config
WA00   MENUWA00       Allocation Main Menu
WA01   SAPML01A       Create Allocation Table
WA02   SAPML01A       Change Allocation Table
WA03   SAPML01A       Display Allocation Table
WA04   SAPML01A       Alloc Tbl Processing: Plant Reply
WA05   SAPMW03A       Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate POs
WA06   SAPMW03A       Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Deliveries
WA07   SAPMW03A       Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Wrhse Order
WA08   RWWGENFB       Generate Alloc. Table Follow-On Doc
WA09   RWSDEL1T       Deletion of Allocation Tables
WA09H  RWSDEL2T       Allocation Table Emergency Deletion
WA11   RWSNASTV       Message Bundling; Allocation Table
WA12   RWSMAHNG       Create Reminders/Accept Plnd Qties
WA14   SAPMWRUECK     Reply; Plant
WA15A  SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.; Alloc Tbl: Creat.Cond.
WA15B  SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.;Alloc Tbl: Chng Cond.Re
WA15C  SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Re
WA21   SAPMW02A       Create Allocation Rule
WA22   SAPMW02A       Change Allocation Rule
WA23   SAPMW02A       Display Allocation Rule
WA30   RWSAVI1T       Allocation Tables for Objects
WA35   RWSOPAAW       Allocation Instruction
WA40   RWAUFNWE       Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering GR
WA50   RWAUREGE       Generate Allocation Rule
WA51   RWAUREFV       Reassign Gen. Alloc Rules/Plant
WA52   RWAUFR00       Alloc Rule Lists
WA53   RWSVZUKT       Create Selection Variants
WA54   RWSARGEN       Generate Alloc Rule / Test RIS-L
WA56   RWSGENAR       Generate Allocation Rule (SAP BW)
WA60   RWWAGENB       Create Selection Variant for PO
WA61   RWWAGENL       Create Sel. Var. for Del. Generatio
WB/A   SAPMV13B       Message deter. promo:create cond.re
WB/B   SAPMV13B       Mess.deter.Promo: chng conditon rec
WB/C   SAPMV13B       Mess.deter.promo: display cond. rec
WB/1   SAPMV12A       Sub. cond.;cr. tab; promo announ.
WB/2   SAPMV12A       Sub.cond.;change tbl; promo ann.
WB/3   SAPMV12A       Sub. cond.; disp. tab; promo ann.
WBBA   RWBBANAS       Assortment List: Analyze Dates
WBBR   RWBBVDEL       Reorganize Assort. List Versions
WBBS   RWBBSHOW       Display Assort. List Versions
WBB0   MENUWBB0       Assortment list applicatiom menu
WBDEMO WB_USER_INTERFAWorkbench Demo: Template Interface
WBF1   RWBEF100       IS-R: Stock Overview; Empties
WBF2   RWBEF200       Display GI/GR Diff. for Stck Trans.
WBLR   RWLF2010       Create posting lists using report
WBLRB  RWLF1013       Posting Lists for Remuner. List
WBLS   SAPLWLF2       Posting List Cancellation
WBL1   SAPLWLF2       Create posting list manually
WBL2   SAPLWLF2       Change posting list
WBL3   SAPLWLF2       Display posting list
WBL4   RWLF2009       Release blocked posting lists
WBST   MENUWBST       SAP Retail: Inventory Management
WBTE   RWBTRAEX       Export plant data (file transfer)
WBTI   RWBTRAIM       Import plants (file transfer)
WBVK   MENUWBVK       Subsequent settlement
WBWF   SAPLWB2_WORKFLOTrading Contract: Workflw Workbench
WB00   MENUWB00       Subsequent settlement
WB01   SAPMWBE3       Create plant
WB02   SAPMWBE3       Change plant
WB03   SAPMWBE3       Display plant
WB06   SAPMWBE3       Archiving flag; plant
WB07   SAPMWBE3       Change plant/customer assignment
WB08   SAPMWBE3       Change plant/vendor assignment
WB2C   RWBNWT01       Messages - Target Group: Customer
WB2L   RWB2MATPOS01   Long Short Analysis
WB2M   RWBNWT02       Messages for Management
WB2R   RWB2BCUST01    Global Trade General Control
WB2V   RWBNWT03       Messages for Vendor
WB20   MENUWB20       Global Trade
WB21   SAPLWB2A       Trading contract: Create
WB22   SAPLWB2A       Trading contract: Change
WB23   SAPLWB2A       Trading contract: Display
WB24   RWB2B001       Trading contract: Coll. status proc
WB25   RWB2B001       Trad. contract list: Contracts list
WB26   RWB2B002       Trading Contract: Document Flow
WB27   RWB2B002       Trading contract: Standard analysis
WB28   RWB2B004       Trading contract: Change history
WB30   RWWMASMG       Mass maintenance MG to plant
WB31   RWB2B006       Trading Contract: Fincl Documents
WB35   RWWROLAY       Layout overview
WB40   RWWKLASS       List analysis for classes
WB50   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; create alloc tbl
WB51   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; change alloc tbl
WB52   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; display alloc table
WB53   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; delete alloc tbl
WB54   SAPMWBE2       PG Maintain allocTbl; plant to clas
WB55   SAPMWBE2       PG AllocTbl; maintain class to clas
WB56   SAPMWBE2       PG AllTbl; maintain plants in class
WB57   SAPMWBE2       PG AllocTbl display plants in class
WB58   SAPMWBE2       PG Alloc tbl display class to class
WB59   SAPMWBE2       PG AllocTbl display plants in class
WB60   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; create promotions
WB61   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; change promotions
WB62   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; display promotions
WB63   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; delete promotions
WB64   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; maint. plants to clas
WB65   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; maint. class to class
WB66   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; maint. plants to clas
WB67   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; maint. plants to clas
WB68   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; displ. class to class
WB69   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; displ. plants in clas
WB70   SAPMWBE2       Create assortment class
WB71   SAPMWBE2       Change assortment class
WB72   SAPMWBE2       Display assortment class
WB73   SAPMWBE2       Delete assortment class
WB74   SAPMWBE2       Maintain assortments to classes
WB75   SAPMWBE2       Maintain classes to classes
WB76   SAPMWBE2       Maintain assortments in class
WB77   SAPMWBE2       Display assortments to classes
WB78   SAPMWBE2       Display Class for Classes
WB79   SAPMWBE2       Display assortments in class
WB80   SAPMWBE2       Create plant group Other
WB81   SAPMWBE2       Change plant group Other
WB82   SAPMWBE2       Display plant group Other
WB83   SAPMWBE2       Delete plant group Other
WB84   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; maint. plant to classes
WB85   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; maint. class to classes
WB86   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; maint. plant in class
WB87   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; displ.plant to classes
WB88   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; class to class
WB89   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; displ. plants in class
WCCA   RIWC0014       Generate Print Settings
WCCB   RIWC0015       Create/Delete Applications
WCC1   RIWC0003       Maintain Conflict Rules
WCC2   RIWC0012       Assistant for Model Selection
WCC3   RIWC0013       Generate Basic Settings
WCC8   RIWC0001       Assign Technical Objects
WCC9   RIWC0002       Assign Operational Conditions
WCI1   RIWC0008       WCM: Check - WCCO
WCI2   RIWC0009       WCM: Check - WCCOR
WCI3   RIWC0011       WCM: Check - WCCO <-> WCCOR
WCI4   RIWC0007       WCM: Check - WCCA
WCLA   RIWCWW02       WCM: WAP (List Editing)
WCLB   RIWC0010       WCM: (Multi-Level List Editing)
WCLC   RIWCWD02       WCM: WCD (List Editing)
WCLD   RIWCWD02       WCM: WCD (List Editing)
WCLE   RIWC0010       WCM: (Multi-Level List Editing)
WCLF   RIWC0017       WCM: Operational Log
WCL1   RIWCWD02       WCM: WCD Template (List Editing)
WCL2   RIWCWD02       WCM: WCD Template (List Editing)
WCL3   RIWCWD02       WCM: Op. WCD (List Editing)
WCL4   RIWCWD02       WCM: Op. WCD (List Editing)
WCL5   RIWCWA02       WCM: WCA (List Editing)
WCL6   RIWCWA02       WCM: WCA (List Editing)
WCL7   RIWCWA02       WCM: WAPI (List Editing)
WCL8   RIWCWA02       WCM: WAPI (List Editing)
WCL9   RIWCWW02       WCM: WAP (List Editing)
WCM    MENUWCM        Work Clearance Management
WCMA   RMCW1500       RIS: OTB - Selection
WCMB   RMCW1500       RIS: OTB - Selection
WCMC   RMCW1500       RIS: OTB - Selection
WCMCP  MENUWCMCP      Category Manager Workbench - Exampl
WCMD   RMCW1500       RIS: OTB - Selection
WCME   RMCW0300       RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - Selectio
WCM1   RWWCATM1       Define CM area of responsibility
WCM2   RWWCATM2       Display worksheet for CM
WCM3   RWWCATM3       Display CM area of responsibility
WCM4   RWWCATM4       Delete CM area of responsibility?
