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All SAP Transaction Codes with Report and Description from P to T

Here you can see all SAP transaction codes and the called reports including a short header description.

Sometimes you are looking for transactions "around your currently known transactions". Here you have the (nearly) complete list of the SAP transactions (about 16000+) sorted by transaction code. So, you can navigate to your transaction and have a look what interesting you may find "next to" this. Just give it a chance :-)))

The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well.

TA     Report         Header Description
PAAH   SAPMP500       Call Ad-Hoc Query
PACA   SAPMPACA       PF Administration
PACB   SAPMPACB       PF account maintenance
PACC   SAPMPACC       PF debugger
PACE   SAPMPACE       Pension fund : Postings
PACEN  SAPMPACO       New posting maintenance
PACG   SAPMESSREP     HR-CH-PF ESS-Online Simulation
PACK   MENUPACK       HR-CH: Pension fund
PACN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint. for accounts
PACO   SAPMPACO       Account/Posting maintenance PF
PACP   SAPMPACP       Pension Fund; Interface
PACS   RPLPKBC0       Applicant Evaluation PF
PACT   SAPMPACT       PC parameter maintenance
PAC0   SAPMPAC0       PC Editor: Initial screen
PAC5   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data
PAEP1  RAFWGO_UPLOAD_PProcedure for Single Records: PA
PAEP2  RAFWGO_FRP_PA  Procedure for Final Results: PA
PAJP   SAPMPAJP       Call Reporting Tree - Japan
PAKG   SAPMPAKY       Adjustments workbench
PAKY   SAPMPAKY       Adjustments Workbench (excl. adjust
PAL1   SAPMP50A       Create Sales Representative
PAL2   SAPMP50A       Display Sales Representative
PAL3   SAPMP50A       Maintain Sales Representative
PAL4   SAPMP50A       Create Buyer
PAL5   SAPMP50A       Maintain Buyer
PAL6   SAPMP50A       Display Buyer
PAR1   RPLICO10       Flexible Employee Data
PAR2   RPLMIT00       Employee List
PAT1   SAPMPAT1       Personnel Administration Info Syste
PAUX   SAPMPAKY       Adjustment Workbench
PAUY   SAPMPAKY       Adjustment Workbench (retro proc.)
PAW1   SAPMPW01       Who is who
PAZZ   RPLICO30       Call Word interface
PA0A   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HRPERSON
PA00   MENUPA00       Initial PA Master Data Menu
PA03   SAPMP52X       Maintain Personnel Control Record
PA05   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: RP_COIFT
PA06   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: PD_SEQ_NR
PA07   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: RP_GARNEM
PA08   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: RP_GARNSUB
PA09   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HR_MMSRV
PA10   SAPMP50A       Personnel File
PA20   SAPMP50A       Display HR Master Data
PA30   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data
PA40   SAPMP50A       Personnel Actions
PA41   SAPMP50A       Change Entry/Leaving Date
PA42   SAPMP50A       Fast Entry for Actions
PA48   SAPMPRAP       Hiring from non-SAP system
PA51   SAPMP50A       Display Time Data
PA53   SAPMP50A       Display Time Data
PA61   SAPMP50A       Maintain Time Data
PA62   SAPMP50A       List Entry of Additional Data
PA63   SAPMP50A       Maintain Time Data
PA64   SAPMP50A       Calendar Entry
PA70   SAPMP50A       Fast Entry
PA71   SAPMP50A       Fast Entry of Time Data
PA97   RPUCMP00       Compensation administration - matri
PA98   RPUCMP30       Compensation Administration
PA99   RPICMP00       Compensation Admin. - Release Repor
PBAA   RPAPL008       Evaluate recruitment instrument
PBAB   RPAPUT00       Maintain vacancy assignments
PBAC   SAPMPAP0       Applicant statistics
PBAD   RPAPRT05       Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBAE   SAPMPAP0       Applicant pool
PBAF   SAPMPAP0       Vacancy assignment list
PBAG   SAPMPAP0       Screening
PBAH   SAPMPAP0       Decision
PBAI   SAPMPAP0       All applicants via qualifications
PBAJ   SAPMPAP0       Recruitment info system
PBAK   SAPMPAP0       Recurring Tasks: Print Labels
PBAL   SAPMPAP0       Bulk processing
PBAM   SAPMPAP0       Variable Applicant List
PBAN   SAPMPAP0       Ad Hoc Query
PBAO   SAPMPAP0       ABAP Query
PBAP   SAPMPAP0       Internal Applicants Via Quals
PBAQ   SAPMPAP0       External Applicants Via Quals
PBAT   SAPMPAP0       Choose SAPscript or WinWord
PBAU   SAPMPAP0       Maintain T750C
PBAV   SAPMPAP0       Display T750C
PBAW   SAPMPAP0       Maintain T750B
PBAX   SAPMPAP0       Display T750B
PBAY   SAPMPAP0       Maintain T750X
PBAZ   SAPMPAP0       Display T750X
PBA0   SAPMPAP0       Evaluate advertisements
PBA1   SAPMPAP0       Applicant index
PBA2   SAPMPAP0       List of applications
PBA3   SAPMPAP0       Applicant vacancy assignment list
PBA4   SAPMPAP0       Receipt of application
PBA5   RPAPRT01       Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBA6   RPAPRT02       Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBA7   RPAPRT09       Recurring tasks: Data transfer
PBA8   RPAPRT04       Recurring tasks: Transfer data
PBA9   SAPMPAP0       List of planned actions
PBWW   SAPMPAP9       Customizing standard text in WinWor
PBW1   SAPMPW02       Career Center
PBW2   SAPMPW03       Application Status
PBW3   SAPMPW12       Internet scenario for applicant
PBW4   SAPMPW10       Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE
PBW5   SAPMPW10       Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE
PB00   MENUPB00       Recruitment
PB04   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: RP_PAPL
PB10   SAPMP50A       Init.entry of applicant master data
PB2A   H99_B2AMANAGER B2A Manager
PB20   SAPMP50A       Display applicant master data
PB30   SAPMP50A       Maintain applicant master data
PB40   SAPMP50A       Applicant actions
PB50   SAPMPAP3       Display Applicant Activities
PB60   SAPMPAP3       Maintain Applicant Activities
PB80   SAPMPAP0       Evaluate vacancies
PCA_MC PCA_MASS_CRYPTIMass Encryption /Decryption
PCA0   MENUPCA0       Production campaign menu
PCA1   RCAMPAIN       Creating a Production Campaign
PCA2   RCAMPAIN       Change Prod. Camp.: Initial Screen
PCA3   RCAMPAIN       Display Prod. Camp.: Initial Screen
PCCO   RCAMPAIN       Production Campaign: Costs
PCCV   BUSVIEWS       Payment Card: Field Grouping
PCC0   RPLFAKC4       Maintnce fam.rltd.bonuses Switz.
PCC1   RPLABRC0       Maintain Swiss Payroll Units
PCKC   RPUPCKK0       Consistency Check Constants
PCKY   RPUPCKK0       Consistency Check Year-End
PCP0   SAPMPCP0       Edit posting runs
PC01   MENUPC01       Payroll Germany
PC02   MENUPC02       Area Menu Payroll for Switzerland
PC03   MENUPC03       Area Menu Payroll Austria
PC04   MENUPC04       Area menu Payroll - Spain
PC05   MENUPC05       Area menu - Payroll Netherlands
PC06   MENUPC06       Payroll Menu - France
PC07   MENUPC07       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Kanada
PC08   MENUPC08       Area menu-payroll for Great Britain
PC09   MENUPC09       Area Menu-Payroll for Denmark
PC10   MENUPC10       Bereichsmenü - Abrechnung für USA
PC11   MENUPC11       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Irland
PC12   MENUPC12       Area menu - Payroll for Belgium
PC13   MENUPC13       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Austral
PC14   MENUPC14       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Malaysi
PC15   MENUPC15       Area menu-payroll for Italy
PC16   MENUPC16       Area menu-payroll for South Africa
PC17   MENUPC17       Main menu for Venezuelan payroll
PC19   MENUPC19       Payroll for Portugal
PC20   MENUPC20       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Norwege
PC22   MENUPC22       Payroll accounting for Japan
PC23   MENUPC23       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Schwede
PC25   MENUPC25       Payroll Menu: Singapore
PC26   MENUPC26       Payroll for Thailand
PC27   MENUPC27       Payroll Accounting for Hong Kong
PC28   MENUPC28       Area menu - International payroll
PC29   MENUPC29       Area menu-Payroll acctg Argentina
PC32   MENUPC32       Area menu-Payroll Mexico
PC34   MENUPC34       Payroll Menu for Indonesia
PC37   MENUPC37       Payroll area menu for Brazil
PC41   MENUPC41       Payroll Korea
PC42   MENUPC42       Payroll menu for Taiwan
PC43   MENUPC43       Area menu-payroll for New Zealand
PC48   MENUPC48       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Philipi
PC99   MENUPC99       Area menu - International payroll
PDFA   RPUFRM41       Convert payroll journal form
PDF0   RPUFRM40       Convert form for remun.statement
PDF7   RPUFRMD1       Delete form in customer client
PDF8   RPUFRMD2       Copy form from SAP client
PDF9   RPUFRMD3       Copy forms within customer client
PDN    PDN_LAUNCH     Product Designer Workbench
PDNO   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FMPD
PDSY   SAPMPDSY       HR Documentation Maintenance
PDT2   SAPLVHUDIAL    HU creation in production
PDW1   RPPTDW01       Create reporting time types
PDW2   RPPTDW02       Create Quota Types for Reporting
PEPM   SAPLRHPP       Profile Matchup
PEPMEN MENUPEPMEN     Task Level Menu for the PEP
PEST   SAPMPEST       Maintenance of process model
PEXP   SAPMPEXP       Manage Expert Communities
PE00   RPUCUSPE       Starts Transactions PE01; PE02; PE0
PE01   SAPMPE00       HR: Maintain Payroll Schemas
PE01N  RPCPE01N       Editor for Payroll Schemas
PE02   SAPMPE00       HR: Maintain Calculation Rules
PE02N  RPCPE02N       Editor for PC rules
PE03   SAPMPE03       HR: Features
PE04   SAPMPE04       Creates Functions and Operations
PE50   SAPMPE50       PE50
PE51   SAPMPE51       HR form editor
PFAC   RHACTOR0       Maintain Rule
PFAL   RHALEINI       HR: ALE Distribution HR Master Data
PFCG   SAPLPRGN_TREE  Role Maintenance
PFCP   RHWFCOPY       Copy Workflow Tasks
PFCT   RHXTCATB       Task Catalog
PFDE   SAPMPFDE       HR-PF: PC Editor
PFDF   RPLPFD00FIIF   FI Interface Pension Fund
PFDFP  RPLPFD30FIIF   HR-PF-FI: Check Customizing
PFDT   RPLPFD00TESC   Overview of Insured Persons' Data
PFM2   SAPMPFM1       Period Monitor: Log Display
PFM4   SAPMPFM1       Period Monitor: Log Display
PFM5   SAPMPFM1       Period monitor - log display
PFOM   SAPLRHWQ       Maintain Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFOS   SAPLRHWQ       Display Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFSE   SAPLCPF1       Start PFS from R/3 System
PFSM   RPFSMDAT       Start Download of PFS Master Data
PFSO   RHSHOWOR       User's Organizational Environment
PFT    SAPLRHWP       Maintain Customer Task
PFTC   SAPLRHW4       General Task Maintenance
PFTG   RHTGRP0        Maintain Task Group
PFTR   SAPLRHWT       Standard Task for Transaction
PFTS   RHSTASK0       Standard Task
PFUD   RHAUTUPD_NEW   User Master Data Reconciliation
PFWF   SAPLRHWP       Maintain Workflow Task (Customer)
PFWS   RHSFLOW0       Maintain Workflow Template
PF02   SAPLWWB1       Cust. Test of Value-Based IM
PF05   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HRSOBJECT
PGOM   PDGRAPHX       Graphical Structure Maintenance
PIMG   SIMGR3PI       Display R/3 Plug In IMG
PIMN   MENUPIMN       Human Resources Information System
PI50   SAPPI250       Transfer selected R/2 orders
PI51   SAPPI250       Transfer current R/2 orders
PI60   SAPPI260       Transfer confirmations to R/2
PJNA   SAPMPABNR      Message Output
PJNK1  SAPMV13B       Create Condition: JIT Call
PJNK2  SAPMV13B       Change Condition: JIT Call
PJNK3  SAPMV13B       Display Condition: JIT Call
PJWE   SAPMPAB1       Goods Receipt for JIT Call
PJ02   SAPMPAB1       Change JIT Call
PJ03   SAPMPAB1       Display JIT Call
PJ04   SAPMPABSA      Display JIT Calls
PKBC   SAPLMPKP       Chnge Container Status With Bar Cod
PKC1   MENUPKC1       Process cost controlling
PKRFBC SAPMMPKRF      Kanban Barcode without Actual Qty
PKRF21 SAPMMPKRF      Kanban Signal with Radio Frequency
PKRF22 SAPMMPKRF      Quantity Signal with Radio Frequenc
PKRF23 SAPMMPKRF      Event-Driven KANBAN Radio Frequency
PKW1   SAPMMPKW       Kanban Board WWW
PK00   MENUPK00       Kanban
PK01   SAPMMPKR       Create Control Cycle
PK02   SAPMMPKR       Change Control Cycle
PK02NR SAPMMPKR       Change Control Cycle
PK03   SAPMMPKR       Display Control Cycle
PK03NR SAPMMPKR       Display Control Cycle
PK07   SAPMMPKC       Kanban Calculation
PK08   SAPMMPKR       Check Kanban Calculation Result
PK11   SAPLMPKP       Plant Overview: Kanban
PK12   SAPLMPKP       Kanban Board: Supply Source View
PK12N  SAPLMPKP       Kanban Board: Supply Source View
PK13   SAPLMPKP       Kanban Board: Demand Source View
PK13N  SAPLMPKP       Kanban Board: Demand Source View
PK17   SAPMMPKD       Collective Kanban Print
PK18   SAPMMPKD       Evaluation Control Cycle/Kanban
PK21   SAPLMPKP       Change Kanban Container Status
PK22   SAPLMPKP       Kanban Quantity Signal
PK23   SAPLMPKP       Manual Kanban Creation
PK24   SAPLMPKP       Enter Customer KANBAN Call
PK31   SAPLMPKP       Container Correction
PK41   SAPLMPKP       Backflush KANBAN Orders
PK50   SAPMMPKF       Display Errors: Kanban
PK51   RMAFRU01       Error Processing PDC Kanban
PK52   SAPMMPKR       Kanban Calculation Error Log
PK99   SAPLMPKP       Function Access via Transaction
PL00   MENUPL00       Maintenance of Packing Instructions
PMAH   RHPMADHO       HR-FPM: Access Ad Hoc Query
PMBA   RHPMBA00       Position Management Report Selectio
PMBC   SAPLRHB1       Create Overall Budget
PMBD   SAPLRHB1       Display Overall Budget
PMBF   SAPLRHBG       Carry Forward Overall Budget
PMBM   SAPLRHB1       Change Overall Budget
PMBPI  SAPLRHB_IAC    Internet Scenario - Position Mgt
PMBS   SAPLRHB1       Change Budget Status
PMBT   RHPMBA01       Tools for Report Selection
PMB0   SAPLRHB1       Position Management Plan Version
PMB1   SAPLRHB1       Change Overall Budget
PMB1I  SAPLRHB_IAC    Internet Scenario - Budget Info
PMB2   SAPLRHB1       Display Overall Budget
PMC1   RHPMINTOMCHECK Check Consistency With Org. Mgt
PMEC   SAPLRHBX       Change Employee
PMED   SAPLRHBX       Display Employee
PMESIM RPMENUSTART00  Manual Payroll Simulation
PMFD   SAPLRHBW       Access HR-PFM via FM Account Assgmt
PMFM   SAPLRHBW       Access HR-PFM via FM Account Assgmt
PMHS   SAPLRHBW       Change Budget Status
PMIC   SAPLRHBW       Consistency check with Funds Mgt
PMIMG  RHPMSIMG       Access Customizing HR-FPM
PMJR   RFPM_DEDOC_FLOWDerivatives Document Journal
PMLA   SAPMV14A       Create: Portfolio List
PMLB   SAPMV14A       Change: Portfolio List
PMLC   SAPMV14A       Display: Portfolio List
PMLD   SAPMV14A       Execute: Portfolio List
PMMF   RHPMMASSFIN    Financing workbench
PMMN   MENUPMMN       HR Funds and Position Management
PMOC   SAPLRHBO       Create Organization
PMOD   SAPLRHBO       Display Organization
PMOF   RFPMVM02       Position List: Listed Options/Fut.
PMOF3  RFPMVM03       Position List: Listed Derivatives
PMOF4  RFPMVM04       Flow List: Listed Derivatives
PMOM   SAPLRHBO       Change Organization
PMSI   RHPMSIM1       Simulate Payroll Run
PMSV   RTPM_TRF_REVERSReversal of Margin Flows
PMUS   SAPLRHB1       User-Specific Settings
PMVM   RTPM_TRF_VARIATCalculate variation margin
PM01   SAPMP50J       Enhance Infotypes
PM10   SAPMP53B       Statements Selection
PM11   SAPMP53B       Statements - Single Data Entry
PM12   SAPMP53B       Statements - Fast Data Entry
PM13   SAPMP53B       Statements - Print
PM20   SAPMPBWD       Statements with SAPscript
PNZ3   RPITUM00       Pay Scale Reclassification NZ
PNZ4   RPU51000       Pay Scale Increase NewZealand
PNZ5   RPITRF00       Pay Scale Inc. Extended NewZealand
POD3   RPU_FILL_IT595_Start Report RPU_FILL_IT595_46C
POFO1  SAPLWPOT       Create Portfolio
POFO2  SAPLWPOT       Change Portfolio
POFO3  SAPLWPOT       Display Portfolio
POFO31 SAPLWPOT       Portfolio: Create
POFO32 SAPLWPOT       Portfolio: Change
POFO33 SAPLWPOT       Portfolio: Display
POFO34 SAPLWPOT       Portfolio: Create with Reference
POF1   SAPMV13P       Create Pkg Instruction Determinatio
POF2   SAPMV13P       Change Pkg Instruction Determinatio
POF3   SAPMV13P       Display Packing Instr. Determinatio
POIL   RCCLMONI       View Received Data Log
POIM   RCCLMDAT       Start Download of Master Data
POIT   RCCLTRAN       Start Download of Transaction Data
POIU   RCCLUPLD       Start Receiving Changes to Data
POI1   RCCLMPFS       Start Download of Master Data
POPT   SAPLVHUDIAL    Test Packing Instruction Master Dat
POP0   MENUPOP0       Maintenance of Packing Instructions
POP1   SAPLVHUPO      Create Packing Instruction
POP2   SAPLVHUPO      Change Packing Instruction
POP3   SAPLVHUPO      Display Packing Instruction
POP4   SAPLVHUPO      Deletion flag undo for pack.instr.
