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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

Eduction, class and course links at SAP

You are looking for an overview in general of SAPs classes ?
Then you should really have a look at: (This even works without any S-User)

Education @ SAP
(Have a special look to the "class/course search" link in the right launch-pad of the SAP web-site! Then you can enter either the course number or a part of the description and will find fast what you are looking for.)

If you just want to search for a special course, you know already, the following site at SAP is really perfect:

Course Search @ SAP
(Just enter the course number or a term in the search area and have fun with a lot of useful hits ;-)) )

You just want to teach yourself with a printed version of the online documentation ? Have a look at the great selection of PDFs, that cover the complete SAP Online Documentation:

Complete SAP Online Documentation as printable PDFs

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