WCPC   SAPMWWMC       Customizing Internet product catalo
WCRA   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Create WAP for WAP
WCRB   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template for WAP
WCRC   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Op. WCD for WAP
WCRD   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Create WCA for WAPI
WCRF   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Create WAP for WCD
WCRG   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Op. WCD for Order
WCRH   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template with Order
WCRJ   SAPLWCFI       WCM: Create WAPI for Order
WCRK   SAPLWCFI       WCM: Create WAPI for WAP
WCR1   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template for WCD
WCR2   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template for WAPI
WCR3   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Op. WCD for WAPI
WCR4   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Op. WCD for WCD
WCR5   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Create WCA for Order
WCR6   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Create WCA for WAP
WCR7   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Create WCA for WCD
WCR8   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Create WAP for Order
WCR9   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Create WAP for WAPI
WCSO   SAPLWSSA_DOC   SAP Retail Store: Consumer Order
WCSOD  SAPLWSSA_DOC   Deliver Sales Order
WCSOS  SAPMV45X       SAP Retail Store: Cons. Order Statu
WCTC   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Display WAP
WCTM   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Display WCA
WCTP   RIWCWW01       WCM: Assignment of WAP
WCTQ   RIWCWA01       WCM: Assignment of WCA
WCTR   RIWCWD01       WCM: Assignment of Operational WCD
WCTS   RIWCWA01       WCM: Assignment of WAPI
WCTU   RIWCOR01       WCM: Assignment of Order
WCT1   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template
WCT2   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Change WCD Template
WCT3   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Display WCD Template
WCT6   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Operational WCD
WCT7   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Change Operational WCD
WCT8   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Display Operational WCD
WCUM   SAPMWWCC       Maintain customer
WCU1   SAPMWWCC1      Maintain customer
WCU2   SAPMWOSD       SAP Retail Store: Customer Mainten.
WCWBNR SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: W_CWB
WCW1   RIWC0004       WCM: 'DLFL' Status Conversion
WC01   SAPLCTMV       Edit Characteristic
WC02   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for SP Calculation
WC03   SAPMSNUM       Number range; allocation rule
WC04   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges; Promotions
WC05   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges; allocation table
WC06   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges Status Tracking
WC07   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for free goods
WC08   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges layout promo/plant
WC10   RWVKP008       Batch Worklist for Pricing
WC11   RWSORT07       Batch Changes; Assortments
WC12   RWMBON01       Batch Settlement for Arrangements
WC13   RWMBON02       Batch List Output for Arrangements
WC14   RWMBON03       Batch Vendor Bus. Volume for Arrngm
WC15   RWMBON04       Batch Detailed Stmnt for Arrangemen
WC16   RWMBON05       Batch Extension Val. Period/Arrngmn
WC17   RWMBON06       Batch Update Vendor Business Volume
WC18   RWMBON10       Batch Check Open GR Qty for Arrngmn
WC19   RMCENEUA       Batch Stat. Recomp. Vendor Bus. Vol
WC20   RWMBON07       Batch Stat. Recom. on Individ. Lev.
WC21   RMCVISCP       Batch Reorg Data in LIS
WC22   RWVKU001       Batch List Rtl Changes for Material
WC23   RMBABG00       Batch IV; Immediate Cyclic Check
WC24   RWDPOSUP       Batch POS Outbound
WC25   RWDBBUPD       Batch Assortment List/Shelf-Edge La
WC26   RMPROG00       Batch Forecast
WC27   RMMRP000       Batch Requirements Planning per Pln
WC28   RWWLOCKD       Batch Set Central Block
WC29   RWSNASTV       Batch; Alloc Tbl Message Bundling
WC30   RWNASTVP       Batch; Promotion Message Bundling
WC31   RFPUMS00       Batch Preparation of Adv. Tax Retur
WC32   RWDPOSIN       Batch POS Outb. Ini
WC33   RWDBBINI       Assortment List: Initial. & FullVer
WC34   RBDAPP01       Batch repeat terminated upload
WC35   RBDMANIN       Batch repeat incorrect upload
WC41   RMEBEIN4       Batch worklist for doc. index
WC63   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for SP Calculation
WDBI   RWDBBINI       Assort. List: Full Vers. and Init.