POP5   RVHUPOSEL_POBJ_Determination of Pkg Instr. Use
POTAB  SAPMV12A       Define Portfolio Tables
POTABC SAPMV12A       Change Portfolio Tables
POTABD SAPMV12A       Display Portfolio Tables
POTB   OTBPARAM       Parameters for OTB
PO01   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Work Center
PO01D  SAPMH5A0       Display Work Center
PO02   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Training Program
PO02D  SAPMH5A0       Display Training Program
PO03   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Job
PO03D  SAPMH5A0       Display Job
PO04   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Business Event Type
PO04D  SAPMH5A0       Display Business Event Type
PO05   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Business Event
PO05D  SAPMH5A0       Display Business Event
PO06   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Location
PO06D  SAPMH5A0       Display Location
PO07   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Resource
PO07D  SAPMH5A0       Display Resource
PO08   SAPMH5A0       Maintain External Person
PO08D  SAPMH5A0       Display External Person
PO09   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Business Event Group
PO09D  SAPMH5A0       Display Business Event Group
PO10   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Organizational Unit
PO10D  SAPMH5A0       Display Organizational Unit
PO11   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Qualification
PO11D  SAPMH5A0       Display Qualification
PO12   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Resource Type
PO12D  SAPMH5A0       Display Resource Type
PO13   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Position
PO13D  SAPMH5A0       Display Position
PO14   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Task
PO14D  SAPMH5A0       Display Task
PO15   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Company
PO15D  SAPMH5A0       Display Company
PO16   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Services
PO16D  SAPMH5A0       Display Service
PO17   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Requirements Profile
PO17D  SAPMH5A0       Display Requirements Profile
PO18   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Resource 'Room'
PO18D  SAPMH5A0       Display Resource Room
PO19   SAPMH5A0       Maintain External Instructor
PO19D  SAPMH5A0       Display External Instructor
PPAD   RHXPEACD       Display Appraisals Catalog
PPCI   SAPLRHCJ       Copy Infotype
PPCJ   SAPLRHCI       Create Infotype
PPCK   SAPLRHCI       Enhance List Screen
PPCM   SAPLRHCI       Enhance Infotype
PPCO   SAPMH5A0       Organisational Plan: Initial Screen
PPCP   RHPEPLAC       Career Planning
PPCT   RHTSKCAT       Task Catalog
PPDM   SAPMH5A0       Detail Maintenance Planning ITs
PPDPCS RHXPEECATS     Display Development Plan Catalog
PPDPHM RHPE_DPLANHISTOChange Development Plan History
PPDPHS RHPE_DPLANHISTODisplay Development Plan History
PPDPIM RHPE_INDPLAN   Change Individual Development Plan
PPDPIS RHPE_INDPLAN   Display Individual Development Plan
PPEM   RHXPEPPO       PD: Display Organizational Structur
PPETI  SAPLPPETIGUI   Configuration Mode - Select. Screen
PPIS   RHGRIN21       Human Resources Information System
PPLB   RHPECPAS       Evaluate Careers
PPMDT  RHMWB004       Manager's Desktop
PPME   RHMATRIX       Change Matrix Organization
PPMM   MENUPPMM       Personnel Planning
PPMS   RHMATRIX       Display Matrix Organization
PPOC   RHORGMAN       Create Organizational Plan
PPOCA  OM_START_NF    Create Attributes
PPOCE  OM_START_NF    Create Organization and Staffing
PPOCW  OM_START_NF    Create Org. and Staffing (WF)
PPOM   RHORGMAN       Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOMA  OM_START_NF    Change Attributes
PPOME  OM_START_NF    Change Organization and Staffing
PPOMW  OM_START_NF    Change Org. and Staffing (WF)
PPOS   RHORGMAN       Display Organizational Plan
PPOSA  OM_START_NF    Display attributes
PPOSE  OM_START_NF    Display organization and Staffing
PPOSW  OM_START_NF    Display Org. and Staffing (WF)
PPO1   SAPLRHSI       Change Cost Center Assignment
PPO2   SAPLRHSI       Display Cost Center Assignment
PPO3   SAPLRHGC       Change Reporting Structure
PPO4   SAPLRHGC       Display Reporting Structure
PPO5   SAPLRHSI       Change attributes
PPO6   SAPLRHSI       Display attributes
PPPD   RHXPEPRD       Display Profile
PPPE   MENUPPPE       Area Menu: Personnel Development
PPPM   RHXPEPRM       Change Profile
PPQD   RHXPEQCD       Display Qualifications Catalog
PPQ1   RHPEPPQ1       Find Objects for Qualifications
PPQ2   RHPEPPQ2       Find Objects for Requirements
PPQ3   RHPEPP10       Find Objects for Profile
PPRL   SAPMM03M       Change Material When Profile Delete
PPRP   SAPMHPS0       Reporting: Personnel Development
PPRV   SAPMM03M       Change Material When Profile Change
PPSC   RHSTRPF0       Create Structure
PPSM   RHSTRPF0       Change Structure
PPSP   RHPEPLAS       Succession Planning
PPSS   RHSTRPF0       Display Structure
PPST   RHSTRU00       Structure Evaluation
PPUP   RHPEUSPA       Settings: User Parameters
PP01   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided)
PP02   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Plan Data (Open)
PP03   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Plan Data (Action-Based)
PP05   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges
PP06   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HRADATA
PP2B   RHPP25ST       Create Scenario (Basic Pay)
PP2D   RHPP25XD       Administer Payroll Results
PP2P   RHPP25ST       Create Scenario (PyrllRes.)
PP2U   RHPP25AZ       Data Transfer to CO
PP23   RHPP25PW       Reset Password
PP25   RHPP25ST       Display Scenario Group
PP26   RHPP25AZ       Plan Scenario Administration
PP27   RHPP25AZ       Release plan scenario
PP28   RHPP25ST       Create Scenario (Proj.Pay)
PP29   RHPP25ST       Change Scenario Group
PP30   RHRAUM00       SAP Room Reservation Management
PP32   RHRAUM00       SAP Room Reservations: Services
PP40   RHKMIT20       Correspondence
PP6A   RHDPERSL       Personal Shift Plan
PP6B   RHDOCCPL       Attendance List
PP6C   RHPSOLL_DEL    Undo Completed Target Plan
PP6I   RHSP_TEMP_ASSIGTemp. Assgmt List for Shift Plannin
PP60   SAPFH5AH       Display Shift Planning
PP61   SAPFH5AH       Change Shift Planning
PP62   SAPLRHER       Display Requirements
PP63   SAPLRHER       Change Requirements
PP64   SAPFH5AH       Choose Plan Version
PP65   SAPLRHEI       Edit Entry Object
PP66   SAPLRHES       Shift Planning: Entry Profile
PP67   SAPLRHER       Create Requirements
PP69   SAPFH5AH       Choose Text for Organizational Unit
PP7S   MENUPP7S       Organizational Management
PP70   MENUPP70       Organizational Management
PP72   MENUPP72       Shift Planning
PP74   MENUPP74       Personnel Cost Planning
PP90   SAPMH5AR       Set up Organization
PQAH   RHADHOC0       Ad Hoc Query
PQLV   RPCLEAQ0       Australian Leave Processing
PQTO   RPCTO2Q0       Transaction for screen 2000
PQ01   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Work Center
PQ02   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Training Program
PQ03   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Job
PQ04   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Business Event Type
PQ06   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Location
PQ07   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Resource
PQ08   SAPMH5A0       Actions for External Person
PQ09   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Business Event Group
PQ10   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Organizational Unit
PQ12   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Resource Type
PQ13   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Position
PQ14   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Task
PQ15   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Company
PQ17   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Requirement Profiles
PQ18   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Resource Room
PQ19   SAPMH5A0       Actions for External Instructor
PRAA   RPRAPA00       Automatic Vendor Maintenance
PRAP   RPR_APPROVE_TRAApproval of Trips
PRCC   RPRCCC00       Import Credit Card Files
PRCCD  RPRCCC_DISPLAY_Display Credit Card Receipts
PRCCF  RPRCCC_CREATE_CGenerate File with Correct Trnsactn
PRCCT  RPRCCC_CREATE_TCreate Credit Card Clearing TestFil
PRCD   RPRCOUDE       Delete/Copy Trip Countries
PRCO   RPRMORDE       Copy Trip Provision Variant
PRCR   RPR_CREATE_PER_Travel Expense PDs/FRs: Download
PRCT   RPRMENU0       Current Settings
PRCU   RPRMENU0       Check Printing USA
PRC2   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1200
PRC7   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1700
PRDE   RPRMORDE       Delete Trip Prov.Variant
PRDH   RPRDUR00       Employees with Exceeded Trip Days
PRDX   RPRMENU0       Call Country Version DME Pre.Progra
PRD1   RPRMENU0       Create DME
PREC   RPRTEC00       Travel Expenses Accounting Program
PREP   SAPMP56T_PD    Import Program for Per Diems
PREX   RPRTRIPCREATE1 Create expense report
PRFAM  FAMPRICE_MANAGEMaintain Price Families
PRFI   RPRFIN00_40    Posting to Financial Accounting
PRFW   RPRTEF10       Income-rel.Expenses Statement
PRF0   RPRTEF00       Standard Form
PRF1   RPRTEF01       Summarized Form 1
PRF2   RPRTEF02       Summarized Form 2
PRHD   RPR706VD       Maximum Value Delimitation for Meal
PRHH   RPR706HC       Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals
PRHP   RPR706HC       Scale Per Diems for Meals
PRICAT SAPMWPRICAT    PRICAT: Maintain mat. as per catalo
PRKE   SAPMPRKE       Evaluation Program
PRMD   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data
PRML   RPRMENU0       Set Country Grouping via Dialog Box
PRMM   SAPMP50A       Personnel Actions
PRMS   SAPMP50A       Display HR Master Data
PRMT   RPRFLDEL       Update Matchcode T
PROF   MENUPROF       Profit Center Accounting
PRPD   RPR706VD       Delimitation of Per Diems for Meals
PRPHUV RLE_DRUCKPROFILPrint Profile Maintenance HU
PRPL   RPRTRIPCREATE1 Create Travel Plan
PRPY   RPRPAY00       Transfer to External Payroll
PRRL   RPUREROL       Reset Trips to 'To be Accounted'
PRRQ   RPRTRIPCREATE1 Create Travel Request
PRRW   SAPMP56F       Post Accounting Data
PRST   RPRSTA01       Period Statistics
PRTA   RPCLSTTA       Overview of Travel Expense Reports
PRTC   RPCLSTTC       Display Imported Documents
PRTE   RPCLSTTE       Trip Details
PRTS   RPROVIEW       Overview of Trips
PRT3   RPRTR030       Travel Expenses: Maintain Postings
PRUL   RPR_UPDATE_PER_Travel Expense PDs/FRs: Upload
PRVH   RPR706VC       Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals
PRVP   RPR706VC       Scale Per Diems for Meals
PRVT   RPRVAT01       VAT Recovery
PRWW   SAPLHRTR_ITS   Expense Reports (Offline)
PR00   MENUPR00       Travel expenses
PR01   SAPMP56T       Maintain (Old) Trip Data
PR02   SAPMP56T       Travel Calendar
PR03   SAPMP56V       Trip Advances
PR04   SAPMP56T       Edit Weekly Reports
PR05   SAPMP56T       Travel Expense Manager
PR10   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.: RP_REINR
PR11   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: HRTR_PDOC
PR20   SAPMP56T       Create Trip
PR706Z RPR706Z1       Copy T706Z -> T706Z1
PR71   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1701
PR72   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1702
PR73   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1703
PSARP1 RGPSA_DISP_DOC PSA document display
PSA01  RGPSA_EXIT     Activate Rollup for PSC
PSA40  RGPSA_PLAN_ROLLPopulate Cost Plans
PSA42  RGPSA_COPY_VERSCopy Plan Versions
PSA45  RGPSA_CALC_PLANEntitlement Plan Calculation
PSA45R RGPSA_CALC_REV_Entitlement Plan Calc. Reversal
PSA50  RGPSA_ACTUAL_ROAcutal Rollup to PSC tables
PSA55  RGPSA_CALC_ACTUPSC Calculation Actual
PSA55R RGPSA_CALC_REV_PSC Calculation Reversal
PSA56  RGPSA_CALC_TRANManual Transfers
PSA56R RGPSA_CALC_TRANManual Transfers Reversal
PSA57  RGPSA_ET_TRANSFEntitlement Transfers
PSA57R RGPSA_ET_TRANSFEntitlement Transfers Reversal
PSA58  RGPSA_COST_ADJUCost Adjustments
PSA58R RGPSA_COST_ADJUCost Adjustments Reversal
PSA59  RGPSA_STOCK_ADJStock Adjustments
PSA59R RGPSA_STOCK_ADJStock Adjustments Reversal
PSA60  RGPSA_BCF      Balance Carry Forward
PSA70  RGPSA_REP_PARTNJV Partner Entitlement
PSA71  RGPSA_REP_STORAStatement of Storage Entitlement
PSA71U RGPSA_REP_STORAStatement of Storage Entitlement/Up
PSA73  RGPSA_REP_PROD Production Data with Adjustments
PSA74  RGPSA_REP_LIFT Lifting Data with Prices
PSA76  RGPSA_REP_ADJ  Adjustment Volumes
PSA77  RGPSA_PARTNER_LPartner Report
PSA78  RGPSA_PRINT_ENTPSA Print Entitlement
PSA79  RGPSA_REP_VOLTYVolumes by Volume Types
PSA81  RGPSA_DATA_ENTRMaintain Daily Prices by PSC
PSA82  RGPSA_DATA_ENTRMaintain Production Data
PSA83  RGPSA_DATA_ENTRDaily Lifting Data Entry
PSA84  RGPSA_DATA_ENTRMaintain Adjustment Data
PSA86  RGPSA_PERIOD   Open PSC Periods
PSA90  RGPSA_PROD_INT PSC Production Interface
PSA93  RGPSA_PI_MALAYSPSA Malaysia Production Interface
PSB0   RPUSIPB0       Generation quart.SI declarat.period
PSB1   RPCTXEB0       Generate Tax scales (B)
PSCCA  RGPSC_CALC     PSC calculation
PSCREV RGPSC_CALC_REV PSC calculation reversal
PSCRPT RGPSC_RPT01    psc report
PSCRP1 RGPSC_DISP_DOC PSC document display
PSCRUA RGPSCRUEXIT    Activate Rollup for PSC
PSC0   SAPMHPS0       Set Plan Version Valid for Cost Pla
PSC40  RGPSARULE      Rule Maintenance
PSC90  SAPL0DEPSC     PSC Volume Entry
PSC95  RGPSC_INPUT    PSC Production Interface
PSC96  RGPSC_PERIOD   PSC Period Opening
PSOA   SAPMHPS0       Work Center Reporting
PSOC   SAPMHPS0       Job Reporting
PSOG   SAPMHPS0       OrgManagement General Reporting
PSOI   SAPMHPS0       Tools Integration PA-PD
PSOO   SAPMHPS0       Organizational Unit Reporting
PSOS   SAPMHPS0       Position Reporting
PSOT   SAPMHPS0       Task Reporting
PSO0   SAPMHPS0       Set Plan Version for OrgManagement
PSO1   SAPMHPS0       Set Aspect for OrgManagement
PSO2   SAPMHPS0       PS System/Database Tools
PSO3   RHDESC00       Infotype Overview
PSO4   RHINFT00       Individual Infotype Maintenance
PSO5   SAPMHPS0       PD: Administration Tools
PSSD   RFVDSSD0       Check BNL flow types
PSVA   SAPMHPS0       Set Aspect
PSVB   SAPMHPS0       User-Specific Settings
PSVC   SAPMHPS0       Training and Events:Current Setting
PSVE   SAPMHPS0       Output Filter Business Events
PSVI   SAPMHPS0       User-Defined Settings
PSVL   SAPMHPS0       Set Business Event Language
PSVO   SAPMHPS0       Change / Display Organizer
PSVP   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Planning Menu
PSVQ   SAPMHPS0       Change / Display Organizer
PSVR   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Resource Menu
PSVS   SAPMHPS0       Set Access
PSVT   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Tool Menu
PSV0   SAPMHPS0       Change / Display Resources
PSV1   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Attendance Menu
PSV2   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Business Event Menu
PSV3   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Information Menu
PSV4   SAPMHPS0       Set Plan Version
PSV5   SAPMHPS0       Info: Attendances
PSV6   SAPMHPS0       Reporting: Business Events
PSV7   SAPMHPS0       Reporting: Resources
PSV8   SAPMHPS0       Create Attendee
PSV9   SAPMHPS0       Change / Display Attendee
PSWB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Per.Reposting Plan Projects
PSW5   SAPMKGA2       Per.Repostgs in Actual for Projects
PTE1   RPIEWT00       Generate Batch Input Session
PTE2   RPIEWT04       Process Batch Input Session
PTE3   RPIEWT02       Reorganize Interface File
PTG1   SAPMP5GQ       Maintain Qualifying Day Pattern (GB
PTG3   SAPMP5GQ       Display Qualifying Day Pattern (GB)
PT00   MENUPT00       Time Management
PT01   SAPMP51S       Create Work Schedule
PT02   SAPMP51S       Change Work Schedule
PT03   SAPMP51S       Display Work Schedule
PT10   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: PTM_DOCNR
PT11   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: PTM_QUONR
PT12   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HRAA_PDOC
PT40   SAPMP51E       PDC Error Transaction
PT41   SAPTIMCC1COMPARCustomizing CC1 Communication Param
PT42   SAPCDRPD       Supply Personnel Data
PT43   SAPCDRPA       Supply Master Data
PT44   SAPCDUP1       Upload Request
PT45   SAPCDT45       Post Person Time Events
PT46   SAPCDT46       Post Working Time Events
PT50   SAPMPT50       Quota Overview
PT60   RPT_TIME_EVAL_STime Evaluation
PT61   RPTEDT00       Time Statement
PT62   RPTEAB00       Attendance List
PT63   RPTPSH10       Personal Work Schedule
PT64   RPTABS20       Absence List
