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r3trans - the SAP transport tool, that does the real work.

r3trans - This is the tool, that does the real work for tp. tp controls the import and export of changes and r3trans does them using scripts, that were generated from tp.

SAP Kernel Programs

r3trans in a SAP System

This tool r3trans does the complete transport work for tp. TP controls the transports and generates the r3trans control files, but does no database-connect itself. All the "real work" is done from r3trans.

A sample call to R3TRANS could be as follows:
(edit the following e.g. in the file /tmp/control)

SELECT * FROM <table>     (e.g. t000)
You can start r3trans as follows:
r3trans /tmp/control

The output will be generated as follows:

How to download the latest version ?

You can download the latest version of all the SAP Executables in the SAP Service Marketplace. As the binaries are different for each platform, you should have a look at the following link:
Download Executable Patches on the SAP Service Marketplace

R3TRANS online help with all supported command line options and further examples

This is r3trans version x.xx (release yyy - 15.12.03 - 13:51:42).

usage: r3trans [<options>] <control_file>

The control_file describes what R3trans has to do.

The following options are possible:

-c f1 f2 : Copy file f1 to f2 with character set conversion.
-d       : DB connect. Test if SAP database is available.
-i file  : Import from file without using a control file.
-l file  : List the contents of file to the log file.
-m file  : List the contents of file to allow tp to create a cofile.
-t       : Test. All database changes are rolled back.
-u <int> : Unconditional modes. See below.
-v       : Verbose. Write more details to the log file.
-w file  : Log file. The default log file is 'trans.log'.
-x       : DB connect without access on any SAP table.
U-Modes / Unconditional Modes:

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