WDBM   RWDBBMAN       Assort. List.: Manual Request
WDBU   RWDBBUPD       Assortment List: Change Message
WDFR   SAPMWOG1       Create Perishables Planning
WDFR2  SAPMWOG1       Change Perishables Planning
WDFR3  SAPMWOG1       Display Perishables Planning
WDH1   RVKNVH00       Maintain plant hierarchy (SD)
WDH2   RVKNVH00       Display customer hierarchy (SD)
WDIS   MENUWDIS       Materials Planning for SAP Retail
WDKR   RWDEBRET       Create customers from vendors
WDLS   RWPUDLST       Delete Error Messages
WDRD1  RWDRD001       Determine Delivery Relationship
WDRD2  RWDRD002       Change Delivery Relationship
WDRD3  RWDRD003       Display Delivery Relationship
WDRD4  RWDRD004       Delete Delivery Relationship
WDSR   RWDPOSRS       Reorg of download status tracking
WDTS   RWPUDTST       Delete Status Information
WEBU   RTLABELB       Printing Labels via Assortment List
WEKF   MENUWEKF       Purchase order SAP Retail
WENA   RT70AWEA       Messages on Basis of Changes
WESO   RTLABELD       Special Request for Labels
WETI   MENUWETI       IS-R Labeling
WEWU   SAPMWEWU       EMU conversions in retail
WE02   RSEIDOC2       Display IDoc
WE05   RSEIDOC2       IDoc Lists
WE06   RSEIDOCA       Active IDoc monitoring
WE07   RSEIDOCH       IDoc statistics
WE09   RSEIDOC9       Search for IDoc in Database
WE10   RSEXARCS       Search for IDoc in Archive
WE11   RSETESTD       Delete IDocs
WE12   MSEIDOC0       Test Modified Inbound File
WE14   RSEOUT00       Test Outbound Processing
WE15   MSEIDOC0       Test Outbound Processing from MC
WE16   MSEIDOC0       Test Inbound File
WE17   MSEIDOC0       Test Status File
WE18   MSEIDOC1       Generate Status File
WE19   SAPMSED7       Test tool
WE20   SAPMSEDIPARTNERPartner Profiles
WE21   SAPMSEDPORT    Port definition
WE23   RSEDICATT      Verification of IDoc processing
WE30   SAPMSED5       Development IDoc Type
WE31   SAPMSED4       Development IDoc Segment
WE32   SAPMSED6       Development IDoc View
WE40   RSECFG00       IDoc Administration
WE42   RSECODIN       Process codes; inbound
WE45   RSELOGAD       Forward (inbound) (V3; EDILOGADR)
WE46   RSECFG00       IDoc administration
WE47   MSESTA00       Status Maintenance
WE56   RSECFG00       IDoc Administration
WE60   SAPMSEDIDOCU   Documentation for IDoc types
WE61   SAPMSEDIDOCU   Documentation for IDoc record types
WE62   SAPMSEDIDOCU   Documentation for segments
WE63   SAPMSEDIDOCU   Documentation
WE64   SAPMSEDMESTYP  Documentation message types
WFCS01 WFCS_FCAST_PARARun Sales Forecast
WFCS02 WFCS_FCAST_PARADelete Sales Forecast
WFCS03 WFCS_TABLES_DISDisplay Data for Sales Forecast
WFCS04 WFCS_TADST_COPYSales Forecast: Consumption from MR
WFIL   MENUWFIL       Store Order for SAP Retail
WFL1   RWLF7001       Document flow; vendor billing docs
WFL2   RWLF7002       Document flow; posting lists
WFL3   RWLF7003       Document Flow; Remuneration Lists
WFL4   RWLF7004       Document flow; settlement requests
WFL5   RWLF7005       Document flow; request lists
WFRE   RETVERT1       Distribution of Returns
WF00   SAPWFPR2       Workflow: Choose Processes
WF01   SAPWFPR0       Workflow: Process
WF02   SAPWFPR0       Workflow: Rule Editor
WF03   SAPWFPR0       Workflow: Display Process
WF04   SAPWFPR0       Workflow: Process in Background
WF05   SAPWFPR1       Workflow: Queue
WF10   SAPMWFRM1      Collective Purchase Order
WF10A  SAPMWFRM1      Collective PO Without Tabstrips
WF20   SAPMWFRM6      Change Distribution
WF30   SAPMWFRM4      Merchandise Distribution: Monitor
WF40   RCLEANFRET     Delete Distribution
WF50   SAPMWFRM7      Adjust Distribution
WF50A  SAPMWFRM2      Adjust Distribution
WF51   SAPMWFRM9      Modify Distribution (in Background)
WF60   SAPMWFRM3      Create Outbound Deliveries
WF70   SAPMWFRM5      Create Distribution Orders
WF80   R_FRM_APPL_LOG_Merchandise Distribution Log
WF90   R_FRM_APPL_LOG_Delete Merch. Distrib. Applic. Log
WGCL   MENUWGCL       Classification system; Retail
WGRT   RWWATRAT       Transport of classifiable objects
WGSE   RBDSEWGR       Sending material group hierarchy
WGUS   RWWGH002       Where-used list MG hierarchy
WG21   SAPMWWG2       Create material groups
WG22   SAPMWWG2       Change material groups
WG23   SAPMWWG2       Delete material groups
WG24   SAPMWWG2       Display material groups
WG26   SAPMWWG2       Create assignments
WG27   SAPMWWG2       Change assignment
WG28   SAPMWWG2       Delete Assignments
WG29   SAPMWWG2       Display assignments
WI00   MENUWI00       Physical Inventory for SAP Retail
WJB3   RWJBIDIN       Test: Import Assortment List IDoc
WJB5   RWJBDISP       Display Assortment List
WKK1   RWWKK001       Create Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK2   RWWKK002       Change Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK3   RWWKK003       Display Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK4   RWWKK004       MB Price Calc. Price Activation
WKON   MENUWKON       Conditions/Arrangements SAP Retail
WKUN   MENUWKUN       Customer
WK00   MENUWK00       Subsequent settlement
WLACI  RWLRECINV      Read Customer Settlements From AS
WLACII RWLF3006       Read Customer Settlements From AS
WLAM   SAPLWLAM       Layout Maintenance
WLAN   RWSORT20       Listing Conditions for Layout Modul
WLASI  RWLRESINV      Read Expense Settlement From Archiv
WLASII RWLF3007       Read Expense Settlement From Archiv
WLAY   RWLAYINF       Space Management: Display Layout
WLA1   RWLREILS       Read Remuneration Lists from Archiv
WLA2   RWLREPLS       Read posting lists from the archive
WLA3   RWLRESLS       Read settlm req. lists from archive
WLA4   RWLRESMR       Read settlement req. from archive
WLA5   RWLF3003       Archived Remuneration List Items
WLA6   RWLF3004       Archived payment document items
WLA7   RWLF3005       Archived settlement req. list items
WLA8   RWLF3002       Archived posting list items
WLBA   RWVLB00A       Check Program for LB
WLBB   RWVLB00B       Tool for Vendor Service Level
WLBC   RWVLB00C       Reorganization of Condition Pointer
WLB1   RWVLB002       Investment buying
WLB13  RWVLB013       Automatic Load Building
WLB2   RWVLB008       Investment buying analysis
WLB3   RWVLB007       Autom. opt. PO-based load building
WLB4   RWVLB014       Results list for auto. load buildin
WLB5   RWVLB003       Combine POs in a logical load
WLB6   RWVLB004       Test invest. buy. return on investm
WLB7   RWVLB006       Analysis for Service Level
WLB8   SAPLMDR1       Simulation for Quantity Optimizing
WLCH   RWLMVERCOM     Communicating Layout Changes
WLCM   RWLAY002       Delete LayoutListConds. for Assort.