PT65   RPTLEA40       Graphical Attendance/Abs. Overview
PT66   RPCLSTB2       Display Cluster B2
PT67   RPTEZL00       Third-Party Payroll
PT68   RPTPDOC0       Activity Allocation
PT69   RPTENT00       Multiple Time Recording
PT70   SAPMPT70       Time Management Info System
PT71   SAPMPT71       Tool Selection for Time Management
PT90   RPTABS50       Absences: Calendar View
PT91   RPTABS60       Absences: For Multiple Employees
PUCA   RPUPKCC0       PC administration for PF
PUCE   RPUPKCC0       PC editor for PF
PUCF   RPUPKCC0       PC Form Maintenance PF
PUCG   RPUPKCC0       Global Funds Copier
PUCK   RPUPKCC0       Entity copier for funds
PUCP   RPUPKCC0       PC Parameter Maintenance for PF
PUCV   RPUPKCC0       Entity copier for PC objects
PUCW   RPUPKCC0       Maintenanace of HSC tasks for PF
PUC0   RPUCUSC0       HR-CH: Maintain MA attributes
PUC9   RPUPKCC0       Reorganization of Infotype 0279
PUFK   SAPMPUFK       Form manager
PULT   RPUTRL00       Transport HR Tables for Logistics
PUOCBA RPUOCB00       Off-Cycle-Batch: Subsequent Activit
PUOCBP RPUOCP00       Off-cycle batch: Payroll follow-up
PUOCBR RPUOCR00       Off-cycle batch: Replacement
PUOCLG H99LT52OCG     OC-Batch: Batch Table List
PUOCLL H99LT52OCL     OC: List of Replacements/Reversals
PUST   SAPMPUST       HR Process Workbench
PUST_2 SAPMPUST       HR Process Workbench (Old)
PUUG   RPCPT1U0       Change remittance due date
PUU1   SAPMPUU1       BSI Test Tool 5.0
PUU2   SAPMPUU2       transaction of sapmpuu2
PU00   SAPMP50A       Delete Personnel Data
PU01   RPCDPU01       Delete current payroll result
PU03   SAPMP50A       Change Payroll Status
PU11   SAPMPU11       Supplementary CS Benefits (D)
PU12   SAPMPU12       Connection to Third-Party Payroll
PU19   SAPMPU19       Tax Reporter
PU22   RPUARTX0       HR Archiving
PU30   SAPMPU30       Wage Type Maintenance
PU90   SAPMP50A       Delete applicant data
PU95   SAPMPU95       HR: Maintain Log. Views & WT Groups
PU96   SAPMPU95       HR: Maintain Wage Type Groups
PU97   SAPMPU95       HR: Logical View Maintenance
PU98   SAPMPU98       Assign Wage Types to Groups
PVBA   RHXBUDG0       Training & Events: Budget Compariso
PVBB   SAPLRHV6       Change / Create Development Plan
PVB0   RHCPBT00       Business Event Budget
PVB1   RHCPBT00       Create Business Event Budget
PVB2   RHCPBT00       Display Business Event Budget
PVB3   RHCPBT00       Change Business Event Budget
PVB6   RHCMPBUDGETINITInitialize Business Event Budget
PVCT   SAPLRHVM       Master Data Catalog
PVDM   SAPLHRTEM00MENUMaintain Dynamic Menus
PVD0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Business Event Type
PVF0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Location
PVF1   SAPLRHV6       Maintain Location
PVG0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Resource
PVG1   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Room
PVG2   SAPLRHAR       Lock/Unlock Resource
PVG3   SAPLRHV6       Maintain Room
PVH0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change External Instructor
PVH1   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Instructor
PVH2   SAPLRHV6       Maintain External Person
PVK0   SAPLRHVL       Correspondence History
PVL0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Business Event Group
PVMN   MENUPVMN       Training and Event Management
PVR0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Resource Type
PVR1   SAPLRHV6       Maintain Room Equipment
PVU0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Company
PVU1   SAPLRHV6       Maintain Company
PVV0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Service
PV0I   SAPLRHVI       Display Business Event Catalog
PV00   SAPLRHPV       Book Attendance
PV01   SAPLRHPV       Rebook Attendance
PV02   SAPLRHPV       Prebook Attendance
PV03   SAPLRHPV       Replace Attendance
PV04   SAPLRHPV       Cancel Attendance
PV05   SAPLRHPV       Book List: Attendees/Business Event
PV06   SAPLRHPV       Prebook List: Attendees
PV07   SAPLRHPV       Book List: Attendees
PV08   SAPLRHPV       Book List: Business Events
PV09   SAPLRHVP       Plan Business Events
PV1A   SAPLRHVA       Change Business Event
PV1B   SAPLRHVA       Display Business Event
PV1C   RHXCCOS0       Cost Transfer
PV1D   RHXCPRI0       Price Proposal
PV1I   SAPLRHVI       Attendee Bookings R/3 Users
PV1M   RHXMARP0       Materials Procurement
PV10   SAPLRHVB       Create Business Event with Resource
PV11   SAPLRHVA       Create Business Event w/o Resources
PV12   SAPLRHV5       Firmly Book / Cancel Business Event
PV14   SAPLRHV5       Lock / Unlock Business Event
PV15   SAPLRHV5       Follow Up Business Event
PV16   SAPLRHPV       Prebook List: Business Event Types
PV17   RHXFAKT0       Billing
PV18   RHXINLV0       Activity Allocation
PV19   RHXINLV1       Activity Allocation for Instructors
PV2I   SAPLRHVI       Attendee Bookings (Web Users)
PV26   SAPLRHPV       Prebook List: Attendees/Event Types
PV3I   SAPLRHVI       Book Attendance R/3 Users
PV32   RHPE_APP_CREATECreate Appraisal
PV33   SAPMHPS0       Business Event Appraisal
PV34   SAPMHPS0       Attendee Appraisal
PV35   RHUMAPPR       Appraisal Conversion Program
PV4I   SAPLRHVI       Book Attendance Web Users
PV5I   SAPLRHVI       Cancel Attendance R/3 Users
PV6I   SAPLRHVI       Cancel Attendance Web Users
PV7I   SAPLHRTEM00NET Training Center
PWKC   PREAD_WORK_CENTCreate Work Center Capacity IDoc
PWPC   PWPC_TO_CONVERTConvert Column Framework
PW00   MENUPW00       Incentive Wages
PW01   SAPMP53L       Maintain Incentive Wages Data
PW02   SAPMP53L       Display Incentive Wages Data
PW03   SAPMP53L       Record Incentive Wages Data
PW41   RPWI1100       Generate Batch Input Session
PW42   RPWI5000       Process Batch Input Session
PW43   RPWI4100       Reorganize Interface File
PW61   RPTCMP00       Time Leveling
PW62   RPWAZL00       Employment Percentage
PW63   RPWULL00       Reassignment of Pay Scale Group
PW70   RPWUL100       Recalculate Indiv. Incentive Wages
PW71   RPWUG100       Recalculate Group Incentive Wages
PW72   RPWUG180       Remove leaving employee from group
PW74   RPWUL170       Delete time tickets from cluster L1
PW75   RPWUG170       Delete time tickets from cluster G1
PW80   RPUCUSIW       Incentive Wages: Current Settings
PW91   MPWPAR00       Incentive Wages: Control Parameters
PW92   MPWPAR00       Incentive Wages: User Exits
PW93   MPWPAR00       Incentive Wages: Group Parameters
PW94   MPWPAR00       Inc. Wages: Logistics Parameters
PYKT   SAPMPYKT       Configuration Copier
PYK0   SAPMPYK0       History of year end reporting runs
PZFOTO SAPMPZ01       ESS Photo MiniApp  (dummy)
PZLE   SAPMPZ01       ESS Life Event  (Dummy)
PZM0   SAPMPZ00       ESS Start Menu
PZM1   SAPMPZ00       ESS Start Menu 1
PZM2   SAPMPZM2       ESS Start Menu
PZPR   SAPMPWREMIND   Password Reminder
PZSU53 SAPMESSREP     ESS Display Authorization Errors
PZUS   RHESSUSERSET   ESS General Settings
PZUSFB RHESSUSERSET   ESS MiniApp Photograph/Birthday
PZWHOC SAPMPZWHOC     ESS Who's Who: Customizing
PZ00   SAPMPZ00       ESS Start Menu
PZ01   SAPMPZ01       Who's Who
PZ01C  SAPMPZ01C      ESS Customizing for ESS Who's Who
PZ02   SAPMPZ02       Address
PZ03   SAPMPZ02       Bank Details
PZ04   SAPMESSREP     Time statement
PZ05   SAPMPZ02       Emergency Address
PZ07   SAPMPZ07       Participation Overview
PZ08   SAPMPZ02       Taxes
PZ09   SAPMPZ09       Time accounts
PZ10   SAPMPZ02       Tax Deductions Form (W-4)
PZ11   SAPMESSREP     Remuneration Statement
PZ12   SAPMPZ02       Family/Related Person
PZ14   SAPMPZ14       Enrollment
PZ15   SAPMPZ15       New Hire Data
PZ16   SAPMPZ16       Employment and Salary Verification
PZ17   SAPMESSREP     Work Schedule
PZ18   SAPMPZ02       Emergency Contact
PZ19   SAPMPZ02       ESS Time Management
PZ20   SAPMPZ02       Notification of Marriage
PZ21   SAPMPW12       Employment Opportunities
PZ22   SAPMPW03       Application status
PZ23   SAPMPZ23       My Preferences
PZ24   SAPMPZ01       Who's Who
PZ25   SAPMPZ25       ESS Australian Taxes
PZ26   SAPMPZ26       Organizational Chart
PZ27   SAPMPZ27       ESS Superannuation Australia
PZ28   SAPMPZ28       ESS Previous Employers
PZ29   SAPMPZ29       ESS External Bank Transfer Australi
PZ30   SAPMPZ30       My Photo
PZ31   SAPMRHPE_WWW_DEAdvanced HR: Access Profile Maint.
PZ32   SAPMRHPE_WWW   Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance
PZ34   RPTEDT00       ESS Time Management
PZ35   SAPMPZ01       Who's Who (Flow Logic)
PZ36   SAPMPZ02       ESS Change YEA (Korea)
PZ39   SAPMPZ39       Personal ID Information
PZ40   SAPMPZ40       FSA Claims
PZ41   SAPMPZ02       Capital Formation Germany
PZ42   SAPMPZ42       ESS Alternative Name
PZ43   SAPMPZ43       Retirement Benefits
PZ49   SAPMPZ49       Start ESS
PZ50   SAPMPZ50       Change Who's Who Data
PZ51   SAPMPZ25       ESS: Tax Thailand
PZ52   SAPMPZ52       ESS Change Address
PZ53   SAPMPZ52       ESS for Prior Service Public Sector
PZ54   SAPMPZ52       ESS for Leave Public Sector AU
PZ56   SAPMPZ02       Additional Personal Data
PZ60   SAPMPZ60       ESS benefit requests
PZ61   SAPMESSREP     Benefit request query report
PZ67   SAPMPZ02       ESS for Commuting Allowance
PZ80   SAPMPZ02       ESS Investment detls - IT585 -Sec80
PZ88   SAPMPZ02       ESS Investment detls - IT586 Sec88
P1B4   SAPMPAP0       Transfer table T588Z; infotype 4000
P1B7   RPAPUT92       Conversion T750B
P1ET   SAPMP1ET       Simulator of tax calculation
P1Q0   RPPBSUQ0       Increment Progression
P16B   SAPMP16B       Salary packaging (web)
P2R0   RPPBSAR0       Letter of appointment
P2R1   RPPBSAR0       Release letter of appointment
P2R2   RPPBSAR0       Accept letter of appointment
P2R3   RPPBSAR0       Verify and hire applicant
P2R4   RPAPBSR0       Print letter of appointment
P2R8   RPPBSAR0       Display letter of appointment
P2R9   RPPBSAR0       Display letter of appointment
P3PR   SAPMP3PR       3PR Reconciliation Workbench
P4Q0   RPPBSTQ0       Termination & Redundancy Organiser
P5DB4  SAPLHRB4       Construction; Maintain Cons.Sites
P5Q0   RPPBSTQ1       Termination and redundancy organise
P6Q0   SAPM00PS_WB    Termination and redundancy workbenc
QAC1   SAPLQPL1       Change insp. lot actual quantity
QAC2   SAPLQPL1       Transfer stock to insp. lot
QAC3   SAPLQPL1       Reset sample
QAER   SAPLOPTI       Display archive objects
QAS1   RQEIFM10       Download Insp. Specs. (Obsolete)
QAS2   RQEIFM20       Download Basic Data (Obsolete)
QAS3   RQEIFM50       Upload Results (Obsolete)
QAS4   RQEIFM60       Upload UD (Obsolete)
QA00   MENUQA00       Quality inspection
QA01   SAPLQPL1       Create Inspection Lot
QA01A  SAPLQPL1       Create Inspection Lot
QA02   SAPLQPL1       Change Inspection Lot
QA02A  SAPLQPL1       Change Inspection Lot
QA03   SAPLQPL1       Display inspection lot
QA05   RQJBCTRL       Job planning: Periodic inspection
QA06   RQJBCTRL       Job overview: Periodic inspection
QA07   RQAAAS10       Trigger for recurring inspection
QA07L  RQBALDSP       Deadline Monitoring Log
QA08   RQMQMM00       Collective Processing of Insp. Setu
QA09   SAPMSNUM       No. range maintenance for insp.lots
QA10   RQEVAI30       Trigger automatic usage decision
QA10L  RQBALDSP       Log for Automatic Usage Decision
QA11   SAPMQEVA       Record usage decision
QA12   SAPMQEVA       Change usage decision with history
QA13   SAPMQEVA       Display usage decision
QA14   SAPMQEVA       Change UD without history
QA16   RQEVAI10       Collective UD for accepted lots
QA17   RQJBCTRL       Job planning for auto usage decisio
QA18   RQJBCTRL       Job overview for auto usage decisio
QA19   RQEVAI30       Automatic usage decision
QA22   RQAPPU10       Change inspection point quantities
QA23   RQAPPU10       Display insp.point quantities
QA32   RQEEAL10       Change data for inspection lot
QA32WP RQEEAW10       QA32 -Call from Workplace/MiniApp
QA33   RQEEAL10       Display data for inspection lot
QA40   RQEVAI50       Auto. Usage Decision for Production
QA40L  RQBALDSP       Log for Automatic Usage Decision
QA41   RQJBCTRL       Scheduling UD for Production Lots
QA42   RQJBCTRL       Job planning: UD prod. insp.lots
QA51   RQJBCTRL       Scheduling Source Inspections
QA52   RQJBCTRL       Source inspections: Job overview
QCC0   RQIMGALL       QM: Direct Access to IMG
QCC1   RQIMG010       Direct Access to IMG: Notification
QCC2   RQIMG020       IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Notificatio
QCC3   RQIMG030       IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Inspection
QCC4   RQIMG040       IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Planning
QCC5   RQIMG050       IMG Direct Selection: QM Bus. Add-I
QCE2   SAPLQCE2       Edit Communication Support
QCE3   SAPLQCE2       Display Communication Support
QCYF   RSTXFCPY       QM standard forms (general)
QCYT   RSTXTCPY       QM standard texts (general)
QC01   SAPMQCPA       Create certificate profile
QC02   SAPMQCPA       Change certificate profile
QC03   SAPMQCPA       Display certificate profile
QC06   RQCQCD01       Immediate delete of cert. profiles
QC11   SAPMV13I       Create cert. profile assignment
QC12   SAPMV13I       Change cert. profile assignment
QC13   SAPMV13I       Display cert. profile assignment
QC14   SAPMV13I       Create cert.prof.assign.w/copy mode
QC20   RQCAAP03       Certificates for Deliveries
QC21   RQCAAP01       Quality certificate for the insp.lo
QC22   RQCAAP02       Quality Certificate for Batch
QC31   RQCARD03       Archive display: Delivery item
QC32   RQCARD01       Archive display: Inspection lot
QC40   SAPLQC07       Internet Certificate for Delivery
QC40A  SAPLQC07       Internet Certificate for Delivery
QC42   SAPMQCWA       Batch certificate on WWW
QC51   SAPMQCPR       Create certificate in procurement
QC52   SAPMQCPR       Change certificate in procurement
QC53   SAPMQCPR       Display certificate in procurement
QC55   RQCPRM10       Worklist: Certificates - Procuremen
QDH1   RQDAAM10       Q-level evaluation: Change data
QDH2   RQDAAM10       Q-level evaluation: Display data
QDL1   SAPMQDQL       Create quality level
QDL2   SAPMQDQL       Change quality level
QDL3   SAPMQDQL       Display quality level
QDP1   SAPMQDSP       Create sampling scheme
QDP2   SAPMQDSP       Change sampling scheme
QDP3   SAPMQDSP       Display sampling scheme
QDR1   SAPMQDDR       Create dynamic modification rule
QDR2   SAPMQDDR       Change dynamic modification rule
QDR3   SAPMQDDR       Display dynamic modification rule
QDR6   RQDULM20       Disp. where-used list-dyn. mod. rul
QDR7   RQDULM20       Replace dynamic mod. rule used
QDV1   SAPMQDSV       Create sampling procedure
QDV2   SAPMQDSV       Change sampling procedure
QDV3   SAPMQDSV       Display sampling procedure
QDV6   RQDULM10       Uses: Sampling procedures
QDV7   RQDULM10       Replace sampling procedure used
QD21   RQARCQM3       Mark completed notifications
QD33   RQARCQDL       Delete quality level
QD34   RQJBCTRL       Delete quality level planning
QD35   RQJBCTRL       Delete job overview for Q-levels
QEH1   SAPLQEH1       Worklist for Mobile Results Rec.
QEI1   RQEIFML1       Displaying QM Interfaces Appl. Log
QEI2   RQEIFML2       Deleting QM Interfaces Appl. Log
QEW01  RQEWWM10       Results Recording on Web
QEW01V RQEWWM00       Variant Maint.: Recording on Web
QE00   MENUQE00       Quality Planning
QE01   SAPMQEEA       Record characteristic results
QE02   SAPMQEEA       Change characteristic results
QE03   SAPMQEEA       Display characteristic results
QE04   SAPMQEEA       Record sample results
QE05   SAPMQEEA       Change sample results
QE06   SAPMQEEA       Display sample results
QE09   SAPMQEEA       Indiv.display of charac.result
QE09WP RQE09WP        Call QE09 from Workplace
QE11   SAPMQEEA       Record results for inspection point
QE12   SAPMQEEA       Change results for inspection point
QE13   SAPMQEEA       Display results for inspection poin
QE14   SAPMQEEA       Record results for delivery note
QE15   SAPMQEEA       Change results for delivery note
QE16   SAPMQEEA       Display results for delivery note
QE17   SAPMQEEA       Record results for equipment
QE18   SAPMQEEA       Change results for equipment
QE19   SAPMQEEA       Display results for equipment
QE20   SAPMQEEA       Record results for funct. location
QE21   SAPMQEEA       Change results for funct. location
QE22   SAPMQEEA       Display results for funct. location
QE23   SAPMQEEA       Record results for phys. sample
QE24   SAPMQEEA       Change results for phys. sample
QE25   SAPMQEEA       Display results for phys. sample
QE29   SAPMSNUM       No. Range Maint.: Conf. No. for Cha
QE51   RQEEAM10       Results recording worklist
QE51N  SAPLQEEO       Results Recording Worklist
QE52   RQEEAM20       Worklist: Results for phys. sample
QE53   RQEEAM30       Worklist: Record results for equip.
