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SAP R/3 4.6C SP45 and Performance Problems ?

If you see performance problems after implementing Support Package 45 (SP45) in 4.6C or SP 14 in 4.70 in the reporting area, you should have a special look at note 663706.

The root cause of this problem is in the ABAP SAPDBSDF. It was changed with 4.6C SP 45, 4.70 SP 14 or note 637359. This program is used as "logical database" for a lot of report tools.
Most of the transactions that start with S_ALR... are using this report and may be a lot slower and sometimes even with wrong results, if you are having the above constellation.

You should do one of the following things:
- Apply note 663706
- Install 4.6C SP46
- Install 4.70 SP17

Good luck, that you are one of the customers, that can benefit of this information as well!

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