WLCN   RWLAY001       Delete Listing Conditions from LM
WLCPAR RWLC_PROCESS_INExternal Parallel Processing
WLFA   RWDIWLFA       IMG vendor billing document
WLFB   RWLF1001       List header data billing document
WLFC   RWLF1002       List billing documents
WLFD   RWLF1003       List Remuneration List Header Data
WLFE   RWLF1004       Display Remuneration List Data
WLFF   RWLF2001       Mass release payment documents
WLFG   RWLF1005       Display payment header data
WLFH   RWLF1006       Display payment documents with item
WLFI   RWLF2002       Cancellation of payment documents
WLFJ   RWLF2003       Mass reversal of vendor billing doc
WLFK   RWLF2004       Mass release vendor billing docs
WLFL   RWLF2005       Mass Release Remuneration List
WLFLK  RWLF2013       Mass release remunertn list custome
WLFM   RWLF2006       Create Remuner. List from Bill. Doc
WLFN   RWLF2007       Create Rem. Lists from Payment Docs
WLFO   RWLF1007       List of payment list header data
WLFP   RWLF1008       List of payment list data
WLFQ   RWLF1009       List of posting list header data
WLFR   RWLF1010       List of posting list data
WLFS   RWLREINV       Read archived vendor billing docs
WLFT   RWLF3001       Archived billing docs with items
WLFU   RWLFFLOW       Document flow information
WLFV   RWLF2011       Create RemunLists from Posting List
WLFW   RWLF2012       Complete Settlement Request Lists
WLF1   SAPLWLF1       Create vendor billing document
WLF1D  SAPLWLF1       Create vendor billing document
WLF1K  SAPLWLF1       Obsolete - No Longer Exists
WLF2   SAPLWLF1       Change vendor billing document
WLF2D  SAPLWLF1       Change vendor billing document
WLF2K  SAPLWLF1       Change Customer Settlement
WLF3   SAPLWLF1       Display vendor billing document
WLF3D  SAPLWLF1       Display vendor billing document
WLF3K  SAPLWLF1       Display Customer Settlement
WLF4   SAPLWLF1       Cancel vendor billing document
WLF4D  SAPLWLF1       Cancel Expense Settlement
WLF4K  SAPLWLF1       Cancel Customer Settlement
WLI1   RWLF1050       List Output Single Documents
WLI2   RWLF1051       List Output Agency Documents
WLI3   RWLF1052       List Output List Documents
WLM    RK_PEP_WLM_RUN Worklist Monitor
WLMM   SAPLWLMM       Layout Module Maintenance
WLMON  RK_PEP_WLM_RUN AV-Monitor - Direct Selection
WLMPS  RK_PEP_WLM_RUN Worklist Monitor for Project System
WLMV   RWLMVERM       Maintenance of Layout Module Versio
WLN1   RWLFWR01       Messages from vendor billing docs
WLN10  RWLFWR10       Messages Customer Settlement
WLN11  RWLFWR11       Messages Expenses Settlement
WLN12  RWLFWR12       Mess. Remun. List Customer Settlmnt
WLN13  RWLFWR13       Message Remuneration List Cost Sett
WLN14  RWLFWR14       Message Output Agency Documents
WLN2   RWLFWR02       Messages from posting lists
WLN3   RWLFWR03       Messages Remuner.Lists; Vend.BillDo
WLN4   RWLFWR04       Messages from settlement requests
WLN5   RWLFWR05       Messages from settlem. request list
WLN6   RWLFWR06       Messages Rem. List Settlement Req.
WLP1   RWLF8004       Profit simulation single requests
WLP2   RWLF8005       Profit simulation request lists
WLRA   RWLF1011       Rel. payment docs for Remuner. list
WLRB   RWLF1012       Rel. Invoices for Remuneration List
WLRS   SAPLWLF1       Cancellation of Remuneration Lists
WLR1   SAPLWLF1       Create Remuneration List
WLR2   SAPLWLF1       Change Remuneration List
WLR3   SAPLWLF1       Display Remuneration List
WLSE   SELAYTOP       Direct Sending: Layout Module
WLS1   RWLF6001       Go to vendor billing docs archive
WLS2   RWLF6002       Go to posting list archive
WLS3   RWLF6003       Go to Remuneration List Archive
WLS4   RWLF6004       Go to settlement request archive
WLS5   RWLF6005       Go to settlem. request list archive
WLS6   RWLF6006       Goto AS for Customer Settlement
WLS7   RWLF6007       Goto AS for Expense Settlement
WLWB   RWLAYWOB       Layout Workbench
WL00   MENUWL00       Vendor Master
WMBE   RWBWM001       Stock Overview: Value-only Material
WMB1   RWVKP015       Create Competitor Price Entry
WMB2   RWVKP015       Change Competitor Price Entry
WMB3   RWVKP015       Display Competitor Price Entry
WMB4   RWVKP015       Create Competitor Price Entry w/ Re
WMF0   MENUWMF0       Season management menu
WMF1   SAPMWMFA       Create Markdown Plan
WMF2   SAPMWMFA       Change Markdown Plan
WMF3   SAPMWMFA       Display Markdown Plan
WMF4   SAPMWMFA       Delete Markdown Plan
WMF5   RWMFA200       Price Activation Markdown Plan
WMF6   RWMFA210       Markdown Plan Price Calculation Tes
WMF7   RWMFA300       Markdown Plan Evaluation
WMNE   RWMBON12       Process Worklist
WMN9   RWMBON21       Subsequent Settlement Control
WMR1   SAPMWMFA       Create Markdown Rule
WMR2   SAPMWMFA       Change Markdown Rule
WMR3   SAPMWMFA       Display Markdown Rule
WMR4   SAPMWMFA       Delete Markdown Rule
WM00   MENUWM00       Material
WOB0   MENUWOB0       Stores
WOF0   MENUWOF0       Stores
WOG3   ISRLOCG1       Plant groups
WON1   RWCUST01       General Settings for Replenishment
WOPD   RWPPRODP       Assortment List: Display Log
WPCA   RFCCSSTT       Carry out settlement run
WPCC   RWPRDCHG       Prepare prod. catalog change IDocs
WPCD   RFCCDLOG       Delete settlement logs
WPCI   RWPRDCAT       Prepare product catalog IDocs
WPCJ   RWPRDPOS       Prepare product catalog IDocs
WPCW   RFCCRSTT       Repeat settlement run
WPC1   RWPCHEAD       Prepare product catalog IDocs
WPC2   RWPCITEMS      Prepare item IDocs
WPC3   RWPCHEADSMD    Prepare catalog change IDocs
WPC4   RWPCITEMSSMD   Prepare item change IDocs
WPC5   RWPCKEY        Convert product catalog
WPDTC  PDTC_REPORT    Planned Delivery Time Calculation
WPED   SAPMWPED       Sales Audit Editor
WPER   SAPMWPER       POS interface monitor
WPER2  RWDANALYSIS    POS: Analysis/Auxiliary Reports
WPHF   RWDPOSCK       Analysis report
WPIA   RBDMANIN       Repeat upload POS IDOCs
WPIE   RBDAGAIE       Inbound modified IDocs
WPLG   RWREGPRO       Space Management
WPMA   RWDPOSAN       POS Download: Manual Request
WPMI   RWDPOSIN       POS download: initialization
WPMU   RWDPOSUP       POS download: change message
WPOS   MENUWPOS       POS Interface SAP Retail
WPO1   RWPOB001       Close Back Orders
WPRI   RWCUST02       PRICAT on the Internet
WPRI6  RWCUST06       Templ.for Non-R/3 Fields at CatItem
WPRI7  RWCUST07       Templ. for Non-R/3 Fields at QtyIte
WPS1   DIWP_SELFTEST  Revision Planning
WPS2   DIWPS_REV_ORDERCreate Order as Report
WPUF   SAPMWPUK       Simulation inb. proc. FI/CO documen
WPUK   SAPMWPUK       POS simulation
WPUS   SAPMWPUK       Simulation: Inbound Processing
WPUW   SAPMWPUK       Goods movements simulation
WP00   MENUWP00       Sales and Operations Planning
WQ00   MENUWQ00       Value and Quota Scales Appl. Menu
WQ01   SAPMWMVC       Create Value Scale
WQ02   SAPMWMVC       Change Value Scale
WQ03   SAPMWMVC       Display Value Scale
WQ04   SAPMWMVC       Delete Value Scale