QE54   RQEEAM40       Worklist: Results for funct. loctns
QE71   RQETBM10       Tabular res. recording for insp. pt
QE72   RQETBM20       Tabular Results Rec. for Insp. Lots
QE73   RQETBM30       Tabular res. recording for characs.
QF01   SAPMQFFE       Record defect data
QF02   SAPMQFFE       Change defect data
QF03   SAPMQFFE       Display defect data
QF11   SAPMQFFE       Record defects for inspection lot
QF21   SAPMQFFE       Record defects for operation
QF31   SAPMQFFE       Record defects for characteristic
QGA1   RQGAAG10       Display quality score time line
QGA2   RQGAAM20       Display inspection results
QGA3   RQGAAM31       Print inspection results
QGC1   RQERKM10       Qual. control charts for insp. lots
QGC2   RQERKM20       Control charts for task list charac
QGC3   RQERKM30       Control charts for master insp. cha
QGD1   RIEQUI20       Test Equipment Usage List
QGD2   RQTETR00       Test Equipment Tracking
QGP1   RQGEPM10       Results history for task list chara
QGP2   RQGEPM10       Results History for Task List Chara
QG09   SAPMSNUM       Maint. num. range Q control charts
QISR   SAPQISRW       Internal Service Request
QISRW  SAPQISRW       Internal Service Request on the Web
QISR1  SAPLQISR3      Internal Service Request - Forms
QI01   SAPMQBAA       Create quality info. - purchasing
QI02   SAPMQBAA       Change qual.information - purchasin
QI03   SAPMQBAA       Display quality info. - purchasing
QI04   RQJBCTRL       Job planning for QM procurement key
QI05   RQBAAM50       Mass maintenance QM procurement key
QI06   RQBAAM10       QM Releases: Mass maintenance
QI07   RQBAAM20       Incoming insp. and open pur. orders
QI08   RQJBCTRL       Job overview of QM procurement keys
QK01   RQECOM10       Assign QM order to material
QK02   RQECOM20       Display assigned QM orders
QK04   RQECOM40       Create QM order
QK05   RQECOM30       Confirmed activities for insp. lot
QL11   RBDSEQMAT      Mat: Distribute Inspection Setup-AL
QL21   RBDSEQPMK      Master Inspection Characs (ALE)
QL31   RBDSEQSMT      Distribute Inspection Methods (ALE)
QL41   RBDSEQPGR      Distribute Code Groups (ALE)
QMW1   SAPQMWWW       Create quality notification (WWW)
QM00   MENUQM00       Quality Notifications
QM01   SAPLIQS0       Create quality notification
QM02   SAPLIQS0       Change quality notification
QM03   SAPLIQS0       Display quality notification
QM10   RQMELL10       Change list of quality notification
QM10WP RQMELW10       QM10 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp
QM11   RQMELL10       Display List of Qual. Notifications
QM12   RQMELL20       Change list of tasks
QM13   RQMELL20       Display list of tasks
QM13WP RQMELW20       QM13 - Call from  Workplace/MiniApp
QM14   RQMELL30       Change list of items
QM15   RQMELL30       Display list of items
QM16   RQMELL40       Change activity list
QM17   RQMELL40       Display activity list
QM19   RQMELM10       List of Q Notifications; Multi-Leve
QM50   RQMAAG10       Time line display Q notifications
QPIQS8 RQVIQS8        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPIQS9 RQVIQS9        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPNQ   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for inspection plans
QPQA32 RQVQA32        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPQGC1 RQVQGC1        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPQM10 RQVQM10        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPQM13 RQVQM13        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPR1   SAPLQPRS       Create physical sample
QPR2   SAPLQPRS       Change physical sample
QPR3   SAPLQPRS       Display physical sample
QPR4   SAPLQPRS       Confirm physical sample drawing
QPR5   RQPRLS10       Manual inspection lots for physSamp
QPR6   RQPRSS10       Create new phys.-samp. drawing w.re
QPR7   RQPRSS30       Storage Data Maintenance
QPV2   SAPLQPRV       Maintain sample drawing procedure
QPV3   SAPLQPRV       Display sample drawing procedure
QP01   SAPLCPDI       Create
QP02   SAPLCPDI       Change
QP03   SAPLCPDI       Display
QP05   RQPDRK00       Print inspection plan
QP06   RQBAAM40       List: Missing/unusable insp. plans
QP07   RQBAAM30       List: Missing/Unusable GR InspPlans
QP08   RQPDRK02       Print task lists for material
QP11   SAPLCPDI       Create reference operation set
QP12   SAPLCPDI       Change reference operation set
QP13   SAPLCPDI       Display reference operation set
QP48   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Physical Samples
QP49   SAPMSNUM       Number range for phys. samp. drawin
QP60   RMPLAN00       Time-related development of plans
QP61   RCPCD006       Display change documents insp.plan
QP62   RCPCD003       Change documents ref.operation sets
QSR6   RQPREDE2       Delete routings
QST03  RQSTA003       Display Stability History
QST04  RQSTA004       Display Inspection Plans
QST05  RQSTA005       Graphical Scheduling Overview
QST06  RQSTA006       Scheduling Overview (StabilityStudy
QST07  RQSTA007       Change Testing Schedule Items
QST08  RQSTA007       Display Testing Schedule Items
QS21   SAPMQSDA       Create master insp. characteristic
QS22   SAPMQSDA       Create master insp. charac. version
QS23   SAPMQSDA       Change master insp. charac. version
QS24   SAPMQSDA       Display master insp. charac. versio
QS25   SAPMQSDA       Delete master insp. charac. version
QS26   SAPMQPDA       Display characteristic use
QS27   SAPMQPDA       Replace master insp. characteristic
QS28   RQPMKV10       Display insp. charac. list
QS29   SAPMSNUM       Maintain characteristic number rang
QS31   SAPMQSCA       Create inspection method
QS32   SAPMQSCA       Create inspection method version
QS33   SAPMQSCA       Change inspection method version
QS34   SAPMQSCA       Display inspection method version
QS35   SAPMQSCA       Delete inspection method version
QS36   SAPMQPCA       Display inspection method use
QS37   SAPMQPCA       Central replacement of methods
QS38   RQMTBV10       Display inspection method list
QS39   SAPMSNUM       Maintain method number range
QS4A   SAPLQSBA       Display catalog
QS41   SAPLQSBA       Maintain catalog
QS42   SAPLQSBA       Display catalog
QS43   SAPLQSBA       Maintain catalog
QS44   SAPLQSBA       Maintain catalog
QS45   SAPLQSBA       Display catalog
QS46   SAPMQPBA       Display code group use
QS47   SAPMQPBA       Central replacement of code groups
QS48   RQSBAS40       Usage indicator - code groups
QS49   SAPMQSEA       Display code groups and codes
QS51   SAPLQSKT       Edit Selected Sets
QS52   SAPLQSKT       Display selected set index
QS53   SAPLQSKT       Maintain individual selected set
QS54   SAPLQSKT       Maintain selected set
QS55   SAPLQSKT       Display selected set
QS58   RQSBAS41       Usage indicator - selected sets
QS59   SAPMQSEA       Display selected sets
QS61   SAPMQMSP       Maintain material specification
QS62   SAPMQMSP       Display material specification
QS63   SAPMQMSP       Maintain material spec: Planning
QS64   SAPMQMSP       Display material spec: For key date
QS65   RQSPEZ10       Activate material specification
QS66   RQJBCTRL       Plan activation of material spec.
QS67   RQJBCTRL       Job overview: Activate mat. spec.
QTSA   SAPLQUOS       Product Allocations: Send Quantitie
QTSP   SAPLQUOS       Product Allocations:Send Customizin
QT00   MENUQT00       Test Equipment Management
QT01   MENUQT01       Test equipment management
QVM1   RQEVAM10       Inspection lots without completion
QVM2   RQEVAM20       Inspection lots with open quantitie
QVM3   RQEVAM30       Lots without usage decision
QV51   SAPMQVDM       Create control for QM in SD
QV52   SAPMQVDM       Change control for QM in SD
QV53   SAPMQVDM       Display control for QM in SD
QZ00   MENUQZ00       Quality Certificates
Q000   MENUQ000       Quality management
RAEP1  RAFWGO_UPLOAD_RProcedure for Single Records: RA
RAEP2  RAFWGO_FRP_RA  Procedure for Final Results: RA
RCA00  SAPLRMRCT      Edit Generic Transaction
RCA01  BUSSTART       Create Risk Object
RCA02  BUSSTART       Change Risk Object
RCA03  BUSSTART       Display Risk Object
RCA04  SAPMJBRT       Copy Risk Object
RCA06  BUSSTART       Delete Risk Object
RCC0G  BUSVIEWS       RT Control: Tables
RCC00  MENURCC00      Configuration Menu for Risk Objects
RCC01  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Applications
RCC02  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Field Groups
RCC03  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Views
RCC04  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Sections
RCC05  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Screens
RCC06  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Screen Sequences
RCC07  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Events
RCC08  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Standard Functions
RCC09  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Additional Functions
RCC10  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Search Help
RCC11  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Assign DB Screen
RCC12  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Modification Criteria
RCC15  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Application Transaction
RCC18  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Activities
RCC19  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Field Mod. per Act. Cat
RCC20  BUSVIEWS       Authorization Types
RCC23  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Data Sets
RCDEF  SAPLRMRCT      Definition of Risk Object
RCP02  RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&S
RCP03  RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&S
RDCA   RFFMSDCA       Send Vendor Documents
RDPT1  FTBAS_SET_OVERVList of Redemption Schedule Sets
RDPT2  FTBAS_SCHEDULE_List of Redemption Schedules
RDPT3  FTBAS_CLEANUP_SDelete Redemption Schedule Sets
RDPT4  FTBAS_CLEANUP_SDelete Redemption Schedules
RECABT RFRECABT       Generate BDT Subscreen Containers
RECALN SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint: RECALOG
RECALP RFRECALOGDISPLAParam. for Log Overview (Internal)
RECARG RFRECARG       Worklist: Update Objects
RECATM RFRECATM       Manage Text Modules
RECDCG RFRECD_CASHFLOWCash Flow Update for Contract
RECDCH RFRECD_CASHFLOWUpdate Cash Flow for Rental Object
RECNAE RFRECN_BALANCE_Comparison ObjTypes - Contract Type
RECNRP RFRECN_RESPONSIChange Pers.Resp: Contracts
RECON1 RTPM_TRS_RECON_Process Ext. Sec. Acct Statements
RECON2 RTPM_TRS_RECONCReconcile Ext. Sec. Acct Statements
RECON3 RTPM_TRS_RECON_Delete Ext. Security Acct Statement
RECOSE SAPLKO71       CO Settlement of Real Estate Object
REISAO RFREISAO       Info System: Architectural Objects
REISBE RFREISBE       Info System: Business Entities
REISBP RFREISBPOBJREL Info System: Objects for Partner
REISBU RFREISBU       Info System: Buildings
REISCN RFREISCN       Info System: Contracts
REISPR RFREISPR       Info System: Properties
REISRO RFREISRO       Info System: Rental Objects
REITDS RFREITDS       Input Tax Distribution
REPP1  REPP_VC_1      CO-OM-IS User Settings: Customizing
RERAPL RFVISL04       General Real Estate Posting Log
RERAPP RFRERAPP       Periodic Postings: Contracts
RERAVP RFRERAVP       Per. Posting: Rental Obj.(Vacancies
RESCBC RFRESCBOOKING  Posting of Settlement
RESCIS RFRESCSHOWRESULEvaluation of Service Charge Settlm
RESCRV RFRESCSEREVERSEReversal of Service Chg Settlement
RESCSE RFRESCSETTL    Service Charge Settlement
RESRCL RESRCALCRESULTLDisplay Results of Calculation
RESRIS RFRESRSHOWRESULReport on Sales-Based Settlement
RESRRP RESRREPORTLDB  Collective Entry of Sales Reports
RESRRV RFRESRSETTLLDBRReversal of Sales-Based Settlement
RESRSE RFRESRSETTLLDB Sales-Based Rent Settlement
RE80   RFRECA_RE80_INIRE80: RE Navigator
RFAF   RSTWBFAF       Store order follow-on documents
RISV   RMCSISCP       Setup: Retail Info System - Version
RJB1   KCFDUMENU      External Data Transfer Workbench
RKLNT  RKLNTNG01      Counterparty Risk of Netting Group
RKLSI  RKLSI          Overview of Collateral Provision
RL23   SAPLGD23       Document Display for Ledger 3A
RM_01  RJBRSIIN       Initialize view
RM_02  RJBRVRGC       Regenerate View
RM_97  RJBRSELPROT    Display of DB Logs
RM_98  RJBRBPDIAG     Diagnosis of BP Admin. Tables
RM_99  RJBRDEACFO     Deactivate Financial Objects
RMBDSA RJBRBDSA       Overview of Report Data
RMBDSB RJBRBDSB       Create Report Data
RMBK1  RRMDRB01       BCA: Derivation Strategy
RMBK2  RRMDRB02       BCA: Rule Entries
RMCM   RFTBCMGT00     Link Between Cash Mgmt and Risk Mgm
RMDR1  RRMDRR01       Gen.Transaction: Derivation Strateg
RMDR2  RRMDRR02       Gen. Transaction: Rule Entries
RMD01  RRMDR001       FO: Derivation Strategy
RMD02  RRMDR002       Financial Object: Rule Entries
RMFD   RJBRSVAC       Financial Object Data
RMFZ1  RRMFAZ01       Derivation of RM Part for Facilitie
RMRB   RJBRSTDA       Dataset Management
RMVARS RJBRVARS       Display Shifts during VaR Evaluatio
RMVT1  RRMDRV01       Variable Trans: Derivation Strategy
RMVT2  RRMDRV02       Variable Transaction: Rule Entries
RMV0   RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: VAR
RMWB   RMWBP00        Start Workbench
RMW99  MENURMW99      Area Menu
RPAM   REPPXXXN       Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currenc
RPAN   REPPXXXN       Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPA0   REPPXXX0       Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPA1   REPPXXX0       Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currenc
RPBN   REPPXXXN       Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPB0   REPPXXX0       Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPCN   REPPXXXN       Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC0   REPPXXX0       Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC1   REPPXXX0       Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC2   REPPXXXN       Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPDK   RPPWF1M0       Workflow for Danish Payroll
RPON   REPPXXXN       Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPO0   REPPXXX0       Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPPN   REPPXXXN       Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPP0   REPPXXX0       Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPXN   REPPXXXN       CO-OM Information System: Settings
RPX0   REPPXXX0       CO-OM Information System: Settings
RSA0   RSA1ADMI       Content Settings Maintenance
RSA10  SAPLRSC3       Realtime Test Interface Srce System
RSA2   RSA1REP        OLTP Metadata Repository
RSA3   SAPLRSFH       Extractor Checker
RSA5   RSA1BCIN       Install Business Content
RSA6   RSA1DSMA       Maintain DataSources
RSA7   RSA1QMNT       BW Delta Queue Monitor
RSA8   RSA1HIMA       DataSource Repository
RSA9   RSA1APAC       Transfer Application Components
RSFH   FHVIEWER       Test Transaction Data Extractors
RSMD   FHVIEWER       Extractor Checker
RSO2   RSIO0009       Oltp Metadata Repository
RSO3   RSIO0007       Set Up Deltas for Master Data
RSRR   SAPLRSRR       BW RRI on the Web
RSTB   RSTBNAME       Choose Object Name
RTBSTD RJBALMRTBSTD   Position Management for Gen.Trans.
RTDE   RGUDEL00       Retail Ledger: Del. Transaction Dat
RTGDI  SAPLCPCC_DT    Direct input for routings
RTHCOC OM_START_NF    Create Retail Object Assignment
RTHCOD OM_START_NF    Display Retail Object Assignment
RTHCOM OM_START_NF    Change Retail Object Assignment
RTKB   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: KB_NRRANGE
RTPB01 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Cntrl: Application Transaction
RTPB02 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Cntrl: Tables
RTPB03 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Cntrl: Activities
RTPB04 BUSVIEWS       RPUS struct: Applications
RTPB05 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Field Group
RTPB06 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Views
RTPB07 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Sections
RTPB08 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Screens
RTPB09 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct: Screen Sequence
RTPB10 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct: Events
RTPB11 BUSVIEWS       RPUS GUI: Standard Functions
RTPB12 BUSVIEWS       RPUS GUI: Additional Functions
RTPB13 BUSVIEWS       RPUS GUI: Assignm scrn fld -> DB fl
RTPB14 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Field Mod: Criteria
RTPB15 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Field Mod: Activity Category
RTPB16 BUSVIEWS       Create data set for retirement plan
RTPB17 BUSVIEWS       Retirement types
RTPB18 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Authorization types
RTPB19 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Field groups for authorization
RVND   RFIBLOPAY      Create Payment Requests Online
RWBE   RWBEST01       Stock Overview
RZPT   SAPLARCH_RZPT_SResidence Time Maintenance Tool
RZ01   RSRZADM2       Job Scheduling Monitor
RZ02   RSRZOLD        Network Graphics for SAP Instances
RZ03   RSRZLST1       Presentation; Control SAP Instances
RZ04   RSRZLST2       Maintain SAP Instances
RZ06   RSRZOLD        Alerts Thresholds Maintenance
RZ08   RSRZOLD        SAP Alert Monitor
RZ10   SAPLSPFL       Maintain Profile Parameters
RZ11   RSPFLDOC       Profile Parameter Maintenance
RZ12   SAPMSMLG       Maintain RFC Server Group Assignmen
RZ15   SAPMSLOG       Read XMI log
RZ20   RSALSTMO       CCMS Monitoring
RZ21   SAPLSALU       CCMS Monitoring Arch. Customizing
RZ23   RSPFDBUI_INIT  Performance database monitor
RZ23N  RSPFDB_ADMIN   Central Performance History
RZ25   RSALTLEX       Start Tools for a TID
RZ26   RSAL_START_TOOLStart Methods for an Alert
RZ27   RSAL_EXECUTE_RZStart RZ20 for a Monitor
RZ28   RSAL_START_AL_VStart Alert Viewer for Monitor
RZ70   RSLDADM        SLD Administration
S-32   SAPMSTBM       _
S-33   SAPMSTBM       Display table
S_IWB  RSIWB310       Initial Screen Knowledge Warehouse
SAAB   SAPLSAAB       Activ. Assertions and Breakpoints
SADJ   SAPLSCT1       Customizing Transfer Assistant
SADP   SAPMSADR       Contact person addr.maint. init.scr
SADQ   SAPMSADR       Private address maint. initial scrn
SADR   SAPMSADR       Address maint. - Group required!
