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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

Attention when looking for Support Packs or Kernel Patches !!!

Update for the following is available here - fortunately it became restructured again !

SAP moved all Patches (Support packages & Kernel Patches) for all "old" releases to special Archive areas! For more information read here.

As all SAP releases up to 4.6B (3.1I-4.6B) went out of Mainstream Maintenance by the end of 2003, therefore SAP moved all Download Areas in the Service Marketplace for these products to special "Archive" areas, that are structured totally different.
So, all links to the current Support Package and Kernel Patch links are outdated - at least the directories are empty at the moment. The original plan is, to fill these directories with the new Support Packs that appear in 2004 and are available for customers that use the Extended Maintenance only.

We do not want to go to deep into details here and only want to explain to you how to find the old patches right away in the hope, that these are just "best wishes of SAP for 2004" and will be enhanced, corrected are whatever VERY soon.

How to find Support Packages of 2003 and older in the Service Marketplace ?

The old Support Packages are available in a special Archive on the Service Marketplace, that is called Archive For Old Support Packages.

There the structure has changed totally!
The Support Packages are no longer ordered by Release. They are ordered by Type!
This means, that you have to go to one or to all of the following links in order to get all necessary Support Packages:
  • R/3 Support Packages
  • R/3 HR Support Packages
  • Basis Support Packages
  • Application Interface Support Packages
  • ... or to one of the special ones like CRTs etc.
There you find all the Support Packages of 2003 and earlier as you are used to from the normal positions in the Service Marketplace - but unfortunately structured in this described different way ...

How to find Kernel Patches of 2003 and older in the Service Marketplace ?

"Kernel-Paches" or "Binary Patches" are moved as well - unfortunately to an again different place:
Here the structure has not changed. The Kernel Patches and so on are "just" moved.
So, you have to select the following in order to reach e.g. the 32 Bit NT Patches for 4.5B: (similar for the other platforms and releases)
  • SAP R/3
  • SAP R/3 4.5B
  • Binary Patches
  • SAP KERNEL 4.5B 32-BIT
  • NT/I386
  • Database independent
(4.6B customers can still use the normal way, because the necessary 4.6D Kernel Patches are still available (as 4.6C is still in Mainstream Maintenance) via the page Kernel Patch Pages.)

SAP suggests, to use the following site as entry site and tries to direct you to the old Support Packages. Unfortunately this is really complicated as you can see yourself:
(In order to start you have to click on the link "Archive For Old Support Packages" in the right there)

We are sorry as well ... As this is so complicated, we do not want to enhance our links right now and wait a few days in the hope, that this becomes "restructured" by SAP. As soon as there is a useful, reliable and stable new structure we will update our special links in the Support Pack Pages.

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