WQ05   SAPMWMVC       Reconcile with Characteristic
WQ11   SAPMWMVC       Create Quota Scale
WQ12   SAPMWMVC       Change Quota Scale
WQ13   SAPMWMVC       Display Quota Scale
WQ14   SAPMWMVC       Delete quota scale
WQ21   SAPMWMVC       Automatically Generate Quota Scales
WRAV   RWRCALAV       Update Reclassification Version
WRA1   RWRCALL1       Delete Reclassification Version
WRA2   RWRCALL2       Display Reclassification Version
WRA3   RWRCALL3       Change Reclassification Version
WRA4   RWRCALL4       Create Reclassification Version
WRBDL  RWRBADSL       Detailed Stock List
WRBDL2 RWRBADSL       Detailed Stock List
WRCK   RWRPLCHK       Store Replenishment: Check Program
WRCR   RETAIL_RECLASSIRetail Reclassification
WRCV   RWRECLAV       Update MG reclassification
WRC1   RWRECLA1       Delete MG reclassification
WRC2   RWRECLA2       Display MG reclassification
WRC3   RWRECLA3       Change MG reclassification
WRC4   RWRECLA4       Create MG reclassification
WRDL   RWRPLDEL       Replenishment run reorganization
WRFE   RWRPLPFE       Store Replen.: Preprocessing Progra
WRLS   SAPLWLF2       Cancel: Settlement Request List
WRL1   SAPLWLF2       Create payment list document
WRL2   SAPLWLF2       Create payment list request
WRL3   SAPLWLF2       Display payment list request
WRL4   RWLF2008       Mass release of settlem. req. lists
WRMD   RWRP_RRM_OUTBOUData Export for RRM Interface
WRMO   SAPMWRPM       Replenishment monitor
WRN1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: WFWFACTOR
WRPFMM MENUWRPFMM     Replenishment: Forecast (MM-IM)
WRP0   MENUWRP0       Replenishment
WRP1   RWRPLPRO       Replenishment: Procurement
WRSO   RWRPLVFB       Store Replen.: Follow-On Doc. Gener
WRSR   RWRPLSRP       Store Replen.: Requirem. Calculatio
WRST   RMMMMPOI       Transfer Master Data for Matl Maint
WRSTA  RMMMMPOIA      Materials Listing
WR30   RWRPL011       Replenishment: Generate wghtng prof
WR31   RWRPL010       Replen: Create frcst wghtng profile
WR60   RWRPL060       Replenishment: Parameter Overview
WSAD   RWSPMAPL       Space Management: No of Error Logs
WSAK   SAPMWAST       SAP Retail Store: Promotions
WSAU   SAPMWAUST      SAP Retail Store: Allocation Table
WSCM   MENUWSCM       Category Manager Workbench - Exampl
WSC1   RWMFA003       Customizing season codes
WSC2   RWMFA003       Customizing annual season
WSC3   RWMFA003       Customizing markdown types
WSE1   RWSORT40       Group-Wide Discontinuation
WSE2   RWSORT43       Vendor/material discontinuation
WSE3   RWSORT45       Material Discontinuation (Dist. Ch.
WSE4   RWSORT44       Material/Plant Discontinuation
WSE5   RWSORT41       Error log; discontinuation
WSE6   RWSORT48       Mat. Discontinuation for Assortment
WSE8   RWSORT46       Display discontinuation status
WSGM   SAPLWOSM       SAP Retail Store: Full Menu
WSHT   SAPLWSHT       SAP Retail Store: Time Recording
WSIN   RWSSOINI       Initialize Selection Variant
WSIS   MENUWSIS       Information system
WSK1   SAPMWSO3       Assortments IS-R; copy store astmts
WSK2   RWSORT36       Delete store assortments IS-R
WSK3   RWSORBT1       Assortment copy; batch input
WSK4   RWSORBT2       Delete Batch Input Assortment
WSLA   RWSORT12       Assortment Users per Assortment
WSLB   RWSORT13       Assortment per Assortment User
WSLC   RWSORT25       Display of causes of listing
WSLF   RWSORT28       Material per customer
WSLG   RWSORTA1       Compare promotion POs - sales order
WSLH   RWSORT33       Assortment modules for material
WSLI   RWSORT34       Display change doc. listing cond.
WSL0   RWSORT11       Consistency check for reference mat
WSL1   RWSORT01       Assortments; selection lists
WSL10  RWSORTK1       Materials in Assortment
WSL11  RWSORT64       WSL11
WSL2   RWSORT02       Check listing rules
WSL3   RWSORT03       Material listed in plant before?
WSL4   RWSORT32       Analyze material in module
WSL5   RWSORT22       Modules in plant
WSL6   RWSORT23       Assortment structure; Plants
WSL7   RWSORT31       Vendor material list
WSL8   RWSORT24       Assortment grade info
WSL9   RWSORT09       Listing conditions coming to an end
WSMP   MENUWSMP       merchandise planning menu - first s
WSM3   RWSORLIARTI    Recompil. of Listing acc. Material
WSM4   RWSORT07       Relist after ch. plant/ mat. grp ma
WSM4A  RWSORT07A      Relist After Changes to Assortments
WSM4B  RWSORT07B      Relist After Changes to Plants
WSM4L  RWSORT07L      Automatic Relisting of Layout Data
WSM6   RWSORTZ1       Delete Individual Listing; Material
WSM7   RWSORTZ1       Delete Individual Listing; Material
WSM8   RWSORALL       Setup assrt.owner assortment as WRF
WSM9   RWSORT53       Delete Expired Listing Conditions
WSM9A  RWSORT54       Delete Change Docs WLK1 and ASMODUL
WSN1   SAPMSNUM       Number range main.: WSORT
WSN2   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: WSORTIMEN
WSOA1  SAPMWSO6       Create assortments
WSOA2  SAPMWSO6       Change assortments
WSOA3  SAPMWSO6       Display assortments
WSOA4  SAPMWSO6       Delete assortment
WSOA5  SAPMWSO6       Assign assortment to customer
WSOA6  RWSORT70       Assortment Maintenance Tool
WSOA7  SAPMWSOA7      Mass Maintenance of Table WRS6
WSO1   SAPMWSO2       IS-R Listing Create Module
WSO2   SAPMWSO2       Assortments IS-R; maintain module
WSO3   SAPMWSO2       Assortments IS-R; display module
WSO4   SAPMWSO2       Assortments IS-R; delete module
WSO5   SAPMWSO2       Astmts IS-R; maint. module-> store
WSO7   SAPMWSO2       IS-R Astmts; Display module-> store
WSPA   RWSORLIKON     Change listing conditions
WSPB   RWSORLIKON1    Combine listing conditions
WSPK   RWSORT19       Complete missing mat. segments log
WSPL   RWSORT18       Missing material master segments
WSP3   RWSORT06       Delete individual listing
WSP4   RWSORT14       Create indiv. listing; mat. - plant
WSP5   RWSORT15       Change ind. listing; mat. - plant
WSP6   RWSORT16       Delete ind. listing; mat. - plant
WSP7   RWSORT17       Mat. grp mat. listing in plant
WSR1   RWARCH01       Archiving worklist for assortments
WSR2   RWARCH02       Deletion assortment and listing
WSR3   RWARCH03       Reset assortment and listing
WSSW   SAPLWOSW       SAP Retail Store: Display Plant
WSS1   RWSORT10       General settings for Assortments
WSTA   SAPLWSAO_DYNP  SAP Retail Store: Orders
WSTE   SAPMWOSE       SAP Retail Store: Goods Receipt
WSTED  SAPLWOSE_DOGR  SAP Retail Store: Display open GR
WSTI   SAPLWOSI       SAP Retail Store: Physical Inventor
WSTL   ADDI_STWB_REQUESAP Retail Store Labeling
WSTN11 WSTN10         Maintain prepack allocation plannin
WSTN13 WSTN10         Display prepack allocation planning
WSTN14 RWSTRNPOSTPP   Process prepack allocation manually
WSTN15 RWSTRNDELALLOC Delete Alloc. Table  (PP Alloc Plan
WSTP   SAPLWSTP       Retail Store Sales Prices
WSTSA  SAPLWOSA       SAP Retail Store: Assortment List
WSTU   SAPLWOSI       SAP Retail Store: Revaluation