SAD0   SAPMSAD0       Address Management call
SAINT  SAPLSAINT_UI   Add-On Installation Tool
SAKB4  SAPRAKB_SHOW_EXCreate Usage Explanations
SAKB5  SAPRAKB_CI_TABCCheck Table Enhancements
SALE   RBDSALE2       Display ALE Customizing
SAMT   SAPRSAMT       ABAP Program Set Processing
SARA   SAPMAADM       Archive Administration
SARE   SAPLAINS       Archive Explorer
SARFC  RSARFCCHK      Server Resources for Asynchron. RFC
SARI   SAPLAINA       Archive Information System
SARJ   SAPLAS_ARC     Archive Retrieval Configurator
SARP   SAPMSERP       Reporting (Tree Structure): Execute
SARPN  SAPLBMEN       Display Report Trees
SART   SAPMSERP       Display Report Tree
SARTN  SAPLSRT_APPL   Display Report Trees
SA01   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRNR
SA11   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRV
SA12   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRVP
SA38   SAPMS38M       ABAP Reporting
SA39   SAPMS38M       SA38 for Parameter Transaction
SBAC   SAPLSF30       Edit Application Components
SBCA   SAPLBCOM_ADMIN Routing Server Administration
SBDS1  BDSBARCO1      Displaying Open Bar Codes
SBDS2  BDSBARCO2      Open Internal Bar Codes
SBDS3  BDSBARCO3      Open External Bar Codes
SBDS4  BDSBARCO4      Open Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS5  BDSBARCO5      Internal Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS6  BDSBARCO6      External Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS7  BDSBARCOM      Compare Open Bar Codes
SBEA   MENUSBEA       BEAC corporate flight system
SBI1   RSAO0001       Maintain enhanced InfoSource
SBI2   RSAO0003       Maintain enhanced master data str.
SBI3   RSAO0007       Maintain append for InfoSource
SBI4   RSAO0008       Maintain append for master data
SBI5   RSAO0009       Delete InfoObjects
SBPT   MENUSBPT       Administration Process Technology
SBRAC  SAPLBCOM_R_ATTCCatalog of Routing Attributes
SBRT3  RSBCOM_SBRT3_STRBR Test Server - Configuration
SBTA   SAPMSSY2       Test background processing
SBWP   SAPMSSO0       SAP Business Workplace
SB01   ADITEST8       Business Navigator - Component View
SCAL   SAPMSFT0       Factory Calendar with GUI
SCASE  SAPCMGSTART    Case Management
SCAT   SAPMSCAT       Computer Aided Test Tool
SCA2   SAPMSFT2       Cannot be executed directly
SCA3   SAPMSFT3       Cannot be executed directly
SCA4_D SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly
SCA4_U SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly
SCA5_D SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCA5_U SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCA6_D SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCA6_U SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCCL   SAPMSCC1       Local Client Copy
SCC1   SAPMSCC1       Client Copy - Special Selections
SCC3   RSCCPROT       Client Copy Log
SCC5   SAPMSCC1       Delete Client
SCC7   SAPMSCC1       Post-Client Import Methods
SCC8   SAPMSCC1       Client Export
SCC9   SAPMSCC1       Remote Client Copy
SCDN   SAPMSNUM       Change Documents: Number Ranges
SCDO   SAPMSCDO       Display Change Document Objects
SCFB   GRM_START_FUNCTRole Manager: Start of a Function
SCID   SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector for Specified Object
SCII   SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector: Inspection
SCMA   SAPLSCMA       Schedule Manager: Scheduler
SCMATP SAPLSCMA       SchedMan: Task List Maintenance
SCMO   RKRUNMONI      Schedule Manager: Monitor
SCMP   SAPLSCT1       View/Table Comparison
SCMSMO SCMS_CS_MONITORKnowledge Provider Monitor
SCON   RSCONN07       SAPconnect - Administration
SCOT   RSCONN07       SAPconnect - Administration
SCP    RSCPSEGMENT_SHODisplay and Maintain Code Page
SCPI   MENUSCPI       Production Optimization Interface
SCPMIG RSCP0126       Character Conversion
SCPRAT SAPLSCPRMP     Change BC Set Value Attributes
SCPRIP SAPLSCPRMP     Delete Several BC Sets
SCPR10 SAPSCPR5       BC Sets: Compare after transport
SCPR20 SAPSCPR7       BC Sets: Activate
SCPR3  SCPR3          Display and maintain BC Sets
SCPR92 SAPSCPR6       BC Sets: Maintenance tool 2
SCRE   GRM_START_REPORRole Manager: Start of a Report
SCRK   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: CSCR_KEYN
SCRM   SCRMSHOW       CRM-Relevant IMG in PlugIn of R/3
SCUA   SAPMSCUA       Central User Administration
SCUC   RSUSRSCUC      CUA: Synchronize company addresses
SCUG   RSUSLAND       Transfer Users
SCUL   SAPMUSLG       Central User Administration Log
SCUM   RSUSLAND       Central User Administration
SCU0   SAPLSCT1       Customizing Cross-System Viewer
SCU3   RSTBHIST       Table History
SCWB   SCWBENTR       Correction Workbench
SC38   SAPMS38M       Start Report (Remote)
SDBE   SAPMSDBE       Explain an SQL statement
SDCC   BDLSDDCC       Service Data Control Center
SDD1   SDDORD01       Duplicate Sales Documents in Period
SDMO   MSDMEN00       Dynamic Menu (old)
SDOCU  SAPLS_DOKU_HIERMaintain Documentation Structure
SDO1   SDORDE01       Orders within time period
SDPI   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.: SD_PICKING
SDQ1   SDQUOT01       Expiring Quotations
SDQ2   SDQUOT02       Expired Quotations
SDQ3   SDQUOT03       Completed Quotations
SDV    SDV_VIEWER     Document Viewing
SDVK   SDCRSL01       Purchase Analysis Sales Documents
SDV1   SDCONT01       Expiring Contracts
SDV2   SDCONT02       Expired Contracts
SDV3   SDCONT03       Completed Contracts
SDWB   BDLDEVLP       Service Definition Work Bench
SDW0   MENUSDW0       ABAP Development WB Initial Screen
SD11   SAPMUD00       Data Modeler
SECATT SAPLECATT_MAIN Extended Computer Aided Test Tool
SECR   RSAUDIT0       Audit Information System
SECSTO RSECADMIN      Administration of Secure Memory
SENG   SAPLSF4E       Administration of External Indexes
SEPA   SAPLEPSS       EPS Server: Administration
SEPS   SAPLEPSC       SAP Electronic Parcel Service
SERP   SAPMSERP       Reporting: Change Tree Structure
SESS   SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree Display
SETB   RFFMSETB       Direct Input for BUSAB
SE01   RDDM0001       Transport Organizer (Extended)
SE03   SAPCTS_TOOLS   Transport Organizer Tools
SE06   RDDINSTR       Set Up Transport Organizer
SE07   RDDSTR01       CTS Status Display
SE09   RDDM0001       Transport Organizer
SE10   RDDM0001       Transport Organizer
SE11   DD_START       ABAP Dictionary
SE12   DD_START       ABAP/4 Dictionary Display
SE13   SAPMSEDS       Maintain Technical Settings (Tables
SE14   SAPMSGTB       Utilities for Dictionary Tables
SE15   RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information Syste
SE16   SAPLSETB       Data Browser
SE16N  RK_SE16N       General Table Display
SE17   SAPMSTAZ       General Table Display
SE18   BADI_START     Business Add-Ins: Definitions
SE19   BADI_START     Business Add-Ins: Implementations
SE21   PACKAGE_BUILDERPackage Builder
SE24   SEO_STARTUP    Class Builder
SE29   SAPMAPAD       Application Packets
SE30   SAPMS38T       ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
SE32   RSTEXTELEMENTE ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE33   SAPMS33C       Context Builder
SE35   SAPMSDIA       ABAP/4 Dialog Modules
SE36   SAPMSLDB       Logical Database Builder
SE37   SAPMS38L       ABAP Function Modules
SE39   RS_WB_SPLIT_EDISplitscreen Editor: (New)
SE39O  SAPMSEDC       Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare
SE40   SAPMSEUN       MP: Standards Maint. and Translatio
SE41   SAPMSMPE       Menu Painter
SE43   SAPLBMEN       Maintain Area Menu
SE43N  SAPLBMEN       Maintain Area Menu
SE54   SAPMSVIM       Generate table view
SE61   SAPMSDCU       R/3 Documentation
SE61D  RSE61D         Display of SAPScript Text
SE62   SAPMSBR0       Industry Utilities
SE63   SAPMTRAN       Translation: Initial Screen
SE64   SAPMTERM       Terminology
SE71   SAPMSSCF       SAPscript form
SE72   SAPMSSCS       SAPscript Styles
SE73   SAPMSSCO       SAPscript Font Maintenance
SE74   SAPMSSCU       SAPscript format conversion
SE75   SAPMSSCC       SAPscript Settings
SE76   SAPMSSCG       SAPscript: Form Translation
SE77   SAPMSSCG       SAPscript Styles Translation
SE78   SAPMSSCH       Administration of Form Graphics
SE8I   RSINFOLI       Lists in Repository Infosystem
SE80   SAPMSEU0       Object Navigator
SE81   SAPMSEU10      Application Hierarchy
SE82   SAPMSEU9       Application Hierarchy
SE84   RS_INFOSYSTEM_SR/3 Repository Information System
SE85   RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information Syste
SE89   SAPMSEUM       Maintain Trees in Information Syste
SE90   RS_INFOSYSTEM_SProcess Model Information System
SE91   RSMESSAGES     Message Maintenance
SE92   RSLGAD01       New SysLog Msg Maintenance as of 46
SE92N  RSLGAD01       Maintain System Log Messages
SE93   SAPLSEUK       Maintain Transaction Codes
SE94   SAPMSCLS       Customer enhancement simulation
SE95   SAPRMOMO       Modification Browser
SE97   TASAUTH        Maint. transaction call authorizatn
SFAC   SAPLBZFC       Field selection maintenance
SFAW   SAPMM00C       Field Selection Maintenance
SFT1   SAPMSFT0       Maintain Public Holidays
SFT2   SAPMSFT0       Maintain Public Holiday Calendar
SFT3   SAPMSFT0       Maintain Factory Calendar
SGOSHI RSSGOSHIRE     Object History
SHDB   SAPMSBDT       Batch Input Transaction Recorder
SHDG   RSHDGF00       Global Fields: Change and Display
SHDI   RSSHDIMG_TREE2 Transaction Variants Image Archive
SHDS   SAPMSHD0       Internal: Save transaction variant
SHD0   SAPMSHD0       Transaction and Screen Variants
SHD1   SAPMSHD0       Internal: Variant transaction call
SHI0   SAPLSHI4       Structure buffer: Node type maint.
SHI1   SAPLSHI4       Structure buffer: Link type maint.
SHI2   SAPLSHI4       Structure buffer: Struc. type maint
SHI3   SAPLSHI6       Structure maintenance
SH01   RSHLP001       Online help: F1 Help server
SH02   RSHLP002       Online help: Link tracing
SH03   RSHLP003       Call extended help
SI_SEL SAPMSIWB_STRUC_KW: Structure Editor Link
SIAC1  SIAC_TREE      Web Object Administration
SIBU   SAPLSATT11     Industry Maintenance
SICF   RSICFTREE      HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance
SICK   RSICC000       Installation Check
SIMGH  SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_IMG Structure Maintenance
SINA   RSSINADM       SAPBPT: Maintain Standard Config.
SIN1   SAPLSIN1       SAPBPT: Inbox
SI00   MENUSI00       SAP Knowledge Warehouse
SI21   RSIWB21        Migration of extended help
SI22   RSIWB000       Create Command Files
SI23   RSIWB100       Init. screen of cust. maint. interf
SI23_6 IWB_TEMPLATES  Edit templates
SI24   RSIWB101       Initial Screen of IMG (KW)
SI24_1 RSIWB102       Customizing System (KW)
SI24_2 RSIWB103       Customizing Server (KW)
SI24_3 RSIWB104       Customizing Assignments (KW)
SI24_4 RSIWB105       Customizing Export Variants (KW)
SI24_5 RS_IWB_ENTRY_SEDefine Initial Structure (Custom.)
SI24_6 RS_IWB_EXPORT_AAutomat. Instantiation of Info Obj.
SI24_7 RS_IWB_EXPORT_RSet export_range in iwbsetting
SI24_8 RS_IWB_R3LINK_SSupport R/3 Link Maintenance (Cust)
SI24_9 RSIWB106       Document Management Areas (View)
SI80   RSIWB300       Knowledge Warehouse
SI81   RSIWB600       Management
SI85   RSIWB303       Knowledge Warehouse (General)
SI86   RSIWB601       Management
SI88   RSIWB601       HTML Export
SI89   RSIWB602       Analyze HTML Export Logs
SI90   RSIWB302       Knowledge Warehouse: Training
SKNF   SAPLSQADB04    Maintain Configuration Groups
SKPR07 RSTIRIDX_MONITOMonitoring for KPRO Retrieval
SKPR09 RSIRCCON       Test Content Repositories
SKWA   SKWA_START     Administration Workbench
SKWR01 SKWR_TAXONOMY  Taxonomy Tree Management
SKWR03 SKWR_TRAIN_CLASClassify Documents
SKWS   SKWS_USER_INTERCM: Status Management
SLAT   RSIWA203       Additional Translation Tools
SLDB   SAPMSLDB       Logical Databases (Tree Structure)
SLGN   SAPMSNUM       Applic.log: Number range maintenanc
SLGT   RDDGTSND       Register in Central Object Director
SLG1   SBAL_DISPLAY   Application Log: Display Logs
SLG2   SBAL_DELETE    Application Log: Delete logs
SLIBN  RLB_LIBRARY_EDIMaintain Reuse Library
SLIBP  RLB_PRODUCT_EDIMaintain Reuse Product
SLIN   SAPLSLIN       ABAP: Extended Program Check
SLIS   MENUSLIS       FI-SL Spec.Purpose Ledg. Info.Syste
SLLS   SAPMSLLS       Translation Statistics
SLLT   SAPMSLLT       Translation Performance Statistics
SLPP   SAPMSLW_SLPP   Proposal Pool
SLWA   SAPMSLW_ADMIN  Translation Environment Admin.
SLWB   SAPMSLW_ADMIN_ITranslation Environment Scheduler
SLW3   SAPMSLW_ADMIN_IWorklist Scheduler
SLW4   SAPMSLW_ADMIN  Translation: Application Hierarchy
SL02   SAPMSL02       PAW - Main Menu
SL31   SAPMSL311      PAW - Test-Type Definitions
SL32   SAPMSL32       PAW - Location Definitions
SL60   SLSPAWR1       PAW - Test Results Overview
SL61   SLSPAWT1       PAW - Test Results Transfer  to HR
SL62   SLSPAWL3       PAW - Lookup Definition Tree
SL63   SLSPAWL2       PAW - Location Test-Catalog
SL64   SLSPAWR2       PAW - Statistical Evaluations
SL65   SLSPAWR8       PAW - Export Test Results
SL66   SLSPAWD1       PAW - Download Certification Detail
SL67   SLSPAWD2       PAW - Download Test-Catalog for Loc
SL68   SLSPAWT9       PAW - Test Data Generation
SL69   SLSPAWT2       PAW - Qualification Transfer Log.
SL70   SLSPAWR7       PAW - Person Results Overview
SL71   SLSPAWT8       PAW - Initial Data Generator
SL73   SLSPAWT5       PAW - Batch Qualification Generatio
SL74   SLSPAWT6       PAW - Batch Q.- Generation Protocol
SL75   SLSPAWR9       PAW - Item Results Overview
SL76   SLSPAWR6       PAW - Test Structure Display
SL77   SLSPAWC1       PAW - Show comments for test items
SL79   SAPLSLSM       PAW - Location Profile Maintenance
SL91   SLSPAWV1       PAW - Maintain location profile
SL92   SLSPAWV2       PAW - Maintain test type profil
SL93   SAPMSL932      PAW - Maintain Settings
SL94   SLSPAWV3       PAW - Maintain test IO profile
SL95   SLSPAWV4       PAW - Maintain User Profiles
SL96   SAPMSL96       PAW - Release Control Settings
SL99   SLSPAWV5       PAW - Display authorization profile
SMAP01 SAPLSF30       Maintain Solution Map objects
SMCL   CSL_MON        CSL: Monitor
SMEN   SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree Display
SMET   SMETRICS01     Display frequency of function calls
SMGW   RSMONGWY_ALV   Gateway Monitor
SMLG   SAPMSMLG       Maint.Assign. Logon Grp to Instance
SMLT   SAPTLAN_MANAGEMLanguage Management
SMMS   RSMONMS_ALV    Message Server Monitor
SMOD   SAPMSMOD       SAP Enhancement Management
SMOMO  WAF_MOMO       Mobile Engine
SMQA   RSTRFCMA       tRFC/qRFC: Confirm. status & data
SMQE   RSQEVTMA       qRFC Administration
SMQG   RSTRFCM7       Distributed QOUT Tables
SMQR   RSQIWKMA       Registration of Inbound Queues
SMQS   RSQOWKMA       Registration of Destinations
SMQ1   RSTRFCM1       qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2   RSTRFCM3       qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
SMQ3   RSTRFCM5       qRFC Monitor (Saved E-Queue)
SMT1   RSRFCSEC       Trusted Systems (Display <-> Maint.
SMT2   RSRFCSLX       Trusting systems (Display <->Maint.
SMW0   SAPMWWW0       SAP Web Repository
SMX    SAPLBTCH       Display Own Jobs
SM01   SAPMTSTC       Lock Transactions
SM02   SAPMSEM1       System Messages
SM04   RSM04000_ALV   User List
SM12   RSENQRR2       Display and Delete Locks
SM13   SAPMSM13       Administrate Update Records
SM13T  SAPMSM13       Administrate Update Records
SM14   SAPMSM14       Update Program Administration
SM18   RSAUPURG       Reorganize Security Audit Log
SM19   SAPMSM19       Security Audit Configuration
SM20   SAPMSM20       Security Audit Log Assessment
SM20N  SAPMSM20       Analysis of Security Audit Log
SM21   SAPMSM21       Online System Log Analysis
SM28   RSICC000       Installation Check
SM29   SAPMSM29       Model Transfer for Tables
SM30   SAPMSVMA       Call View Maintenance
SM31   SAPMSVMA       Call View Maintenance Like SM30
SM32   SAPMSTBM       Maintain Table Parameter ID TAB
SM33   SAPMSTBM       Display Table Parameter ID TAB
SM34   SAPMSVMA       Viewcluster Maintenance Call
SM35   SAPMSBDC_CC    Batch Input Monitoring
SM35P  RSBDC_PROTOCOL Batch Input: Log Monitoring
SM36   SAPLBTCH       Schedule Background Job
SM37   SAPLBTCH       Overview of job selection
SM37B  SAPLBTCH       Simple version of job selection
SM37C  SAPLBTCH       Flexible version of job selection
SM38   SAPMSQIO       Queue Maintenance Transaction
SM39   SAPBTCPE       Job Analysis
SM49   RSLOGCOM       Execute external OS commands
SM50   RSMON000_ALV   Work Process Overview
SM51   RSM51000_ALV   List of SAP Systems
SM54   RSM54000       TXCOM Maintenance
SM55   RSM55000       THOST Maintenance
SM56   RSM56000       Number Range Buffer
SM58   RSARFCRD       Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SM580  RBDSTARTSM58   Transaction for Drag & Relate
SM59   RSRFCRFC       RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SM61   SAPLCOBJ       Backgroup control objects monitor
SM61B  SAPLCOBJ       New control object management
SM63   SAPLSOMS       Display/Maintain Operating Mode Set
SM64   SAPLBTCH       Trigger an Event
SM65   SAPLSBPT       Background Processing Analysis Tool
SM66   SAPMSM66       Systemwide Work Process Overview
SM69   RSLOGCOM       Maintain External OS Commands
SNC0   SAPL0SEC       SNC Access Control List: Systems
SNC1   RSUSR300       Generate SNC name for user
SNC2   RSUSR402       Export SNC name of user
SNC3   RSSNC40A       User initial control list 3.1-4.0
SNC4   RSSNCCHK       Check canonical SNC names
SNLS   SAPMSNL1       Display NLS (character set; lang.)
