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PDF995 - Create any PDFs at your PC free of charge!

If you are interested in creating files with the type PDF - compatible to Adobe Acrobat Reader - on a very easy way, there might be the product pdf995 very interesting for you.

In the meantime we found a similar - in our our eyes even better - tool, that does NOT create any advertisment and is totally freeware: FreePDF 2.0

pdf995 installs itself on every 32-Bit Windows system as printer driver. Then you just select in any windows application pdf995 as printer of your choice when creating PDFs. You are asked for the filename and location and everything is done already!
This works similar to Adobe Acrobat.

The results are really good! I was not able to see any problems even in word-documents with a lot of graphics insite.
This is a shareware version, where you get at the end an IE Explorer popup with a bit ads. If you would like to suppress this, you can send in $9,95 and this would disappear as well.

You could have a look to the web at: http://www.pdf995.com/

(You don't need a boot at all!)

Have fun with this great tool!

Your EasyMarketplace team

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