WSTV   SAPMWOSE       SAP Retail Store: Goods Movements
WSUP   WPLG_MAP_INTERFSpace Management Using Plan Data
WSUP1  RWSORT60       No. of Duplicate Listing Conditions
WSUP2  RWSORT63       WSOF Migration Tool
WSV2   SAPMWSO2       Create value contract module
WS00   MENUWS00       Assortment
WS11   RWSIDOCE       Send assortment modules
WS12   RWSIDOCLIKOND  Send listing conditions
WS13   RWSIDOCASORT   Send assortments
WTAD   MENUWTAD       Additionals
WTAM   ADDI_MONITOR   Additionals Monitor
WTAOC  ADDI_ORDERS_CREGenerate POs for Additionals
WTCA   ADDI_ANALYSIS_OChange Analysis for Additionals
WTEW   SAPLWB2_WB_VIEWTrading Execution Workbench
WTMG   SAPMFQMG       Conversion of Withholding Tax Data
WTRA2  WTRA_DELETE_PRORuntime Measurement: Delete Logs
WTRA3  WTRA_DISPLAY_PRRuntime Measurement: Display Logs
WTR1   ADDI_IDOC_REQUERequest for Additionals IDoc
WTR2   ADDI_PR_IDOC_RERequest Additionals IDoc for Promo
WTY    RWTYSTART      Warranty Claim
WTYCL  RWTYGULI       Create Credit Memo Lists
WTYNK  SAPMSNUM       Number Range Warranty Claim
WTYOQ  RWTYOPQU       Worklist Warranty
WTYRP  SAPLWTY11      Warranty: Part to Be Returned
WTYSE  RWTYSLCT_A     Search Claim
WUSL   RKCOWUSL       Where-Used List
WVA1   SAPMV13A       Create planned mark-up
WVA2   SAPMV13A       Change planned mark-up
WVA3   SAPMV13A       Display planned mark-up
WVA5   SAPMV13A       Create planned markup (price list)
WVA6   SAPMV13A       Change planned markup (price list)
WVA7   SAPMV13A       Display planned markup (price list)
WVB0   RWVKP012       Recompile doc. index (pricing docs)
WVEB   MENUWVEB       Valuation SAP Retail
WVER   MENUWVER       Shipping for SAP Retail
WVFB   SAPMWPUK       Inbound store order processing
WVFD   RWWVINVB       Process phys. inventory doc. furthe
WVFI   SAPMWPUK       Simulation: Store Physical Inventor
WVKF   MENUWVKF       Sales Order (extended copy)
WVM0   MENUWVM0       Replenishment
WVM1   RWVMIPRO       Execute customer replenishment
WVM2   RWVMIPAD       Transfer stock/sales figures
WVM3   RWVMIPAV       Display material data transferred
WVM4   RWVMIPAV       Display PROACT data received
WVM6   RWRPL060       Customer replen.: Parameter overvie
WVN0   RWVKP008       Generate pricing worklist
WVN1   RWVKP009       Pricing worklist for material
WVN2   RWVKP010       Pricing worklist for organization
WVTU   MENUWVTU       Sales Support for SAP Retail
WWCD   RWPCDDIS       Product catalog:Display change docs
WWFL   SAPLWLF_WORKFLOAgency Business:Workflow Workbench
WWG1   MENUWWG1       Main Material Group Hierarchy Menu
WWG2   MENUWWG2       Main Material Group Menu
WWMI   MENUWWMI       Product catalog area menu
WWM1   SAPLWWMM       Create product catalog
WWM2   SAPLWWMM       Change product catalog
WWM3   SAPLWWMM       Display product catalog
WWM4   SAPLWWMM       Copy product catalog
WWM5   SAPLWWMM       Delete product catalog
WWNA   SAPMV13B       Subs.Settl. -SettRun: Create Cond.S
WWNB   SAPMV13B       Subs. Settl.-Sett.Run: ChangeCond.S
WWNC   SAPMV13B       Subs. Settl. SettRun: DisplayCond.S
WWN1   SAPMV12A       Create cond.table Subs.Sett-SettlRu
WWN2   SAPMV12A       Chng Cond Table. Subs.Settl-SettlRu
WWN3   SAPMV12A       Displ.Cond.Table Subs.Settl.-SettRu
WWP1   RWWP001        Online Planning in Planning WB
WWP2   RWWP001        Settings for Planning Workbench
WWP3   RWWP001        Order Cancelation in Planning WB
WWRA   SAPMV13B       Agen.Bus. messages: Create cond. s.
WWRB   SAPMV13B       Ag. Bus. messages: Change cond. sch
WWRC   SAPMV13B       Ag. Bus. messages: Display cond. sc
WWR1   SAPMV12A       Create cond. tab. messages Agen.Bus
WWR2   SAPMV12A       Change cond.tab. messages Agency Bu
WWR3   SAPMV12A       Display cond.tab. messages AgencyBu
WWSA   SAPMV13B       Subseq.Settle.: Create Cond. Record
WWSB   SAPMV13B       Subseq.Settle.:Change Cond. Records
WWSC   SAPMV13B       Subseq.Settle.: Display Cond.Record
WWS1   SAPMV12A       Create CondTab. Subseq.Settlement
WWS2   SAPMV12A       Change CondTab. Subseq. Settlement
WWS3   SAPMV12A       Display CondTab Subseq. Settlement
WWTA   SAPMV13B       Messages Trading: Create CondRecord
WWTB   SAPMV13B       Messages Trading: Change CondRecord
WWTC   SAPMV13B       Messages Trading: Display CondRecs
WWT1   SAPMV12A       Message Cond.Tab. Create Trading
WWT2   SAPMV12A       Message Cond.Tab. Change Trading
WWT3   SAPMV12A       Message Cond. Tab. Display Trading
WWVT   MENUWWVT       Merchandise Distribution
WWY1   WWIACWY1       Web Transaction Tutorial 1
WWY2   WWIACWY2       Web Transaction Tutorial 2
WWY3   WWIACWY3       Web Transaction Tutorial 3
WWY4   WWIACWY4       Web Transaction Tutorial 4
WWY5   WWIACWY5       Web Transaction Tutorial 5
WWY6   WWIACWY6       Web Transaction Tutorial 6
WWY7   WWIACWY7       Web Transaction Tutorial 7
WWY8   WWIACWY8       Web Transaction Tutorial 8
WW10   SAPMWWMJ       IAC product catalog
WW20   SAPMWWMJ       IAC Online Store
WW30   SAPMWWMJ       SD part for IAC MM-SD link
WW31   SAPMBBPO       IAC Product Catalog for EBP
WXPE   WISP_EINSTIEG_NInitScreen Gen Layout Maintenance
WXPF   SAPMKKB5       Retail: Maintain Report Tree
WXPG   RKKBRPTR       Retail: Report Selection
WXPN1  WISP_NET_ENTRY1Plan Network Planning Scenario
WXPN2  WISP_NET_ENTRY1Design Network Planning Scenario
WXP0   MENUWXP0       Retail Planning
WXP01  RWIS_PLAN02    Retail Planning Current Settings
WXP02  SAPLWIS_PLAN   Create/Change Manual Planning
WXP03  SAPLWIS_PLAN   Display Manual Planning
WXP04  SAPMKES1       Create Retail Planning Layout (Lib)
WXP05  SAPMKES1       Change Retail Planning Layout (Lib)
WXP06  SAPMKES1       Display Retail Planning Layout (Lib
WXP1   SAPMGPSP       Create Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP11  SAPLWIS_PLAN_N Execute Link
WXP12  RWIS_PLAN03    Change Planning Hierarchy
WXP13  RWIS_PLAN03    Display Planning Hierarchy
WXP18  SAPLWIS_PLAN_N Execute Automatic Planning
WXP19  RWIS_PLAN03    PlHierarchy: TransData Auto Setup
WXP20  RWIS_PLAN03    PlHierarchy: Master Data Auto Setup
WXP21  RWIS_PLAN03    Copy Planning Hierarchy Version
WXP3   SAPMGPSP       Disply Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP37  RWIS_PLAN03    Delete Planning Hierarchy Versions
WXP4   SAPMGPSP       Delete Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP46  SAPLWIS_PLAN_N Execute Program/Transaction
WXP47  RWIS_PLAN08    Transport Time-Bsed Ditribution Key
WXP48  RWIS_PLAN04    Transport Planning Layouts
WXP49  RWIS_PLAN05    Import Planning Layouts
WXP57  SAPLWIS_PLAN   Manual Planning With Workflow
WXP58  SAPLWIS_PLAN_D Cross-Scenario Settings
WXP6   SAPLWIS_PLAN   Plan Version Maintenance: InitScree
WXP66  RWIS_PLAN12    Promotion Interface Logs
WXP67  RWIS_PLAN12    Allocation Table Interface Logs
WXP7   SAPLWIS_PLAN   Display Plan Version: Initial Scree
WXP70  RWIS_PLAN_REORGDelete File Names
WYL2   RWALEACU       Generate vert. model master + addr.