SNL1   SAPMSNL1       Display NLS (character set; lang.)
SNL2   SAPMSNL1       Set NLS (character set; language...
SNL3   SAPMSNL1       Develop NLS (character set; lang...
SNRO   SAPMSNRO       Number Range Objects
SNUM   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Driver
SOA    MENUSOA        SAP ArchiveLink
SOAACT ACE_SOP_PERIODIActual Calculation of Provisions
SOAD   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: External Addresses
SOAIMG ACE_SOP_IMG    IMG for Stock Option Accounting
SOASIM ACE_SOP_PERIODISimulation of Provisions
SOBJ   SAPMTOBJ       Maintenance Object Attributes
SOBN01 RSUSR002_ADDRESPersonal data
SOBT   SAPMTOBJ       Maintenance Object Attributes
SOCP   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: External Addresses
SODS   RSSODS         SAPoffice: LDAP Browser
SOEX   SAPLSO02       Express Message
SOFF   MENUSOFF       SAPoffice: Area Menu
SOHI   MSGOSHIST      Object History
SOLMAP SAPLSF30       Maintain Solution Maps
SOSB   RSSOSOSTSTAT   Send Order Overview (User)
SOSG   RSSOSOSTSTAT   Send Request Overview (Groups)
SOST   RSSOSOSTSTAT   Overview transmission requests
SOSV   RSSOSOSTSTAT   SAPconnect Send Requests
SOTR   RSSOAPIR       Test transaction for API1 (received
SOYA   RSSOCHOW       SAPoffice: Change folder owner
SOY1   RSSOUSED       SAPoffice: Mass Maint. Users
SOY2   RSSOSTAT       SAPoffice: Statistics data collect.
SOY3   RSSOSTVW       SAPoffice: Statistics Evaluation
SOY4   RSSOLAZY       SAPoffice: Access overview
SOY5   RSSOINBO       SAPoffice: Inbox overview
SOY6   RSSOPRIV       SAPoffice: Document overview
SOY7   RSSOFOLD       SAPoffice: Folder overview
SOY8   RSSOAPUT       SAPoffice: Mass Archiving
SOY9   RSSOMOVE       SAPoffice: Inbox Reorg.
SO00   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Short Message
SO01   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Inbox
SO01X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Inbox
SO02   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Outbox
SO02X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Outbox
SO03   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Folders
SO03X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Folders
SO04   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO04X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO05   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Trash
SO05X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Trash
SO06   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Substitution on/off
SO07   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Resubmission
SO07X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Resubmission
SO10   SAPMSSCE       SAPscript: Standard Texts
SO12   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: User Master
SO13   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Substitute
SO15   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO16   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Profile
SO17   RSSOTRCL       SAPoffice: Delete Shared Trash
SO18   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Shared Trash
SO19   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Default Documents
SO20   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Default Document
SO21   RSSOPCDR       Maintain PC Work Directory
SO22   RSSODLPC       SAPoffice: Delete PC Temp. Files
SO23   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO28   RSSO0028       Maintain SOGR
SO30   RSSORE00       SAPoffice: Reorg.
SO31   RSSORE02       Reorganization (daily)
SO36   RSSOADM0       Create Automatic Forwarding
SO38   RSSOFALU       SAPoffice: Synchr. of Folder Auths.
SO40   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set MAIL
SO41   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEFAX
SO42   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_
SO43   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_
SO44   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEX
SO50   BCS_IBND_MAINT Rules for inbound distribution
SO52   RSSOUADD       Deletes Address from User Master
SO55   RSSOUSCO       User consistency check
SO60   RSDOCH01       Call R/3 Help Library
SO70   SAPLDSYH       Hypertext: Display/Maint. Structure
SO71   SAPLDSYH       Test plan management
SO72   SAPMSDCU       Maintain Hypertext Module
SO73   SAPLDSYS       Import graphic into SAPfind
SO75   RSDOCH01       Getting Started with the R/3 System
SO80   RSTBOE06       SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Dialog
SO81   RSTGRE13       SAPfind: Free Text Indexing (Test)
SO82   RSTBOE05       SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Batch
SO85   RSTBOE01       SAPfind: txt_seq_search
SO86   RSTBOE02       SAPfind: Txt_seq_search_1
SO90   RSTSHSRV       SAPfind: shell folders service prog
SO91   RSSHSOMI       SAPfind SO: SAPoffice Marketing Inf
SO95   RSSHCLAS       Pregenerated Search Queries - Selec
SO99   RSSHRELN       Put Information System
SPAD   SAPMSPAD       Spool Administration
SPAM   SAPMSPAM       Support Package Manager
SPAR   SAPLSDB8       Determine storage parameters
SPAT   SAPMSPAD       Spool Administration (Test)
SPAU   RSUMOD04       Display Modified DE Objects
SPBM   SAPLSPBT       Monitoring parallel background task
SPBT   SAPLSPBT       Test: Parallel background tasks
SPCC   RSPO0043       Spool consistency check
SPDD   RSUMOD02       Display Modified DDIC Objects
SPEC01 SAPMCH01       Specification system: Edit template
SPEC02 SAPMCH01       Specification system: Edit datashee
SPHA   SAPLPHOA       Telephony administration
SPHB   SAPLPHOB       SAPphone: System Administration
SPHD   RSPHSPHD       SAPphone: Own telephone number
SPHS   RSPHSOFT       SAPphone: Interface for Telephone
SPHT   SAPLPHOH       SAPphone Test Environment
SPHW   RSPHITS1       Initiate Call in Web Applications
SPH4   RSPHGCTI       Activ./deactiv. telephony in system
SPIA   SPI_ADM_CU     PMI Administration
SPIC   RSPO1055       Spool installation check
SPID   SPI_PS_SHOW_1  Display Process Repository
SPIM   SPI_CM_MAINTAINProcess Monitoring: Meta Data
SPIO   SPI_PS_SHOW    Process Monitoring Overview
SPIS   SPI_UI_START   Start User Interface for Monitoring
SPOV   SAPMSPAD       Spool Request Overview
SPPFC  START_CUSTOMIZIPPF: Initial Screen in Customizing
SPRM   SAPL0OBJ       Update settings
SPRO   SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_Customizing - Edit Project
SPTP   SAPMSPTP       Text elem. maint. for print formats
SPUMG  SAPLSPUMG      Unicode Pre-Migration
SP00   MENUSP00       Spool and related areas
SP01   RSPOSP01NR     Output Controller
SP01O  RSPOSP01       Spool Controller
SP02   RSPOSP01NR     Display Spool Requests
SP02O  RSPOSP01       Display Output Requests
SP03   RSPO0048       Spool: Load Formats
SP1T   RSPOSP01       Output Control (Test)
SP11   RSTS0012       TemSe directory
SP12   RSTS0010       TemSe Administration
SQCIT  SAPLSQADB08    Maintain CI Templates
SQLR   SQLR0001       SQL Trace Interpreter
SQVI   SAPMS38R       QuickViewer
SQ00   SAPMS38R       SAP Query: Start queries
SQ01   SAPMS38R       SAP Query: Maintain queries
SQ02   SAPMS38O       SAP Query: Maintain InfoSet
SQ03   SAPMS38S       SAP Query: Maintain user groups
SQ07   SAPMS38P       SAP Query: Language comparison
SQ09   SAPMS38U       SAP Query: Maintain additional func
SQ10   RSAQ_ROLE_ADMINSAP Query: Role Administration
SQ11   RSAQ_WEBRELEASESAP Query: Web reporting (Admin)
SRCN   RSRPCNTR       Delete Country-Specific Reports
SRET   RKKBRPTR       Report Selection
SRET06 RSRET_INDEX_MONDummy Transaction
SRET07 RSRET_INDEX_MONMonitoring for Indexing: Non-KPRO
SREV   START_REVIEW_TOReview Authoring Environment
SRIP   RSRETIP01      Import of Training Indexes
SRMD   SAPLROUTING_MODLocal Routing&Mapping Configuration
SRMO   SAPMSRAD       SAP Retrieval - Monitor
SRMO1  RSRET_IMS_MONITCall of IMS Monitoring
SRN1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRCITY
SRN2   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRSTREET
SRN3   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRPSTCOD
SROLE  SMUM_EXPORT_ROLExport User Roles to XML doc.
SRSE   SAPMSRAD       Test Search for the IMS
SRTM   SAPRTMMASTER   Run Time Monitor Initial Screen
SRTV   SRTV_CUST1     Text Retrieval: Customizing
SR10   SAPLSZRC       Create City
SR11   SAPLSZRC       Change city
SR12   SAPLSZRC       Display city
SR13   RSIWR_HELP_DISPArea-Dependent Help
SR20   SAPLSZRT       Create street
SR21   SAPLSZRT       Change street
SR22   SAPLSZRT       Display street
SR30   SAPLSZRP       Create postal code
SR31   SAPLSZRP       Change postal code
SR32   SAPLSZRP       Display postal code
SSAA   SAPMSRR1       System Administration Assistant
SSC    RSSC0000       SAP R/3 appointment diary (internal
SSCA   SAPMSSCA       Appointment Calendar: Administratio
SSCA1  RSSCADMUSRCONSTAppointment calendar: Administratio
SSCV   RSSC5000       Appoint. diary: VisualBasic fronten
SSC0   RSSC0000       SAP R/3 Appointment Cal. (Employee)
SSC0X  RSSC0000X      SAP R/3 Appointment Cal. (Employee)
SSC1   RSSC1000       SAP R/3 (own) Appointment Calendar
SSC1X  RSSC1000X      SAP R/3 (own) Appointment Calendar
SSFI   SAPLSSFI       IAC: Test: Browser Digital Signatur
SSM1   SMTR_NAVIGATIONTransaction is Old
SSM2   SAPLSMNU       Set Initial Area Menu
SSO2   SSO2ADM        Workplace Single Sign-On Admin.
SSPC   RSSPECCA       SAP DEFAULT Specifications
SST0   RSPROJEVALUATIOProject Analysis in Customizing
SST7   SAPMSST1       Complex Analysis
SSUC   BCGRSUCO       Structure graphic: copy settings
SSUD   BCGRSUDO       Structure graphic: delete settings
SSUO   MENUSSUO       Structure Graphic: Central Settings
STAD   RSSTAT26       Statistics display for all systems
STAT   RSSTAT21       Local Transaction Statistics
STCUP  RSTCX_UPG      Table control variants upgrade
STDA   SAPLSDEB       Debugger display/control (server)
STDC   SAPLSDEB       Debugger output/control
STDR   SAPMSCKT       Object Directory Consistency Check
STDU   SAPLSDEB       Debugger display/control (user)
STEP10 SAPMSTP001     Export STEP Data
STEP20 SAPMSTP002     Import STEP Data
STERM  TERMINOLOGY_MAISAPterm Terminology Maintenance
STFB   SAPMSTFB       CATT function module test
STFO   RSEWO810       Plan Service Connection
STI1   RFTBST11       Change Documents Payment Details
STI2   RFTBST12       Change Docs Correspondence
STI3   RFTBST13       Chg. Docs Transaction Authoriz.
STMA   SAPMSTMA       Proposal Pool Administration
STMP   RSTRMTR1       Proposal Pool: Selection
STMS   SAPLTMSU       Transport Management System
STP4   RSDBP004       Select DB activities
STTO   MENUSTTO       Test Organization
STUN   MENUSTUN       Menu Performance Monitor
STVARV SAPMS38V       Selection variable maint. (TVARV)
STWB_1 SAPLS_TWB_H    Test Catalog Management
STWB_2 SAPLS_TWB_H    Test Plan Management
STZCH  TZONECHECK     Time zones: Consistency checks
ST01   RSTRAC25       System Trace
ST02   RSTUNE50       Setups/Tune Buffers
ST03   SAPWL_ST03N    Performance;SAP Statistics; Workloa
ST03G  SAPWL_ST03G    Global Workload Statistics
ST03N  SAPWL_ST03N    R/3 Workload and Perf. Statistics
ST04   RSDB0004       DB Performance Monitor
ST04N  RSDB004N       Database Performance Monitor
ST05   SAPLSSQ0       Performance trace
ST06   RSHOST05       Operating System Monitor
ST07   SAPMS07A       Application monitor
ST10   SAPMST10       Table Call Statistics
ST11   RSTR0006       Display Developer Traces
ST12   /SSF/CALL_TA_PRSingle transaction analysis
ST13   /SSF/CALL_TA_PRAnalysis&Monitoring tool collection
ST14   /SSF/CALL_TA_PRApplication Analysis
ST20   RS_DYNPRO_TRACEScreen Trace
ST22   RSSHOWRABAX    ABAP dump analysis
ST30   SAPLPERF_TRA_DIGlobal  Perf. Analysis: Execute
ST33   DISPLAY_GPA_DATGlob. Perf. Analysis: Display Data
ST34   MAINTAIN_PROT_IGlob. Perf. Analysis: Log IDs
ST35   MAINTAIN_CATT_PGlob. Perf. Analysis: Assign CATTs
ST36   SAPLPERF_TRA_DEGlob. Perf. Analysis: Delete Data
ST37   MAINTAIN_AMASCHGlob. Perf. Analysis: Eval. Schema
ST4A   RSDB0245       Database: Shared cursor cache (ST04
ST62   SAPMSBRA       Create Industry Short Texts
SUB%   SAPMSSYS       Internal call: Submit via commnd fl
SUCH   RSUCHSTA       Translatability CHECKs
SUCOMP SAPMSCOMP      User company address maintenance
SUGR   SAPMSUUG       Maintain User Groups
SUGRD  SAPMSUUGD      Display user groups
SUIM   RSUSRSUIM      User Information System
SUMG   SAPLSUMG       Unicode Migration Tool
SUPC   SAPPROFC_NEW   Role Profiles
SUPN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: PROF_VARIS
SURAD  SAPSURVEYADMIN Survey Administration
SURQC  SUR_LIST_OF_ELESurvey: Question catalog
SURST  SUR_CREATE_STRUSurvey: build questionnaire struct.
SUUM   SAPMSUM        Global User Manager
SUUMD  SAPMSUMD       Display User Administration
SU01   SAPMSUU0       User Maintenance
SU01D  SAPMSUU0D      User Display
SU02   SAPMS01C       Maintain Authorization Profiles
SU03   SAPMS01C       Maintain Authorizations
SU05   SAPMS05W       Maintain Internet Users
SU10   SAPMSUU0M      User Mass Maintenance
SU20   SAPMSU20       Maintain Authorization Fields
SU21   SAPMS01E       Maintain Authorization Objects
SU22   SAPMS920       Auth. Object Usage in Transactions
SU24   SAPMS921       Auth. Obj. Check Under Transactions
SU25   SAPLPRGN       Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator
SU26   SAPLPRGN       Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator
SU3    SAPMSUU0O      Maintain Users Own Data
SU53   SAPMS01G       Evaluate Authorization Check
SU56   SAPMS01U       Analyze User Buffer
SU84   RUSH04RD       Read Archived User Change Documents
SU85   RUSH02RD       Read Archived Password Change Doc.
SU86   RUSH10RD       Read Profile Change Documents
SU87   RUSH12RD       Read Authorization Change Documents
SVGM   RSVGMODL       SAP R/3 Procedure Model
SVGS   RSVGMOD2       View for activity in Procedure Mode
SWB3   SAPLSWB3       Maintain Start Conditions
SWB4   SAPLSWB3       Display Start Conditions
SWDA   RSWDSTRTA      Alphanumeric Workflow Builder
SWDB   RSWDBUILD      Create workflow
SWDD   RSWDSTRT       Workflow Builder
SWDI   RSWDSTRTC      Workflow Builder (Selection)
SWDM   RSWDEXP1       Business Workflow Explorer
SWDN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.: SWD_WDID
SWDP   RSWDPROTOCOL   Show Graphical Workflow Log
SWDS   RSWDSTRTS      Workflow Builder (Selection)
SWEAD  RSWEQADMIN     Event Queue Administration
SWEL   RSWFEVTLOG     Display Event Trace
SWELS  RSWELSWITCH    Switch Event Trace On/Off
SWEM   RSWELCFG2      Configure Event Trace
SWE3   RSWEINST       Display Instance Linkages
SWE4   RSWELOGA       Status Change Event Trace
SWE5   RSWECONSCOUP   Checks for Event Linkages
SWFC   RSWF_CST_AUTOCUAutomatic Workflow Customizing
SWF3   RSWFWIZ4       Workflow Wizard Explorer
SWF4   RSWFWIZ5       Workflow Wizard Repository
SWIA   RSWIWILS       WI Administration Report
SWI1   RSWIWILS       Selection report for workflows
SWI11  RSWIUSAG_NEW   Where-Used List for Tasks
SWI13  RSWIEXEC       Task Profile
SWI14  SAPLSWI2       Workflows for Object Type
SWI3   RSWIOUTB       Workflow Outbox
SWI30  RSWIENABLEEXE  Unlock Workflows
SWI5   RSWILOAD       Workload Analysis
SWI6   SAPLSWI2       Workflows for Object
SWJ1   RSWJ_PPF_PCOND Browser for Planning Conditions
SWLC   RHWFOTSK       Check Tasks for Agents
SWLD   MENUSWLD       Workbench for Workflow 4.0
SWLP   RHWFCOPL       Copy a Plan Version
SWO1   SAPLSWOO       Business Object Builder
SWO3   SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object Builder
SWO4   SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object Repository
SWPA   SAPLSWPA       Runtime System Customizing
SWPC   RSWP_CONTINUE_WWFM: Continue Workflow
SWRK   WB_INACTIVE_OBJAdministrtation using work areas
SWRP   SAPMSWRP       Dummy for IAC Workflow Status
SWT0   RSWTTR03       Configure workflow trace
SWUA   RSWUDI09       Start Verification Workflow
SWUC   RSWUCU01       Customizing decision task
SWUD   RSWUDI00       Workflow Diagnosis
SWUE   SAPLSWUS       Trigger an event
SWUG   SAPLSWU5       Generate Workflow Start Transaction
SWUR   RSWUSETT       Send mails for work items
SWUS   SAPLSWUS       Test Workflow
SWUT   SAPLSWU7       Namespace for Form Transactions
SWUU   RSWUSFDG       SAPforms: Diagnosis
SWUV   RSWUWFML       Send R3F Messages Once
SWUW   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.: SWW_WIID
SWUX   MENUSWUX       SAPforms Administration
SWUY   RSWUMMES       Workflow-Message Linkage
SWU0   RSWUESIM       Simulate event
SWU1   RSWUDI08       User RFC Monitor
SWU10  RSWTTR02       Delete Workflow Trace Files
SWU2   RSWUDI07       Workflow RFC Monitor
SWU4   RSWUDI02       Consistency Test for Standard Task
SWU5   RSWUDI03       Consistency Test for Customer Task
SWU6   RSWUDI04       Consistency Test for Workflow Task
SWU7   RSWUDI05       Consistency Test for Workflow Templ
SWU8   RSWTTR04       Workflow Trace: On/Off
SWU9   RSWTTR06       Display Workflow Trace
SWWA   RSWWDHIN       Maintain WI Deadline Monitoring
SWWB   RSWWDHEX_INSERTSchedule WI Deadline Monitoring
SWWD   RSWWERIN       Maintain Work Item Error Monitoring
SWWH   RSWWHIDE       WIM: Delete Work Item History
SWWL   RSWWWIDE       WIM: Delete Work Item
SWXF   SWXFORMS       DEMO: Create Notification of Absenc
SWXFTB SWXFORMS_TB    DEMO: Notif. of Absence Toolbox
SWXML  RSWXML_FIND    XML Document Selection
SXDA   DXADMIN        Data Transfer Workbench
SXDB   DXADMIN        Data Transfer Workbench
SYNT   SAPMSYNT       Display Syntax Trace Output
S00    RSSOSO00       Short Message
S000   MENUS000       System Menu
S001   MENUS001
S002   MENUS002       Menu Administration
T_I2   RV15F001       Reorganize condition indexes
T_LA   SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report
T_LB   SAPMV14A       Change pricing report
T_LC   SAPMV14A       Display pricing report
T_LD   SAPMV14A       Execute pricing report
T_03   SAPMV12A       Cond.tab: Create (shipment costs)
T_04   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Change (shipment costs)
T_05   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Display (shipment costs)
T_09   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Change Index
TACD   RFTBTRA2       Trader: Change Documents
TAC1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FTA_GSART
TAC2   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FTA_KLAMM
TAC3   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FTR_REFNR
TAC4   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FTA_MAID
TB.5   SAPF109        FC valuation of hedged documents
TBB1   RFTBBB00       Execute postings
TBB2   RFTBBS00       Reverse postings
TBB3   RFTBBS01       Flag Flows as Reversed
TBB4   RFTBAB00       Accrual/deferral
TBB5   RFTBAB01       Reverse accrual/deferral
TBB6   RFTBBE00       Realized Gains/Losses
TBB7   RFTBBE01       Run Key Date Valuation
TBB8   RFTBBE02       Reverse Key Date Valuation
TBCD   RFTBCD00       Treasury: Change Docs Transactions
TBCK   RFTBBP00       Check account determination
TBCS   RFTX70SO       Automatic fixing processing
TBCX   RFTBBC00       Maintain Acct Determination: Forex
TBCY   RFTBBC00       Maintain Acct Determination: MM
TBCZ   RFTBBC00       Maintain Acct Determination: DE
TBC1   SAPMS38E       Datafeed: Define variants
TBDA   RFTBDF14       Datafeed: Real-Time Initialization
TBDB   RFTBDF10       Datafeed: Read archives
TBDC   RFTBDF15       Datafeed: Real-Time monitor
TBDJ   RFTBDF04       Datafeed: Historical Market Data
TBDK   RFTBDF01       Datafeed: Code Conversion Program
TBDM   RFTBFF00       Market Data File Interface INPUT
TBDN   RFTBFF01       Market Data File Interface - OUTPUT
TBDO   RFTBFF03       Market Data File: Code Conversion
TBD1   RFTBDF03       Datafeed: Table structure VTB_DFCU
TBD2   RFTBDF05       Datafeed: Datafeed Customizing
TBD3   RFTBDF00       Datafeed: Market data administratio
TBD4   RFTBDF07       Datafeed: Updated market data
TBD5   RFTBDF06       Datafeed: Import market data file
TBD6   RFTBDF02       Datafeed: Log file administration
TBD7   RFTBDF08       Datafeed: Check Customizing
TBEX   RFTBDF_OLE     Spreadsheet for Market Data
TBIR   RFTBLMR2       Mass Release of Interim Limits
TBI1   RFTBST01       Standg instrns Maintain pmnt detail
TBI1D  RFTBST01       Display SI Payment Details
TBI2   RFTBST02       Standing instns Alloc. pmnt details
TBI3   RFTBST03       Standg instr. Disply alloc.pmnt.det
TBI5   RFTBST01       Maintain Correspondence SI
TBI5D  RFTBST01       Display SI Correspondence
TBI6   RFTBST01       Authorization - maintain SI
TBI6D  RFTBST01       Authorization - display SI
TBI7   RFTBST01       SI Maintain Derived Flows
TBI7D  RFTBST01       Display SI Derived Flows
TBI8   RFTBSTR1       Standing Instructions: Evaluations
TBLB   RFTBLE02       Limit Utilization: Overview
TBLC   RFTBLPA2       Lock/Unlock Limits
TBLC01 RFTBLC01       Check of Determination Procedure
TBLD   RFTBLPA2       Lock/Unlock Countries
TBLE   RFTBLENQ       Limit Management: Lock Entries
TBLM   RFTBLE03       Flow List
TBLR   RFTBLMR1       Release Limits
TBLT01 RFTBLT01       Limit: Generate Table for Lim. Type
TBLT02 RFTBLT02       Limit: Move Data to Generated Table
TBLT03 RFTBLT03       Limit: Delete Generated Table
TBLT04 RFTBLT04       Limit: Reorganiz. of Analysis Char.
TBLT05 RFTBLT05       Limit: Check Analysis Characterist.
TBLT06 RFTBLT06       Check/Correct Consist. of Gen.Table
TBLW1  RFTBLRSM       Review: Send
TBLW2  RFTBLCHR       Review: Change Review Recipient
TBL1   RFTBLV01       Limits: Change/Display
TBL10  RFTBLD03       Treasury: Delete Limits
TBL2   RFTBLR02       Limits: Change Documents
TBL3   RFTBLL01       Limits: Overview
TBL4   RFTBLE01       Limit Utilization: Overview
TBL6   RFTBLD01       Limit Utilization: Delete
TBL7   RFTBLD02       Limit Type: Delete Data
TBL8   RFTBREOP       Reorganize STC Logs
TBL9   RFTBLP01       Display STC Logs
TBMN   MENUTBMN       Currency Hedges
TBM1   RFTBMA00       Treasury: Create Mast.Agreement
TBM2   RFTBMA00       Treasury: Chg. Mast. Agreement
TBM3   RFTBMA00       Treasury: Displ. Mast. Agreement
TBM4   RFTBMA01       Treasury: Master Agreement Changes
TBM5   SAPMF70Z       Treasury: Assign Mast. Agreement
TBM6   RFTBMA02       Treasury: Vol. Check for Master Agr
TBRL   RFTBCM20       Treasury: Coll. proc. references
TBR0   RFTBBB01       Posting journal
TBR1   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Create netting
TBR2   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Change netting
TBR3   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Display netting
TBR4   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Reverse netting
TBR5   RFTBCM10       Treasury: Netting proposal list
TBR6   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Create reference
TBR7   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Change reference
TBR8   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Display reference
TBR9   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Reverse Reference
TBT1   RFTBTRA1       Transaction Authorizat. for Traders
TBT1D  RFTBTRA1       Display Trans. Auth. for Traders
TBX2   RFTBCO_TRANS_SEConversion of SEC Corresp. Customiz
TBZ1   RFTBCO00       Output Correspondence
TBZ11  RFTBCO20_MONITOCorrespondence Monitor
TBZ12  RFTBCO_CHECK02 Overview of Reset Counterconfirmatn
TBZ13  RFTBCO32       Printer Override Function
TBZ14  RFTBCO_IDOC02  Exception Processing IDoc (Inbound)
TBZ15  RFTBCO_IDOC01  Status Monitor - IDoc Confirmations
TBZ2   RFTBCI01       Incoming Confirmations Forex
TBZ3   RFTBCI01       Money Market: Incoming Confirmation
TBZ4   RFTBCI01       Incoming Confirmations Forex Option
TBZ5   RFTBCO10       List of Days Overdue Counterconf.
TBZ6   RFTXI300       Match Incoming SWIFT Confirmation
TBZ7   RFTBCO_DEL     Delete corr. planned records
TBZ8   RFTBCO20       Correspondence - Overview
TB01   SAPMF70D       Create forex hedge
TB02   SAPMF70D       Change forex hedge
TB03   SAPMF70D       Display forex hedge
TB04   SAPMF70D       Delete forex hedge
TB10   RFTBSI00       Process hedge requests
TB11   SAPMF70D       Create Object Hedge
TB12   SAPMF70D       Change object hedge
TB13   SAPMF70D       Display object hedge
TB14   SAPMF70D       Reverse object hedge
TB18   RFTBSI18       Hedged underlyings
TB19   RFTBSI10       Forex Hedges - Collective Processin
TB20   RFTBSI20       Unallocated forex transactions
TB21   RFTBSI25       Allocated forex transactions
TB30   RFTBSI30       List of open items FI
TB35   RFTBSI35       Reconciliation of cleared items
TB60   RFTBSI60       List of processed hedge requests
TCMK   MENUTCMK       Funds Management
TCMN   MENUTCMN       Funds Management
TCO    SAPLDSYS       Start a TR in Parameter TCX
TCOM   FTR_COMPBID00  Evaluate offers
TC02   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: FTI_UGSART
TDMN   MENUTDMN       Cash management
TER1   FS000100       SAPterm: Changing Status of Terms
TFMN   MENUTFMN       Cash Flow
TF00   RFTR_COLL_PROC_Coll. Processing for Repos/Forwards
TF01   RFTB_FORWARD_01Create Forward Contract
TF02   RFTB_FORWARD_01Change Forward Contract
TF03   RFTB_FORWARD_01Display Forward Contract
TF04   RFTB_FORWARD_01Settle Forward Contract
TF05   RFTB_FORWARD_01Forward Contract Due Date
TF06   RFTB_FORWARD_01Reverse Forward Contract
TF08   RFTB_FORWARD_01History
TF10   RFTB_FORWARD_01Display Forward Contract
TGANL  SAPMP56PS_TRG  Create Separation Allowance
TGANZ  SAPMP56PS_TRG  Display Separation Allowance Event
TGMOD  SAPMP56PS_TRG  Change Separation Allowance
TGPER  SAPMP56T       Edit Separation Allowance
THIPAA SAPMPHIPAA1    For checking past certificates
THMEX  RTHMEX_FRONTENDHedge Management: Application
THMMM  RTHMEX_INTF_MM2Exposure Upload from Money Market
THMRO  RTHM_UPDATE_EX_Exposure Upload From External Sourc
THMR1  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse single HR dedesignation
THMR2  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse single HR dissolve
THMST  RTHMHR_HR_STATUHedging Relationship Status Overvie
THM10  RTHMHR_EXPOSUREExposure Expiration
THM11  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse Exposure Expiration
THM12  RTHMHR_PLANNER_Hedge Plan Expiration
THM14  RTHMHR_HR_SETTLHedging Relationship Dedesignation
THM15  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse HR dedesignations
THM30  RTHMHR_NPV_ON_IDefine NPVs on Inception Date
THM35  RTHM_ADJUST_INTAdjustment of the interest rates
THM50  RTHMHR_PROSP_ASProspective Effectiveness Assessmen
THM51  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse Prospective Eff. Ass.
THM52  RTHMHR_DISSOLVERetrospective  Assessment
THM53  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse Retrospective Eff. Ass.
THM54  RTHMHR_MANUAL_OManual OCI Reclassification
THM55  RTHMHR_MANUAL_OReverse Manual OCI Reclassification
THM56  RTHMHR_POST_FAIFair value changes to be posted
THM57  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse FV Changes to be Posted
THM80  RTHMHR_EFFECTIVEffectiveness test
THM81  RTPM_DTIL_OCI_POCI per hedging relationship
THM82  RTHMHR_OVERVIEWHedge plan overview
THM83  RTHMHR_HRPER_DEHedging Relationships per Derivativ
THM84  RTHMHR_EXCEPTIOPrematurely Reclassified OCI
THM85  RTHMHR_CHANGE_DChange documents for Hedge Managemn
TI-3   SAPMF73F       Display Currency Option
TIC1   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FTI_OPTFU
TIDX1  SAPLFVW8       Simulate Price Index
TI00   RFTR_COLL_PROC_Collective Processing for Futures
TI10   TRIA_MANUAL_FIXCreate Interest Rate Adjustment
TI11   TRIA_MANUAL_FIXChange Interest Rate Adjustment
TI12   TRIA_MANUAL_FIXDisplay Interest Rate Adjustment
TI35   RFTIJL02       Collect.Processing: Listed Options
TI37   TRIA_MANUAL_FIXReverse Interest Rate Adjustment
TI4A   SAPMF73F       Forex Fast Entry
TI4B   SAPMF73F       Currency Option Entry - Spread
TI40   SAPMF73F       Currency Option Fast Entry
TI49   SAPMF73F       Change Currency Option
TI5AN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Create Transaction
TI5BN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Change Transaction
TI5CN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Display Transactio
TI5DN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Execute Order
TI5EN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Order Expiration
TI5FN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Settle Contract
TI5GN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Reverse
TI5HN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Display History
TI5W   RFTBOF02       Display Option Master
TI5X   RFTBOF02       Create Option Master
TI5Y   RFTBOF02       Change Option Master
TI55   RFTBOF01       Create Future Master Record
TI56   RFTBOF01       Chg.Futures Master
TI57   RFTBOF01       Displ.Futures Master
TI7A   SAPMF70M       Order Expiration
TI7B   SAPMF70M       Display Interest Settlements
TI70   SAPMF70M       Create Order
TI71   SAPMF70M       Create OTC Option
TI72   SAPMF70M       Change Transaction
TI73   SAPMF70M       Display Transaction
TI74   SAPMF70M       Reverse Contract
TI75   SAPMF70M       Settle Contract
TI76   SAPMF70M       OTC Transaction: History
TI77   SAPMF70M       Terminate Transaction
TI78   SAPMF70M       Execute Own Offer
TI79   SAPMF70M       Settle Termination
TI8A   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Reverse Activity
TI8B   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Order Expiry
TI8C   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Display Activity
TI8D   SAPMF73E       Terminate OTC Option
TI8E   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Settle Termination
TI8F   SAPMF73E       OTC Option Knock-In
TI8G   SAPMF73E       OTC Option Knock-Out
TI8H   SAPMF73E       Settle OTC Knock-Out Option
TI8I   SAPMF73E       Settle OTC Knock-In Option
TI80   SAPMF73E       Create OTC Option
TI81   SAPMF73E       Change OTC Option
TI82   SAPMF73E       OTC option: Display
TI83   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Create Contract
TI84   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Execute Offer
TI85   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Settle Contract
TI86   SAPMF73E       Exercise OTC Option
TI87   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Settle Exercise
TI88   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Expired
TI89   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Settle Expiration
TI90   RFTBBF01_VERSIOPosting Release
TI91   RFTBJL02       Collective Processing OTC Options
TI92   RFTBJL03       Collect.Processing-Int.Rate Instrum
TI93   RFTBBF01_VERSIOManual Posting Block
TI94   RFTBJL04       Collective Monitoring of Options
TJ01   RFTBJL00       Journal of transactions
TJ02   RFTBJL02       Collective editing of options
TJ04   RFTBFL02       Payment Plan
TJ05   TRIA_AUTO_FIXINAutomatic Interest Rate Adjustment
TJ06   RFTBFL03       Option Expiration
TJ07   TRIA_ADJUSTMENTInterest Rate Adjustment Schedule
TJ08   RFTR_RELEASE_WRTransaction Release: Work Item List
TJ09   TRIA_AUTO_FIXINUpdate Planned Records
TJ10   RFTBJL10       Summary Journal Fin. Transctions
TJ11   RFTBTIS2       Display Single Transaction
TJ12   RFTBCF00       Journal: Transactions w. Cash Flows
TKCS   SAPMKCIS       Start transaction sender programs
TK11   SAPMV13A       Create condition (shipment costs)
TK12   SAPMV13A       Change condition (shipment costs)
TK13   SAPMV13A       Display condition (shipment costs)
TK14   SAPMV13A       Create condition with ref.
TLD1   SAPMKCEE       Execute data mining report
TLD2   SAPMKCEE       Create Data Mining Report
TLD3   SAPMKCEE       Change Data Mining Report
TLD4   SAPMKCEE       Display Data Mining Report
TLD5   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Create Form
TLD6   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Change Form
TLD7   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Display Form
TLD8   RKCDUMDM       Display Results of Data Mining
TLL1   RFTBLL_MASS    Limit: Create Limit Transfer
TLL2   RFTBLL_MASS    Limit: Change Limit Transfer
TLL3   RFTBLL_MASS    Limit: Display Limit Transfer
TLL4   RFTBLL_CDOC    Limit Transfer: Change Documents
TLL5   RFTBLL_MASS    Limit Transfer: Collective Process.