WYN1   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Warranty
WYN2   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Warranty
WYN3   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Warranty
WYP1   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
WYP2   SAPMV13A       Change Condition
WYP3   SAPMV13A       Display Condition
WYRL   RWDEBRET       Vendor for returns
WZFT01 RVEXWZ01       FT: Wizard - Declara. to Auth. (MM)
WZFT02 RVEXWZ02       FT: Wizard - Declara. to Auth. (SD)
WZFT03 RVEXWZ03       FT Wizard: Data Service - Upload
WZFT04 RVEXWZ04       FT: Data Service Wizard - Distribut
WZR0   MENUWZR0       Vendor Billing
WZR1   SAPLWLF2       Create settlement request
WZR2   SAPLWLF2       Change settlement request
WZR3   SAPLWLF2       Display settlement request
WZR4   SAPLWLF2       Cancel settlement request
W10E   MENUW10E       SAP Retail: Goods Receipt
W10F   MENUW10F       Store retailing
W10M   MENUW10M       SAP Retail
W10T   MENUW10T       SAP Retail main menu replcng S000
W4EM   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Ranges for Weight EANs
W4EN   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges for EANs
W4E5   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Ranges 5-Fig. Wt EANs
XAAM   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FR_DRU_AM
XAEU   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_EU
XAKK   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: RV_AKKRED
XATD   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_T
XATR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_AT
XAUS   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RV_EXPORT
XDN1   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges (Customer)
XD01   SAPMF02D       Create Customer (Centrally)
XD02   SAPMF02D       Change Customer (Centrally)
XD03   SAPMF02D       Display Customer (Centrally)
XD04   SAPMF01A       Customer Changes (Centrally)
XD05   SAPMF02D       Block customer (centrally)
XD06   SAPMF02D       Mark customer for deletion (centr.)
XD07   SAPMF02D       Change Customer Account Group
XEIP   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: EXPIMP
XKN1   SAPMSNUM       Display Number Ranges (Vendor)
XK01   SAPMF02K       Create vendor (centrally)
XK02   SAPMF02K       Change vendor (centrally)
XK03   SAPMF02K       Display vendor (centrally)
XK04   SAPMF01A       Vendor Changes (Centrally)
XK05   SAPMF02K       Block Vendor (Centrally)
XK06   SAPMF02K       Mark vendor for deletion (centrally
XK07   SAPMF02K       Change vendor account group
XK11   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
XK12   SAPMV13A       Change Condition
XK13   SAPMV13A       Display Condition
XK14   SAPMV13A       Create with cond. ref. (cond. list)
XK15   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions (background job)
XSLS   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges: RV_SANCPL
XXTH   MENUXXTH       Test
0FILA  SAPLFILACUST   Customizing LAE Initial Screen
0KEA   SAPMKKB5       EC-PCA: Maintain report tree
0KEB   RKKBBGEN       EC-PCA: Generate reports
0KEJ   RCOPCA97       Account Determination PC Allocation
0KEM   SAPMKEC7       EC-PCA: Maintain substitutions
0KEP   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA:Transport Environ/Master Dat
0KEQ   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA: Transport Master Data
0KER   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA: Transport Planning
0KES   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA: Transport Actual Settings
0KET   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA: Transport Information Syste
0KEU   SAPMGTRA       EC-PCA: Transport Cycles
0KEW   RPCAUMS0       EC-PCA: Conv. RW reports 2.x -> 3.0
0KEX   RPCAUMS1       EC-PCA: Conv. totals recs 2.x ->3.0
0KEY   RPCAUMS2       EC-PCA: Conv.act.line items 2.x->3.
0KEZ   RPCAUMS3       EC-PCA:Conv.plan line items 2.x->3.
0KE0   RKEPCU00       EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for act. dat
0KE1   SAPMPCA3       EC-PCA: Delete Transaction Data
0KE2   RCOPCA00       EC-PCA: Del. Profit Ctr Master Data
0KE3   RPCADEL0       EC-PCA:Delete Transaction Data(Bkgd
0KE4   RKEPCGL1       EC-PCA: Update settings
0KE6   SAPLPC31       EC-PCA: Average Balance Ledger
0KE7   SAPMKECZ       EC-PCA: Maintain Time-Based Fields
0KMV   RKLISVAR       List Variants; CCA/ABC Master Data
0KM1   SAPMFKM0       CO Variant Maintenance: Cost Center
0KWD   RKSCUS06       Delete Business Processes
0KWM   MENU0KWM       Activity Based Costing: Customizing
0KWO   SAPMKC05       Maintain Search Help for Bus. Proc.
0KWP   SAPMKC05       Display Search Help for Bus. Proc.
0KWT   SAPMKBPT       CO-OM-ABC: Transport Customizing
0KW3   SAPMFKM0       CO Variant Maintenance: CO-OM-ABC
0KW7   RKWBKT00       Master Data Report: Cost Objects
0KW9   RKKBJBIN       Import Business Process Reports
0K01   SAPRCKKA       List of Costing Variants
0REP   RSIMGEXE       Start of program; etc. from IMG
0VTE   RV56RA01       Multiple Maintenance Route Stages
0VTH   RVVTPRGA       Insert Material Cumulation to TPS
0VTI   RVVTPRGC       Copy Material Cumulation to TPS
0VTS   RVVTPRLC       Copy TPS Route Restrictions
0VTT   RVVTPRLA       Create TPS Route Restrictions
0VT0   RV56CSLV       Maintain Selection Variants
0VX0   RVEXVAJP       Maintain Selection Variants - Japan
0VX3   RVEXJPV2       Selection variants - Customs decl J
0000   RSTN0000       Dialog Box for Customizing
0100   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
1KEA   RKEPCU50       Post Selected Data CO -> EC-PCA
1KEC   RGUREC30       Post MM data to EC-PCA
1KED   RKEPCU60       Transfer Statistical Key Figures
1KEE   RKEPCU70       EC-PCA: Plan Statistical Key Figure
1KEG   RPCAVIEW       Callup view maintenance with COArea
1KEH   SAPMKEC6       EC-PCA: Transfer Material Stocks
1KEI   SAPMKEC6       EC-PCA: Transfer Assets
1KEJ   SAPMKEC6       EC-PCA: Transfer Work in Process
1KEK   SAPMKEC6       EC-PCA:Transfer Payables/Receivable
1KEL   SAPMGBUK       EC-PCA: Create Document
1KE0   RKEPCU20       EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for plan dat
1KE1   RCOPCA07       EC-PCA: Analyze Settings
1KE3   RCOPCA03       EC-PCA: Rebuild matchcodes
1KE4   SAPMKEC4       EC-PCA: Customizing monitor
1KE6   R_PCA_SEARCHHELEC-PCA: Maintain Matchcode
1KE8   RGUREC10       Post FI data
1KE9   RKEPCU40       Post Data SD -> EC-PCA
2KEE   RCOPCA10       Profit Center: Totals Records
2KEM   R_PCA_VAL_DIFF EC-PCA: Account Valuation Variances
2KES   RCOPCA34_2KES  Profit center: Balance carr'd forw.
2KET   R_PCA_SALDO    EC-PCA: Allow balance carr'd forwar
2KEU   RCOPCA55       Copy Cost Center Hierarchy
2KEV   RCOPCA56       Copy cost centers
3KEA   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
3KEAN  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
3KEB   SAPMKGA2       EC-PCA: Execute Plan Assessment
3KEC   SAPMKGA1       EC-PCA: Plan Assessment Overview
3KEI   RCOPCA43       Derive Default Profit Center
3KE1   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
3KE1N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
3KE2   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE2N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE3   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
3KE3N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
3KE4   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
3KE4N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
3KE5   SAPMKGA2       EC-PCA: Execute Actual Assessment
3KE6   SAPMKGA1       EC-PCA: Actual Assessment Overview
3KE7   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
3KE7N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
3KE8   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
3KE8N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
3KE9   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
3KE9N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
3KOV   R3KOV          Cycle Overview
4KEA   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
4KEAN  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
4KEB   SAPMKGA2       EC-PCA: Execute Plan Distribution
4KEC   SAPMKGA1       EC-PCA: Plan Distribution Overview
4KED   RCOPCA48       EC-PCA: Supplement Allocation Cycle
4KE1   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
4KE1N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
4KE2   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
4KE2N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
4KE3   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
4KE3N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
4KE4   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
4KE4N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
4KE5   SAPMKGA2       EC-PCA: Execute Actual Distribution
4KE6   SAPMKGA1       EC-PCA: Actual Distribution Overvie
4KE7   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
4KE7N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
4KE8   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
4KE8N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
4KE9   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
4KE9N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
5NZI   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RP_IRCERT
5NZL   HNZCLVV0       Leave View Transaction
5NZT   HNZCTR20       New Zealand Terminations
6KEA   SAPMKECA       Profit Center: Display Changes
7KEA   SAPMKES1       Create Planning Layout for Costs/Re
7KEB   SAPMKES1       Change Planning Layout for Costs/Re
7KEC   SAPMKES1       Display Planning Layout for Cost/Re
7KEF   SAPMKES1       Create Planning Layout for Inventor
7KEG   SAPMKES1       Change Planning Layout for Inventor
7KEH   SAPMKES1       Display Planning Lyt for Inventory
7KEI   RPCPPLT6       Transport Planning Layouts
7KEJ   RPCPPLT7       Import Planning Layouts
7KEK   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout
7KEL   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout
7KEM   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout
7KEO   RPCPPKEO       Correction of Plan Bals with PCA
7KEP   RPCAPP00       Set Planner Profile
7KEQ   RPCLTREO       EC-PCA: Reorganize Long Texts
7KER   RPCAPP00       Call Up Planning with Initial Scree
7KES   RCOPCA34_7KES  EC-PCA: Carry Forward Plan Balance
7KET   RCOPCATE       Execute Formula Planning
7KEV   SAPMKE1P       Copy data to plan
7KEX   RPCPPXUP       Flexible Excel Upload
7KEY   RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload
7KE1   RPCAPP00       Change Plan Costs/Revenues
7KE2   RPCAPP00       Display Plan Costs/Revenues
7KE3   RPCAPP00       Change Plan Inventories
7KE4   RPCAPP00       Display Plan Inventories
7KE5   RPCAPP00       Change Plan Statisitcal Key Figures
7KE6   RPCAPP00       Display Plan Statisitcal Key Figure
8KEA   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr
8KEB   SAPMV12A       Change Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr
8KEC   SAPMV12A       Display Cond.Table (Price/Prof. Ctr
8KEG   SAPMV14A       Create Condition List
8KEO   RCOPCA41       Assign Representative Material
8KEP   R_TP_CVPROF_ASSActivate Cur.+Val. Profile in COAre
8KER   RCOPCA41       Derive Partner Profit Center: Sales
8KES   RCOPCA41       Derive Partner Profit Center: Purch
8KET   PCA01CALC      Derive Costing Key
8KET4  RCOPCA37       Opening Balance for PCA Costing
8KET5  SAPLPC20       Valuation for Calculation Base
8KET7  R_WZ_PCA_VAL   Set up Profit Planning
8KEU   R_TP_CVPROF_DEADeactivate C&V Profile in CO Area
8KEV   PCA_TP_FIND    CO-PA Pricing
8KEZ   PCA_TP_FIND    EC-PCA Transfer Pricing
8KE1   SAPMGCU0       PCA: Rollup: Create Field Assignmen
8KE2   SAPMGCU0       PCA: Rollup: Change Field Assignmen
8KE3   SAPMGCU0       PCA: Rollup: Display Field Assignmn
8KE6   SAPMGCU0       PCA: Delete Rollup Field Assignment
9KEA   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals
9KEB   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals
9KEC   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Cost/Revenue Bal
9KED   RPCADOCR       EC-PCA: Reverse Local Actual Doc.
9KEF   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Stock Balances
9KEG   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Stock Balances
9KEH   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Stock Balances
9KEI   RPCPPLT6       Transport Layout
9KEJ   RPCPPLT7       Import Layout
9KEK   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Entering ActStatK
9KEL   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Entering ActStatK
9KEM   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Entering AcStatK
9KEN   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Doc. with Stat. K
9KEO   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Doc. with Stat. K
9KEP   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Doc. with Stat.K
9KEQ   RPCLTREO       Reorg. of Actual EC-PCA Long Texts
9KER   RGUSTORL       Reverse Local Actual Documents
9KES   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Actual Doc. Entry
9KET   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Actual Doc. Entry
9KEU   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Actual Doc. Entr
9KEX   RPCPPXUP       Flexible Actual Excel Upload
9KEY   RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog for Flexible Actual Excel Uploa
9KE0   RPCAPP00       Create Profit Center Document
9KE1   RPCAPP00       Change Cost/Revenue Balances
9KE2   RPCAPP00       Display Cost/Revenue Balances
9KE3   RPCAPP00       Change Balance Sheet Accnt Balances
9KE4   RPCAPP00       Display Balance Sheet Accnt Balance
9KE5   RPCAPP00       Change Statistical Key Fig. Balance
9KE6   RPCAPP00       Display Statist. Key Figure Balance
9KE7   RPCAPP00       Change Actual Document
9KE8   RPCAPP00       Display Actual Document
9KE9   RPCAPP00       Display Profit Center Document

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