TLMA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TLMB   RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants
TLMC   SAPMKCIC       Limit Management: Manage Comments
TLMD   RKDREPDV       Split Report
TLMG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKELimit Management: Character. Groups
TLMH   SAPMKXHI       Maintain hierarchy
TLMJ   RKCHINOD       Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
TLMK   RKDMKCIK       Maintain Key Figures
TLMM   SAPMKCB9       Limit Mgmt: Drilldown Test Monitor
TLMO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
TLMP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
TLMQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000
TLMR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000
TLMS   RKDSTRUC       Display Structure
TLMT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
TLMU   SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports
TLMV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
TLMW   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Crcy Translation Type TLM
TLMX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
TLMY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
TLMZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
TLM0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
TLM1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
TLM2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
TLM3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
TLM4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
TLM5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
TLM6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
TLM7   SAPMKEFB       Maintain authorization obj. present
TLM8   SAPMKEFB       Display authorization obj.presentat
TLR1   RFTBLRS0       Limit: Create Reservation
TLR2   RFTBLRS0       Limit: Change Reservation
TLR3   RFTBLRS0       Limit: Display Reservation
TLR4   RFTBLRE1       Reservations: Mass Processing
TLR5   RFTBLRE2       Reservations: Change Documents
TLR6   RFTBLRE3       Reservations: Reorganization
TLR7   RFTBLRS0       Limit: Copy Reservation
TLTA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TL3M   RTRFIENM       List of curr. supported field names
TL3P   RKDBATV3       Maintain Variant Group
TL3Q   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants
TL3R   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Groups
TL3S   RKDBATV5       Define Variant Groups
TM_51  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNCreate Interest Rate Instrument
TM_52  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNChange Interest Rate Instrument
TM_53  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNDisplay Interest Rate Instrument
TM_54  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNSettle Interest Rate Instrument
TM_55  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNReverse Interest Rate Instrument
TM_59  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNHistory of Interest Rate Instrument
TM_60  RFTR_FC_REP_LAUFacility: Key Date Evaluation
TM_60A RFTR_FC_REP_LAUFacility: Charges Overview
TM_61  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHECreate Facility
TM_62  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEChange Facility
TM_63  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEDisplay Facility
TM_64  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHESettle Facility
TM_65  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEReverse Facility
TM_69  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEHistory of Facility
TMA5   RKCMKCGD       Edit characteristics
TMA6   RJBRKFIG       Edit Value Fields
TMBA   SAPMF69N       BAV Information
TMBU   SAPMF69N       BAV Transfers
TMB1   RFVZBAV0       Premium reserve fund lists
TMB2   RFVZBAV0       Statements
TMCA   FTR_FX_COMPBID Create fixed-term deposit offer
TMCB   FTR_FX_COMPBID Execute fixed-term deposit offer
TMCC   FTR_FX_COMPBID Display fixed-term deposit offer
TMEZ   RFTMEZ00       Money Market: Effective Int. Calc.
TMFM   RFTMFIMA       Money Market: Generate Cash Flow
TMMN   MENUTMMN       Money Market
TMR0   RFTMBL00       Money Market: Position list
TMR1   RFTMBL01       Money Market: Flexible Position Lis
TMSA   FTR_SIMU00     Create fixed-term deposit simulatio
TMSB   FTR_SIMU00     Change/execute fixed-term dep.simul
TMSC   FTR_SIMU00     Display fixed-term deposit simulatn
TMSD   FTR_SIMU00     Delete fixed-term deposit simulatio
TM0F   SAPLTM00       Fxd Term Dep. Fast Entry
TM00   RFTMWRK1       Money Market: Collective processing
TM01   SAPLTM00       Create Fixed-Term Deposit
TM02   SAPLTM00       Change Fixed-Term Deposit
TM03   SAPLTM00       Display Fixed-Term Deposit
TM04   SAPLTM00       Roll Over Fixed-Term Deposit
TM06   SAPLTM00       Settle Fixed-Term Deposit
TM07   SAPLTM00       Reverse Fixed-Term Deposit
TM09   SAPLTM00       Fixed-Term Deposit History
TM1F   SAPLTM00       Deposit at Notice Fast Entry
TM11   SAPLTM00       Create Deposit at Notice
TM12   SAPLTM00       Change Deposit at Notice
TM13   SAPLTM00       Display Deposit at Notice
TM14   SAPLTM00       Roll Over Deposit at Notice
TM15   SAPLTM00       Give Notice on Deposit at Notice
TM16   SAPLTM00       Settle Deposit at Notice
TM17   SAPLTM00       Reverse Deposit at Notice
TM19   SAPLTM00       Deposit at Notice History
TM20   RFTMSB00       Money Market: Collective Processing
TM21   RFTMKGF0       Deposit at Notice Cash Flow Update
TM22   SAPMF740       Check Dates against Calendar
TM3F   SAPLTM00       Commercial Paper Fast Entry
TM30   SAPMF740       Commercial Paper: NPV Calculator
TM31   SAPLTM00       Create Commercial Paper
TM32   SAPLTM00       Change Commercial Paper
TM33   SAPLTM00       Display Commercial Paper
TM35   SAPLTM00       Give Notice on Commercial Paper
TM36   SAPLTM00       Settle Commercial Paper
TM37   SAPLTM00       Reverse Commercial Paper
TM39   SAPLTM00       Commercial Paper History
TM41   SAPLTM00       Create Cash Flow Transaction
TM42   SAPLTM00       Change Cash Flow Transaction
TM43   SAPLTM00       Display Cash Flow Transaction
TM46   SAPLTM00       Cancel Cash Flow Transaction
TM47   SAPLTM00       Reverse Cash Flow Transaction
TM49   SAPLTM00       Cash Flow Transaction History
TO01   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Create OTC Interest Rate Instrument
TO02   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Change OTC Interest Rate Instrument
TO03   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Display OTC Interest Rate Instrumen
TO04   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Settle OTC Interest Rate Instrument
TO05   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Reverse OTC Interest Rate Instrumen
TO06   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Give Notice on OTC Int. Rate Instr.
TO07   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  OTC Int. Rate Inst.: Display Histor
TO08   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Execute OTC Int.Rate Instr. Order
TP_LOG RFTP_GDS_LOG   Log: Calls of GDS Functions
TPCP   RFTP_CUST_COPY Travel Planning Customizing
TPCT   RPRMENU1       Current settings
TPED   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data (ESS)
TPES   SAPMP50A       Display HR Master Data (ESS)
TPLOG  TPLOG          Short cut for TPLOG
TPMD   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data
TPMM   SAPMP50A       Personnel Actions
TPMS   SAPMP50A       Display HR Master Data
TPM1   RTPM_TRL_VALUATExecute Valuation
TPM10  RTPM_SLD_ASYNC_Fix. post or reverse transactions
TPM11  RTPM_TRAC_QUEUEPost Reversal/Recalculation
TPM12  RTPM_TRL_SHOW_PTreasury Ledger: Position List
TPM13  RTPM_TRL_SHOW_FTreasury Ledger: Flow List
TPM14  RTPMC_TRL_VCL_TUpdate Types - Valn Class Transfer
TPM15  RTPM_VALUATION_Valuation Class Transfer
TPM16  RTPM_REVERSE_VAReversal Valuation Class Transfer
TPM18  RTPM_TRL_TRANS_Fix/Post Derived Business Transact.
TPM19  RTPM_TRL_CHANGEStatus Change TRL Bus. Transactions
TPM2   RTPM_TRL_VALUATReverse Valuation
TPM20  RTPM_TRAC_POSTIPosting Journal
TPM21  RTPM_NOMINAL_COCreate Nominal Adjustment
TPM22  RTPM_NOMINAL_CODisplay Nominal Adjustment
TPM23  RTPM_NOMINAL_COReverse Nominal Adjustment
TPM24  RTPM_TRF_RECALCUpdate Margin Flows
TPM25  RTPM_TRF_POST_MPost Margin Flows
TPM26  RTPM_TRQ_SHOW_PDisplay quantity ledger positions
TPM27  RTPM_TRL_DERIVEGenerate Derived Flows
TPM28  RTPM_TRAT_TRANSTransfer Acct Assignment Reference
TPM29  RTPM_TRAT_TRANSReverse Acct Assignm. Ref. Transfer
TPM3   RTPM_TRAC_LIST_Account Asst Reference Allocations
TPM33  RTPM_TRAC_DFTACAccount Determination Overview
TPM35  RTPM_TRF_MANUALManual posting
TPM4   RTPM_POSITION_AFutures Account
TPM41  TRS_QUANTITY_4_Display Sec. Account Position List
TPM42  TRS_QUANTITY_4_Display Class List
TPM43  TRS_DISPLAY_POSProcess Restraints On Drawing
TPM44  RTPM_ACCRUAL_DEFin.Products Profit Accrual/Deferra
TPM45  RTPM_ACCRUAL_DEReverse Accrual/Deferral of Income
TPM5   RTPM_CLASS_POSICreate Class Pos. in Futures Accoun
TPM50  RTPM_TRL_POSITIChange Position Mgmt Procedure
TPM51  RTPM_TRL_PERIODPeriodic TRL Reporting
TPM53  RTPM_TRL_CREATECreate Totals Records
TPM54  RTPM_TRL_DELETEDelete Totals Records
TPM55A RTPM_PIN_CREATEGenerate Position ID (Securities)
TPM55B RTPM_PIN_CREATEGenerate Position ID (Loans)
TPM55D RTPM_PIN_CREATEGenerate Pos.ID (Listed Derivatives
TPM56A RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange Position ID (Securities)
TPM56B RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange Position ID (Loans)
TPM56C RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange PositionID (OTC Transactions
TPM56D RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange Pos. ID (Listed Derivatives)
TPM57A RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Position ID (Securities)
TPM57B RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Position ID (Loans)
TPM57C RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Pos. ID (OTC Transactions)
TPM57D RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Pos. ID (Listed Derivatives
TPM58A RTPM_PIN_DELETEDelete Position ID (Securities)
TPM58B RTPM_PIN_DELETEDelete Position ID (Loans)
TPM58D RTPM_PIN_DELETEDelete Pos. ID (Listed Derivatives)
TPM59  RTPM_PIN_STOCKEExchange per Company Code/Class
TPM6   RTPM_CLASS_POSIChange Class Pos. in Futures Accoun
TPM7   RTPM_CLASS_POSIDisplay Class Pos. in Futures Acct
TPM70  RTPM_TRL_IMPAIRRecord Impairment
TPM71  RTPM_TRL_IMPAIRReverse Impairment
TPM73  RTPM_VAL_SP_VALSpecial security valn
TPM8   RTPM_TRF_CASHFLDisplay Futures Account Cash Flow
TPM9   RTPM_TRF_POSITIPos. List-Class Pos. in Futures Acc
TPPR   RFTPPROF       Travel Profile Display
TPQ0   SAPMFIQT       Quicktrip Manager
TP00   MENUTP00       Travel Management: Travel Planning
TP01   SAPMFITP       Planning Manager
TP02   SAPMFITP       Travel Planning (End User)
TP03   SAPMFITP       Planning Manager (Expert)
TP04   SAPMFITP       Travel Request (End User)
TP10   RFARHTP10      Travel Plan Synchronization (AIR)
TP12   RFARHTP12      Travel Plan Synchronization (Manual
TP20   SAPMFITP       Create Travel Plan
TP30   RFTP_INFO_DISP_Display Travel Planning report tree
TP31   RFTP_INFO_AD_HOQueries for Travel Planning
TP40   MAINTAIN_CUSTOMMaintain Routings
TP41   MAINTAIN_CUSTOMInitial Screen via IMG
TP50   SAPMFLIGHT     Global flight availability
TP60   RFAPS_HTL_CTLG_Synchronization of Hotel Catalog
TRACE  KOTR_TRACE     Program Trace
TRBS   RBSDTRLO       Automatic Postings Loans: Activitie
TRD1   SAPMKCEE       Run Data Mining Report
TRD2   SAPMKCEE       Create Data Mining Report
TRD3   SAPMKCEE       Change Data Mining Report
TRD4   SAPMKCEE       Display Data Mining Report
TRD5   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Create Form
TRD6   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Change Form
TRD7   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Display Form
TRD8   RKCDUMDM       Display Results of Data Mining
TRIP   SAPMP56T       Travel Manager
TRLM   MENUTRLM       Treasury Management Basic Functions
TRMA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRMB   RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants
TRMC   SAPMKCIC       Comments Management: Treasury
TRMD   RKDREPDV       Distribute Report
TRME   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
TRMG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for TR Report
TRMH   SAPMKXHI       Maintain hierarchy
TRMJ   RKCHINOD       Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
TRMK   RKDMKCIK       Maintain Key Figures
TRMM   SAPMKCB9       Treasury Drill Down Rptng Testmonit
TRMO   RKCOBTR2       Transport reports
TRMP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms
TRMQ   RKCOBTR3       Import reports from client 000
TRMR   RKCOBTR5       Import forms from client 000
TRMS   RKDSTRUC       Display Structure
TRMT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
TRMU   SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports
TRMV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
TRMW   SAPMKCC0       Maintain currency exchange type TRM
TRMX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
TRMY   RKDREODA       Reorganize report data
TRMZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
TRM0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
TRM1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
TRM2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
TRM3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
TRM4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
TRM5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
TRM6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
TRM7   SAPMKEFB       Maintain Auth.Object Presentation
TRM8   SAPMKEFB       Display Auth.Object Presentation
TRNA   SAPMSNUM       No.range: FVVD_KSON special arrangm
TRNB   SAPMSNUM       Number range: FVVD_BEKI doc. number
TRNC   SAPMSNUM       No.range: FVVD_RPNSP Gen.daybook no
TRND   SAPMSNUM       No.Range: FVV_VORG Release Procedur
TRN0   SAPMSNUM       Number range: Land register no.
TRN2   SAPMSNUM       No. range: FVVD_KINT loans int.part
TRN3   SAPMSNUM       No.range: FVV_OBJNR(address obj.no.
TRN7   SAPMSNUM       Number range: FVVD_KOBJ Object key
TRN8   SAPMSNUM       Number range: Loan collateral no.
TRN9   SAPMSNUM       No. range: FVVD_RBLNR coll.value no
TRP01  RFTB_REPOS_01  Create Repo Contract
TRP02  RFTB_REPOS_01  Change Repo Contract
TRP03  RFTB_REPOS_01  Display Repo Contract
TRP04  RFTB_REPOS_01  Settle Repo
TRP06  RFTB_REPOS_01  Reverse Repo Contract
TRP08  RFTB_REPOS_01  History
TRP10  RFTB_REPOS_01  Display Repo Contract
TRSA   TRIGSAPI       S-API Debugger
TRSR   FTI_SINGLE_RISKSingle Financial Object Calculation
TRTC   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTD   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTG   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTK   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTM   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTR   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTV   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTW   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TR3M   RTRFIENM       List of curr. supported field names
TR3P   RKDBATV3       Maintain variant groups
TR3Q   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants
TR3R   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Group
TR3S   RKDBATV5       Define Variant Group
TR3T   RKDREOVG       Reorganization of variant groups
TSCUST TSWUSL_CUST    Table Search: Customizing
TSE39  SAPMSCMP       Old version of splitscreen editor
TSRUN  TSWUSL_RUN     Table Search: Start Screen
TSW1   RFTXM300       SWIFT Generation MT300
TSW2   RFTXM320       SWIFT Generation MT320
TS00   RFVWTR00       Collective processing
TS01   RFVWTR01       Create Securities Transaction
TS02   RFVWTR01       Change Securities Transaction
TS03   RFVWTR01       Execute Securities Order
TS04   RFVWTR01       Settle Securities Contract
TS05   RFVWTR01       Sec. Transaction: Order Expiration
TS06   RFVWTR01       Display Securities Transaction
TS07   RFVWTR01       Reverse Securities Transaction
TS08   RFVWTR01       Securities Transaction: History
TS10   RFVWTR01       Display Securities Transaction
TUTT   TUTPROG        Workbench Tutorial
TU02   RSTU0000       Parameter changes
TVDT   RFTBFF30       Import DTB Derivatives Prices
TVMD   RFTBFF20       Transfer Mkt Data
TVM1   MENUTVM1       Market Risk and Analysis
TVS1   RFTVST00       Statistics calculator
TV20   SAPMF7C1       Create Scenario
TV21   SAPMF7C1       Change Scenario
TV22   SAPMF7C1       Display Scenario
TV35   RFTVSK20       Effective Rate/NPV Underlying
TV36   RFTVEX00       Currency exposure
TV38   RFTVBW00       Position Evaluation
TV39   RFTVCF00       Global Evaluation of Cash Flow
TV40   RFTVSK21       Effective Rate Evaluation FX Genera
TV42   RFTVZX00       Interest exposure
TV43   RFTVIRR1       Global IRR
TV44   RFTVPL00       P/L Evaluation
TV45   RFTVBW11       Matrix Evaluations
TV46   RFTVBW29       Bond price calc.
TV48   RFTVVAR4       Historical Simulation
TV49   RFTVVAR3       Variance/Covariance
TV50   RFTVBW50       Save OTC NPVs
TX.1   SAPMF77A       Forex fast entry - spot
TX.3   SAPMF77A       Display Forex Transaction
TX.5   SAPMF77A       Execute forex order
TX-2   RFTX77SO       Maturity schedule for fwd exch.tran
TX-3   RFTX76SO       Posting overview
TX-5   SAPMF77A       Settle forex transaction
TX/5   SAPMF77A       Forex order expiry
TXAK   SAPMF7AK       Calculation of option premiums
TXA5   RFTX73SO       Forex Order Processing
TXBA   RFVITXBA       Text Module Maintenance
TXF5   SAPMF77A       Execute Fixing Order
TXV5   SAPMF77A       Execute Fixing Transaction
TXZI   SAPMF7ZI       Interest calculator
TX01   SAPMF77A       Spot/Forward Transaction Entry
TX02   SAPMF77A       Change Forex Transaction
TX03   SAPMF77A       Display Forex Transaction
TX04   SAPMF77A       Reverse Activity
TX05   SAPMF77A       Spot/Forward Trans.: Add Activity
TX06   RFTXJL02       Forex: Collective processing
TX10   SAPMF77A       Create Forex Swap
TX11   SAPMF77A       Rollover on previous basis
TX12   SAPMF77A       Premature Settlement
TX13   FTR_FX_COMPBID Create Foreign Exchange Offer
TX14   FTR_FX_COMPBID Execute foreign exchange offer
TX21   SAPMF77A       Create Forex Transaction
TX22   FTR_FX_COMPBID Display foreign exchange offer
TX23   FTR_SIMU00     Create foreign exchange simulation
TX24   FTR_SIMU00     Change foreign exchange simulation
TX25   FTR_SIMU00     Display foreign exchange simulation
TX26   FTR_SIMU00     Delete foreign exchange simulation
TX30   FTR_FX_INT_RATEInt. FX Transactions: Rate Overview
TX31   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCreate Internal Forex Transaction
TX32   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX33   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX34   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX35   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX39   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX76   SAPMF70M       Forex Transaction History
TX78   SAPMF70M       Execute order - Forex
TYMN   MENUTYMN       Treasury Information System (TIS)
TZA0   SAPMTZA0       Dialog Programming: Asynch.Updates
TZB0   SAPMTZB0       Dialog Programming: Doc. and Help
TZ10   SAPMTZ10       Dialog Programming: Data Transport
TZ20   SAPMTZ20       Dialog Programming: F Code Proc.
TZ30   SAPMTZ30       Dialog Programming: Input Check
TZ31   SAPMTZ31       Dialog Programming: Input Check
TZ40   SAPMTZ40       Dialog Programming: Screen Control
TZ50   SAPMTZ50       Dialog Programming: Screen Modif.
TZ60   SAPMTZ60       Dialog Programming: Tables TC
TZ61   SAPMTZ61       Dialog Programming: Tables SL
TZ70   SAPMTZ70       Dialog Programming: Tables SL
TZ80   SAPMTZ80       Dialog Programming: Authorizations
TZ90   SAPMTZ90       Dialog Programming: Locking

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